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  1. Without even a new set of plugs, giving the car a good warm up up/down the A12 and using a small independent garage the car passed its MOT with just a warning about the join between the manifold down-pipe and my custom SS exhaust (looks like I need a new gasket and studs). I'm really chuffed and can now plan to get it fully serviced and a few treats in the spring when that finally arrives.
  2. Thanks for tips - I regret using Halfords and will try a nearby independent. There's no cat on my car, but turning the fuel mixture down a notch sounds like a quick win.
  3. It was mentioned that the rear fog lights were not working. Frankly I've never touched or even knew I had.them - I know it's pathetic but who cares if the fog lights don't work except an MOT tester - only ever used in fair weather. No time to check things in advance or fix them to be honest, will try an independent garage and bung them a few quid to fix I guess, that's after I've checked the fuses kindly detailed above. Thxs
  4. My car failed its MOT on emissions (Halfords computer says No!) - it's only done circa 1500 miles since the last MOT and I'm wondering if there are some quick wins that will get me through a retest. I've been using the higher octane fuel available at the pumps, not sure if this is a factor, so I will run this out and fill up with standard. It's ticking over a bit faster than needed, so I thought I would reduce the at idle revs to be just enough to stop it stalling (I'm assuming this makes a difference? I have some new plugs so will fit them, but no new air filters to fit on my after-market K&Ns or filter cleaner fluid (the car came with them and therefore doesn't have the standard air box), I'm guessing this may also have an affect affect on emissions and considering buying some replacements as existing a bit tatty. Question: Are there any other cheap quick wins that will help me get it through emission test - other than to give it a proper run and warm up?
  5. Sadly my car failed its MOT on Friday o/a Fog lights not working and emissions! I'm working abroad so won't be able to get back to the test centre (Halfords) before my 10 days expires - so I'll just have to waste another MOT fee! Regarding my fog lights - is there a separate fuse for these? I don't suppose it has any connection with the door cigarette lighters which have also stopped working recently? I'll create a separate topic/note out about emissions as this came as a surprise - my guess is they didn't let it warm up.
  6. Picture much appreciated. Back to the festival event subject matter. Looking forward to an update/details this week @Bibs for advanced ticket sales and hotel option?
  7. I'm at a bank in Copenhagen - Saxobank and I'm sure this will relate to some sponsorship past/present.
  8. I'm lucky enough to be working at a great Company where the owner clearly appreciates his motor sports. Does anyone know the history behind this lovely thing that I get to pass each day? - one of a couple in the building on display that are a real treat for me 🙂
  9. Run it for a while without a thermostatic valve in place and see if it makes a difference - you won't notice much change while the weather warm, and put a low temperature valve in place say, September?
  10. Can help you with local tuners - old style tuner required though. There are some posts on basic settings and colour tune, but not easy o/a engine position. Should you be stopping in Copenhagen I'm out there most Sunday-Thursday, so post your route and times? Can't help was what I meant to type!
  11. DaKa

    Fix or sell

    As above - a few months back there was a fully refurbished Esprit Turbo gearbox on Ebay UK that failed to sell for £1000 - it was advertised a couple of times and I guess it sold eventually. I nearly bought it although mine isn't even a Turbo as it was simply perfect and almost 'an investment' should I ever upgrade. US prices quoted do seem to be based on the mechanics perhaps not wanting the work?
  12. Has anyone been able to tell you, or, have you worked out how this indicator bulb is removed?
  13. Sorry I don't have this model to advise you - but am intrigued as to whether the cover pops out or is accessed via the boot or underneath. Is this image similar to your car - i.e. indicator build into the side of the bumper?
  14. Reminds me of my daughter and her prom a few years back - everyone said how wonderful she looked, that she was intelligent, always kind and helpful to others - the only criticism was that she was very quick to blame others if something goes wrong - but then she gets that from her mother!
  15. DaKa

    Turbo Esprit!

    I'm also looking in awe at that engine - makes me want to continue my contract work and try and buy one the same - must be north of £7-8K alone. The other thing - didn't know Joanna Lumley was married - bring back the New Avengers!
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