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  1. Booked Saturday and Sunday. Sunday dinner is included! Anyone like to participate? /
  2. If i may add to Bibs's greeting! Let it also include 2016! Happy New Year to all! /Kim
  3. Glædelig Jul og godt Nytår! /Kim
  4. BIBS SPOTTED: I am back in DK now. Thanks for organising again Laura and Bibs... /
  5. Maybe just an extended trip round the M20 i guess ?
  6. @Trevsked will there be Ace meeting next week? 


    1. Trevsked


      Not for me i'm afraid as i have a family night out to attend, sorry.




      Ok then i book a flight to Copenhagen wednesday..  Thanks,  see you Saturday.. 

    3. Trevsked


      Kim, look forward tro seeing you Saturday.


      Regaqrds Trevor.

  7. Just received the message that my second grandchild is born in Dubai.....
  8. Don't give up Jaques. Other did it! Hopefully you will imnprove faster than your driving.... Can i book you ind advance? /Kim
  9. Bibsonito I"l Duce, keep also off bar's
  10. Yes, @Buddsya little like the fireplace DVD...
  11. @esp88Hej Yasou, fandt du den transportør vi talte om i søndags?

  12. What about this Esprit S2. I took the pictures at Brooklands in spring this year. Second picture shows the Colin Chapman picture in the boot. Maybe it is just a look-alike! /Kim
  13. Spotted on a road somewhere in Europe!
  14. Since the climate is changing with more rain, it reminds me of this!
  15. Ok for the International's if hotel has a cheap rate as last time! /Kim
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