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  1. Looking so nice, I imagine the sledge hammer is for any unwanted guest thinking of taking it for a ride. 😉
  2. Perhaps not the S3 you prefer, but spotted this today. Perhaps coilers fitted as pics appears to show the front a little lower than I' d expect.
  3. Does anyone know of any good step by step posts, or better still youtube on removing an Esprit engine. Mine is just the N/A, the guy who owned it before me mentioned it was 'easy'. I've done belts, pumps and seals before on my Excel, but too old too try these things now in situ. I'll probably give it to a expert on this forum and spend a few quid, but there is a real satisfaction I would imagine in pulling an engine and DIY. P.S. The only youtube videos I can find don't give any close detailing.
  4. Agree on price - very reasonable - looks fantastic.
  5. The price is good, but when I saw this Ebay sellers' other items for sale I did get a little confused. They do have 2 other lotus parts for sale including a rare hub that I'm sure someone on the forum was looking for recently.
  6. Just to confirm, my new/old carbs now sold (£700 plus shipping) and now part of an S2 project in Holland - if I find their related project post I'll provide the link. I did get my own 'custom made' choke connector rod working, but bought the correct part while ordering some other bits from SJS - probably should have done this to start with a saved on a lot of fiddling 🙂
  7. Rusty nearside headlight (likely been sitting in a pool or water o/a drain plug blocked), odd air box latch, strange gear knob, carbs looking sad, and more than twice the value I would gladly accept for my N/A. Am I missing something here or is this OTT expensive?
  8. I'm enjoying your youtube post Aaron - up to No.10 - keep up the good work. Will the engine come out at any point? I was told more than 2 engine jobs best remove it, but I've not found any detailed youtube (or the wheeler dealers Esprit episode) on just how easy that is to do?
  9. Phew! that looks special indeed - I've got to go and lie down for a bit now that I've seen the ad images.
  10. I did see a 'Wheeler Dealers' episode from US based series where they took a damaged windscreen to a US factory where they then 3d scanned it, found a similar match from a vast array of templates in stock from numerous car manufacturers in their database, and then cut the nearest match to an exact size. Being so flat, I'd imagine you have a good chance of finding a match. If I can find the episode link I'll send it to you - but someone may better remember the company details? here's a link with. more details:
  11. Wow, strong money. Coincidence that odometer mileage 51,000 kms and price EUR 44,950 both convert to circa 39,100. Should have bought some of these cars 20 years ago instead of a pension pot 🙂
  12. DaKa

    Esprit N/A 88 - Ebay

    Ebay closing price was £13,100 which seems like a reasonable price for both seller and buyer.
  13. Now sold to Jaap van Der Lee in the Netherlands (Van Der Lee Turbo System BV, Zaandam, Holland) who hopes to use them on custom Esprit project he's working on.
  14. Couldn't help but notice this youtube post yesterday - probably one of the above and not just a coincidence. It may help?
  15. I'm watching this with interest as its the nearest thing to my own car that I've seen in a while. Not many pictures on the ad, I would like to see the underside, brakes, suspension etc. for better comparison. Is it someone on the forum selling?
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