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  1. Ready - Steady - Go! 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream
  2. Thanks Bibs! Love the white Esprits! /Kim
  4. You are so right, Simon! Edited by Simon350S, 12 June 2014 - 09:21 PM. Like This Chunky Lover 3D-TV & Sonos Wireless Multiroom Audio Specialists
  5. You are right Jaques! In all, 6 Danes raced in Le Mans. 5 of them reached the podium. Well done! /Kim
  7. Sleep fast! See ya all 10 am in CPH /Kim
  8. Sorry friends, the visit to the Rotrex guru is off. He have to goto a wedding saturday. Next time we will be more than welcome. The car was so nice 650 KG Elise with a V8 and 650BHP. Alternatively we will have a few more Beers. /Kim
  9. Does it matter? Your BackPack will be stuffed and Carlsberg is nearby! /Kim
  10. Hi you anxious travellers. Still workin on the iternary. Tomorow i will take my Seven to Sturup Raceway in Sweden. One of the participant in our club track day are Anders Kolstrup. I will ask him if we could visit his Elise RSW on saturday before lunch. Anders is the inventor of the Rotrex compressor which he installed on this: Should i work on this? /Kim
  11. it's ok to be afraid Trevor, just rely on your 6 bodyguards... /Kim
  12. Follow the weather forecast of Copenhagen /Kim
  13. Heja Henrik Velkommen til, rart med flere skandinaviske medlemmer. Hvor er du placeret i Sverige Kim
  14. Trevor! Does this mean that you are in but missed booking? /Kim
  15. Here you have the rebuild thread: /Kim
  16. Happy Betts day, see you in CPH /
  17. Hi Cliff!! This is from my Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat I use Chrome browser and in the right hand corner there is an option to use PC version, then every things works the way you like it to do. The normal Android phone and pad editor does not have the graphics emoticon feature. Even with an external keyboard. Hope this explains it. Kim
  18. Hello guys! Just an appetizer for your forthcoming trip to Copenhagen. Looking forward to welcoming you here!
  19. How does this fit into your theories:
  20. Kim.Poulsen ✔ 8 ✖ HAM HAM ROS MAG 0 Hmmm.... Bibs, need a recount!
  21. In London again but sadly can't make it. /Kim
  22. I've booked a table for 12 under my name, Andy Betts for 7:30pm in the 1907 restaurant. So far it's Me, Laura, Steve, Jen & Rob so 7 more places... 1. Mr Pig 2. Sarah 3. Yasou 4. Laura 5. Kim 6. 7.
  23. Hi Bibs 15 &16. +1 (Kim + Laura) Heritage carrot soup, carrot crisps & dill crème fraîche (V) (GF) Wild mushroom glazed fillet of Surrey Farm beef, cep gnocchi, buttered spinach & watercress (£6.50 supplement) Vanilla parfait, raspberry jelly, poached peaches & toasted almonds (GF) (N) Money on it's way.. /Kim
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