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  1. Following on here, I've still got some difficulty starting the car without using choke. My N/A does not have a choke cable fitted, I am presuming that it was removed by previous owner? So it's a bit of a faff, if it doesn't start after a few attempts pumping the accelerator first, I get my wife to turn the car over while I use my fingers to adjust what would normally be done by a choke cable (as I had on my old Excel) and bang it starts straight away. I can stop the car almost immediately and then it restarts without the same faff. Does anyone have any nice pictures of their N/A
  2. It didn't sell - perhaps o/a collection only and location near Glasgow. I think its worth £50 just for the bag!
  3. I have no idea regarding 3D printing cost and whether you Geta. reasonable margin after scanning, but at the right price and being suitable for more than one model, I would like to think these would sell well, both as a 'lighter' upgrade and for those with broken clips, cracks and botched holes. Someone likely has one sitting on a shelf somewhere in perfect condition to scan, but it will prove difficult to get a donor as most likely it will belong to an aged hoarder like myself . auto type! 'Geta.' should read 'get a'
  4. Tried to send PM, but computer says no! Here's an example of a rubbish airbox for sale on ebay and look at the price! The later Stevens N/A like my own are even harder to find as the intake is centre rather than end. Some companies produce blank backplates where you can cut your own holes, but I've not seen any with the correct spacing for Lotus twin carbs (I think it was 110mm) but here's the nearest that I could find, but again, not the middle air intake.
  5. Fantastic - I know how difficult these parts are to find for those who need them - and priced very fairly - well done. If/when you manufactor an airbox and trunking for a twin carb esprit, excel etc. I'll be first on your list and prepared to pay well. I only ever see battered and broken examples for sale at silly prices. Good luck with your endeavours.
  6. This popped up while I was searching today - looks interesting and nice colour combo. I know that my car was 'reimported' back to UK from Germany 5 years ago by the previous owner , but I have no idea what would be involved in getting this back to the UK and registered.
  7. Having owned an SE Excel for 6 years (black red pin stripes, red leather interior - best colour) and moved to an Esprit albeit a N/A 3 years ago, I would encourage you to take the plunge. Keep both if you can, I still miss my Excel, but the styling isn't to everyones taste whereas everyone likes the Esprit.
  8. I'd be very keen on the same. I bought my kit 3 years ago and it's still on the shelf as I'm afraid of messing something up. I understand it's made easier with the access created from above, but can be done from underneath only if preferred.
  9. I have the same fitted to my car. When I first bought it the car was sitting much too low, get a big G spanner adjusted or make one and wind it down to decrease the height and ground clearance. It's a bit of trial and error and getting the side even, but for me the adjustment was fully down and winding it up about 1/3rd up was enough to raise the car 3-4 cms. If you car is riding too high, then presumably the adjuster is moe towards the top, so winding down will be easier than up (less resistance) and you should not need to compress the spring either - while jacked up and thr wh
  10. Hi Chris, was there an inspection/access hole inside then in the drivers footwell?
  11. This looks like a good one - surely it must belong to someone on this forum? I'm tempted for sure.
  12. Having said that, just found these containing substantial detail on leads at just £12.95 (you could pay that for one) Rgds
  13. I can't offer any technical expertise here Andy, only a suggestion that worked for me. I bought a cheap set of leads from Ebay (100% silicone 8mm) that were not much more than £10. They arrived in 2 working days, I fitted them to the car and they've been on there since. Also, check the plug gap as one of mine had closed after I'd dropped it and failed to notice before inserting. I've bought magnecor and others before costing £80-100 and not really noticed the difference, although there are, as it's about increasing the spark quality at the plug. Having said all that, you have an SE a
  14. I didn't get around to replacing my aerial 88 Stevens, but the cavity/height appears more than sufficient for most alternative replacements. I just listen to the engine sound track or use the USB nowadays. I did try fitting a windscreen aerial that I hid under the roof lining behind the sun shades, running the lead down behind the side pillar, but removed after trying as the reception was poor and also putting a grommit in the wing panel hole looked shabby - it needed to be filled and sprayed properly. Let me know if you find an access hole in the drivers footwell as I still haven't
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