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  1. Since the climate is changing with more rain, it reminds me of this!
  2. Ok for the International's if hotel has a cheap rate as last time! /Kim
  3. Only more alcohol can cure that!
  4. So it was You Buddsy, who made the bloody noise!! /Kim
  5. As you are so flexible, just bend over and shoot. I nomally use a mirror..... /Kim
  6. Beeing from the country of the "myseost" I think your car now look like a cheese slicer. Like many others i will go for the "Sport 300" wing if any! /Kim
  7. Hi Antigua and Kent Here is NASA' explanation on the subject! /

    IPB 4.0

    Ta-da, the wave have now reached Copenhagen!
  9. He he ... Funnily this was no dream! You left it alongside the track and walked around it instead!! /Kim
  10. Happy birthday Tony, great to see that you are about to catch up with us! /Kim
  11. Then we need to cut the slices smaller to feed the poor guys! Sparky even got the time to get a new Tatoo!
  12. Aha, Havana Club, Añejo Especial!
  13. Fast food for fast Cars! See you tomorrow.
  14. 3 brains better thant one...
  15. Sparky teaching his new assistent
  16. Remember I promised Local Beer, It is to be picked up Friday from the local brewery!
  17. Kågö / Køge is the place to be! Paul McCartney has booked all rooms in Roskilde which is local to both him and us. Sparky! I Just found a bag of rag! You don't have to take tshirts with you!
  18. Roughly from 10 am to ? both Friday and Saturday. Sunday a little later! Mæææhhhhhhhh!
  19. Today four of us have gathered to set up our workshop for the Copenhagen Belt Fest 2015. Lift, tools and other stuff are ready for the Team. Anyone who want to visit us and enjoy, sign up. Weather will be fine from thursday and up to 32 degree C. on sunday. /Kim
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