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  1. Spotted on a road somewhere in Europe!
  2. Since the climate is changing with more rain, it reminds me of this!
  3. Ok for the International's if hotel has a cheap rate as last time! /Kim
  4. Only more alcohol can cure that!
  5. So it was You Buddsy, who made the bloody noise!! /Kim
  6. As you are so flexible, just bend over and shoot. I nomally use a mirror..... /Kim
  7. Beeing from the country of the "myseost" I think your car now look like a cheese slicer. Like many others i will go for the "Sport 300" wing if any! /Kim
  8. Hi Antigua and Kent Here is NASA' explanation on the subject! /

    IPB 4.0

    Ta-da, the wave have now reached Copenhagen!
  10. He he ... Funnily this was no dream! You left it alongside the track and walked around it instead!! /Kim
  11. Happy birthday Tony, great to see that you are about to catch up with us! /Kim
  12. Then we need to cut the slices smaller to feed the poor guys! Sparky even got the time to get a new Tatoo!
  13. Aha, Havana Club, Añejo Especial!
  14. Fast food for fast Cars! See you tomorrow.
  15. 3 brains better thant one...
  16. Sparky teaching his new assistent
  17. Remember I promised Local Beer, It is to be picked up Friday from the local brewery!
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