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  1. Looking for carburettor air intake box and any associated airflow parts for my 1988 N/A Steven Esprit. Not sure if the air box from anything else like an Excel would fit? The last owner removed it all in favour of K&Ns, doh!
  2. Excellent comments and much appreciated. Now leaning towards a new buy/exchange but I'll need to double my budget I feel.
  3. I'm looking for previous posts or advice from anyone who has converted their normally aspirated X180 to turbo charged. It must be that this has been done before so I'm interested to know the options for moderate turbo boost (nothing extreme) and therefore greater reliability. Could it be a DIY with engine out? Buy refurbished turbo engine and swap out (I guess several thousand for this less whatever you get for old plant)? Cost and recommendation if outsourced to a specialist? Buy another Esprit turbo and sell or trade in your own N/A? It seems like some of the turbo kits would work but I'm guessing a host of other components and complication would be involved. My budget is up to £5,000 would that be enough?
  4. My N/A Stevens Esprit came with aftermarket K&N air filters, the original air-box probably sitting on a shelf in someone's garage somewhere gathering dust. With original carb back plate and air filter box/intake as rare as hens teeth, and some rubbish second hand examples at rip-off prices on Ebay, can anyone recommend an alternative that delivers colder air to the carbs? With the prices being so high for replacement originals and the number of owners with either broken or missing air intakes, I'm surprised that there isn't a company out there that hasn't thought to re-engineered these?
  5. Looks like someone knows something here that I'm missing? Unfortunately, I now have the whiff of petrol. Annoyingly, I put the sump protector tray on too soon and had to take it off again as my off side tank now has a slight weep from the drain plug it's because I didn't replace the copper washers (I didn't have any new ones) and they are obviously compressed enough already and I don't want to over tighten and risk breaking something - would be a world of pain! Could I get away with rubber washer, adding some silicone tape/sealant or some other plumbing washers, does it have to be copper?
  6. Any finally, I do smell of petrol but I found the problem. When I disconnected the off side tank pipe to the T join with the near side tank near the pump only petrol came from the near side. When I disconnected the fuel hose from the off side tank nothing came out, so I removed the drain plug and after a gush of petrol (I'd not managed to syphon it all) it was apparent the block was inside the tank to pipe connector. With a bit of a blow what I can only describe as 2 tiny lumps of jelly came out as shown - goodness knows what/where they came from?
  7. Thanks Filip, Yes, this is the off/right side tank with the level sender and the handbrake cable showing in image (UK spec car). The pump/connections are on the near/left side and both my alloy tanks have a drain plug. I hadn't thought to run the pump and empty most of the fuel beforehand, so glad that I asked the forum here. How to catch the fuel when I remove the drain plug was concerning me (albeit I've only 1/4 tank off side having syphoned it out a while back leaving just enough to stop the fuel warning light alluminating). Not sure about near side tank as my tanks are not balancing via the balancing pipe! but less than half a tank. Not time to light a cigar yet!
  8. Finally checked underside and all pipes and connectors look good. My tanks have what looks like a drain plug - please confirm that is its purpose before I try and undo. If fuel flows then presumably the block is somewhere before the pump as fuel presently still only emptying from near side tank. Pics to follow a sap.
  9. Although tempted to try myself, I'm glad to have used a garage local to me to replace this exhaust gasket. The studs were stubborn and for Essex based owners, the guys at 'Going Spare' Huttn industrial estate get my praise and recommendation. All fixed with new studs and gasket ready for spring.
  10. Thanks Filip, Sorry my last car was an Excel SE and I sometimes get confused.
  11. My recently passed MOT tester advised of a minor leak where the manifold down-pipe joins the custom exhaust fitted to my Non-Turbo Stevens SE Esprit 1988. It appears that the joint (3 bolts fairly corroded) need to be unbolted and a new gasket, with presumably some exhaust sealant replaced. Is this the right part suggested on SJS website? Why does it state 4 per car? would that be the subsequent/other joints on a standard exhaust? Mine clearly only needs the first join nearest to the manifold replaced, so presumably just 1 gasket required?
  12. Without even a new set of plugs, giving the car a good warm up up/down the A12 and using a small independent garage the car passed its MOT with just a warning about the join between the manifold down-pipe and my custom SS exhaust (looks like I need a new gasket and studs). I'm really chuffed and can now plan to get it fully serviced and a few treats in the spring when that finally arrives.
  13. Thanks for tips - I regret using Halfords and will try a nearby independent. There's no cat on my car, but turning the fuel mixture down a notch sounds like a quick win.
  14. It was mentioned that the rear fog lights were not working. Frankly I've never touched or even knew I had.them - I know it's pathetic but who cares if the fog lights don't work except an MOT tester - only ever used in fair weather. No time to check things in advance or fix them to be honest, will try an independent garage and bung them a few quid to fix I guess, that's after I've checked the fuses kindly detailed above. Thxs
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