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  1. Well done! Jaques. Just wondering how a vegetarian, can be so fond of working with leather, even though it is green!
  2. @Chillidoggy, come and see with your own eyes.....
  3. Watford Exotic International is preparing for the Copenhagen Belt Fest 2018. I think it will take place around 1st. weekend of August if our great CEO Super Sparky, is available at that time? Found a local Gin provider so we could do a test in a few months time......
  4. Thanks for beeing here! Hope The Lego House looks better from the inside next time...
  5. Progress in Malmö. We are 1 hour away from starting the engine. Just a few issues under the car. Sparky might be dreaming about tuesdays drive to Jutland. Will be a relaxing day after 10 bordercrossings the last 5 days.
  6. After a hefty night with GT we retirned to Malmö for the last jobs on the engine. Clutch sorted and engine in again.
  7. Watford Exotic International Nordic Branch is reopening this week.. Follow here for news!
  8. One good reason to stay in Copenhagen....
  9. This morning i received a marketing e-mail from The "New" Lotus Driving Academy. ‘New’ Lotus Driving Academy opens at Hethel With new cars and more affordable experiences, the Lotus Driving Academy at Hethel is now open and ready to take bookings After months of preparation and anticipation, it is with great pleasure and excitement I am delighted to tell you that the Lotus Driving Academy is now open again at the Hethel Test Track. My name is Simon Poole and I will be running the ‘New’ Lotus Driving Academy. Lotus has been both part of my professional and personal life for over 14 years and a brand that has been dear to my heart since I was growing up with JPS Lotus F1 cars as my earliest memory. Having the opportunity to bring the Lotus Driving Academy back to its rightful home, was too good an opportunity to miss. It’s a huge privilege and we want to make sure that it’s the most informative and enjoyable driving experience out there.We’ve just received our brand-new Elise Sport 220’s (in both left and right-hand drive configurations) and flagship Exige Sport 350. Decals applied, number plates changed and they are all ready for our revised and refreshed choice of packages that start at just £119.Listening to you, our customers, we wanted to continue to provide a broad range of enjoyable and informative track sessions for any ability. So, if you are looking for a last-minute present for someone keen to drive a Lotus on track for the first time or, you want to join our intensive ‘Lotus Licence’ courses that will test and develop even the most ardent track day driver, we have a one-on-one experience that offers something that’s a bit different. And if you can’t see what you are after, we’ll also create a custom course, please just ask us.And whilst we have lots of new elements to our programmes, we’ve kept the unique elements that the Academy has always delivered. That includes a fleet of skilled instructors with deep Lotus knowledge including Martin Donnelly and Dave Minter. And of course, all our activities take place at the historic Hethel venue with the opportunity for Licence participants to tour the factory as well as visit Classic Team Lotus’ workshops.Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. To book or find out more: Visit the Lotus Driving Academy WebsiteCall (+44) 01953 608547 or email [email protected] VIST LOTUS DRIVING ACADEMY Copyright © 2017 Lotus Driving Academy, All rights reserved.Thank you for attending the Lotus Driving Academy, we look forward to seeing you again soon!Our mailing address is: Lotus Driving Academy Potash Lane Hethel Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8EZ United Kingdom Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails?You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  10. Am still on it, but In Berlin on vacation... Home next weekend... /Kim
  11. Please one for me! Delivery in Nottingham by courier..... /Kim
  12. Thanks @Sparky ! Allways a pleasure beeing with you guys from outside EU! Also thanks for bringing the Esprit back to life, even if the loom were that bad..... /Kim
  13. @BibsSorry to hear of all your troubles with your order. When i ordered it they checked my creditcard but left the money on my account until shipment. Sure i read about all the misleading statments from DJI but as there is no real alternative i went on ordering one. Could it be that your company are in trouble with DJI of which you know nothing about? Just wondering ... Anyway Bibs, you can have my Mavic since i am in no hurry. /Kim
  14. The Lotus Seven is a S1! It has the rounded rear wings and S1 dashboard. So it must have been "upgraded" to look more like a S2/S3. /Kim
  15. Ordered one 25 november on DJI Store! Received here in DK 29 December!
  16. As Bibs said! What a great Party! As an appetizer, to see what you lost for not beeing there!
  17. Damn good I booked a double with breakfast ! £ 42 + Breakfast.. I can see now, lowest is 48 per room! Maybe you stated 2 rooms ! /Kim
  18. Bibs Laura Dave Excell Ann Excell ChrisJ
  19. Allan, an arse is so much better then an Arseton! Do it...
  20. Bibs JayEmm Elite Arregueti tim_marra gt111 Bjonols Dan E Numanoid TBD NW76 Choppa TomE At-motorlife x 2 John Walsh Kim Poulsen
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