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  1. I was looking for an Esprit airbox (hens teeth) and happended upon this item for sale on Ebay. Although tempted to buy these and then sell my own, having just bought a carb service kit, perhaps someone else on the forum would like to know about these?
  2. It certainly struck me as a real contender and good value. I just wish something would come up nearer to my home to tempt me to move up in performance from my N/A. I guess that you need to be either lucky or prepared to travel for the good ones. Be sure and hold out for a fair price.
  3. Anyone on the forum know anything about this one up for sale on ebay, that looks like a honest ad and good value?
  4. Never did get any suggestion here, but for those without a standard airbox/ducting as per photo, I was lpoking at the Interweb and wondered if the pipercross airbox would fit or could be adapted to work better than I presently have? Thxs
  5. Spotted this today, looks like great value - anyone know of this one?
  6. If the EU this week could state: 1. No extension unless UK has a general election now. 2. That they will not negoiate any changes to the current deal with any future UK government. Then MPs would have to vote on No Deal, Deal or Revoke, the top 2 go through, probably Deal or Revoke. At the very least politicians go into the next GE where voters know what they preferred - it will get it done so we can move on. P.S. I'm undergoing tests for IBS at the moment through my GP/NHS - I now know it stands for Irritable Brexit Syndrome
  7. I used an Essex based company a while back for Elan M100 turbo work and Excel SE tuning and was very satisfied. There were a few older, experienced guys at Benchsound Stanford-le-hope who grew up on these engines. You may be interested in a quote, but I emphasise that I have no first hand knowledge of full rebuilds at their hands?
  8. I watched this on Ebay and notice that it failed to meet its reserve - I've contected the seller to ask for any pics or comment on servicing/suspension/brakes etc. as I'm still looking for an upgrade from my N/A and guess this is an excellent example and a good time of year for buyers. It seems from some comments above that some members may have first hand knowledge of this car? Any recommendations from the forum officiados would encourage me to deepen my pockets.
  9. Awesome work Neil - fantastic attention to detail. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks Neil - Don't go out of your way, but I would welcome your opinion.
  11. Nice photo and thanks for the kind thought regarding your old wheels - I've sent you a PM.
  12. Was considering taking a trip to Milton Keynes and taking a closer look at this currently on auction (Dutch). I think that I may have seen this car mentioned previously o/a the bespoke rear lights - are there any members here who know any history about this with information that could save me a trip?
  13. Appreciate the comments. I will let this one pass and follow up on some of the other suggestions.
  14. The above is currently on auction at £8k. What do the experts think about this as I want to upgrade from my N/A to something quicker. Would circa £10k on refurb be a reasonable estimate assuming 80 percent of the work done by professionals?
  15. Looking for carburettor air intake box and any associated airflow parts for my 1988 N/A Steven Esprit. Not sure if the air box from anything else like an Excel would fit? The last owner removed it all in favour of K&Ns, doh!
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