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  1. @BibsSorry to hear of all your troubles with your order. When i ordered it they checked my creditcard but left the money on my account until shipment. Sure i read about all the misleading statments from DJI but as there is no real alternative i went on ordering one. Could it be that your company are in trouble with DJI of which you know nothing about? Just wondering ... Anyway Bibs, you can have my Mavic since i am in no hurry. /Kim
  2. The Lotus Seven is a S1! It has the rounded rear wings and S1 dashboard. So it must have been "upgraded" to look more like a S2/S3. /Kim
  3. Ordered one 25 november on DJI Store! Received here in DK 29 December!
  4. As Bibs said! What a great Party! As an appetizer, to see what you lost for not beeing there!
  5. Damn good I booked a double with breakfast ! £ 42 + Breakfast.. I can see now, lowest is 48 per room! Maybe you stated 2 rooms ! /Kim
  6. Bibs Laura Dave Excell Ann Excell ChrisJ
  7. Allan, an arse is so much better then an Arseton! Do it...
  8. Bibs JayEmm Elite Arregueti tim_marra gt111 Bjonols Dan E Numanoid TBD NW76 Choppa TomE At-motorlife x 2 John Walsh Kim Poulsen
  9. Where did you grew up and where were your ancesters comming from......? Watch this:.... /
  10. Wish i could join the gang! I can see the prayer rug is ready for the master! /

  12. Maybe this calls for the CPH Belt Fest active response team?
  13. What's the menu? 


  14. Happy birthday Budzy! /Kim
  15. RIP Prince! Hope you still will spread some Purple Rain over us!


    Aha maybe double shot espresso! /Kim
  17. Great blog Vanya! Be glad that you have a flexible Mercedes!! /Kim
  18. Allan, found 3 NOS switches here:
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