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  1. I had the same problem, not sure though if mine had been glued into place by the previous owner of they are normally just a pushon fit? I pulled the knob off my stick carefully and completely (hard to say that without smiling) and then rapped a strip of silicone tape tightly around the top end of the stick. It make the size wider meaning that when I pushed the knob back on it was much tighter fit and has stayed solid for more than3 years now. I did look into replacements, but not sure it's an easy swap o/a the reverse lift?
  2. Hope refit goes well. May I ask, while you are in the area, to picture your left footrest for me - is it as below image taken from another post on this forum? The previous owner removed mine as he said he kept catching it when depressing the clutch - I recall something about the car not being suitable for farmers' boots! I still have the black metal block in place, but not sure what is the thin rod that seems to help hold the rubber on top in place is - presumably a hollow pipe for the accelerator cable?
  3. That's a great idea Greg, I hope that someone with a decent example is up for the swap. I'm a bit too far away and my normally aspirated 1988 Stevens is more style over substance - try and get a drive of a quicker model so you're more tempted.
  4. Agree with last comment, change the belt while you are at it, as once loosened it is straight forward to slip off/on. I also agree a second person above the engine is ideal to help push on the alternator to add tension to the belt while underside the nuts are tightened leaving the pivot nut top to be tightened last.
  5. With a free RHS entry pass, I popped along to check out the classic car show at Hyde Hall in Essex today, apparently now the 5th year running. I've not seen too many classic car shows advertised in Essex this summer, albeit some bigger events are coming soon that I hope to attend. I was disappointed not to see more variations and 60-90s cars or indeed any Lotus clubs represented, mainly Jags, MGs, Bentleys, Triumph and Mazda. There was just one Lotus twin cam engine in a mk1 Cortina police car However, some very nice cars in the car parks and first class sausage rolls (pork and apricot with chutney) and cream teas in the Thatched Barn who coped admirably with the large number of attendees. I mention this meet as perhaps someone knows someone that next year perhaps the Lotus owners club may get an invitation for our members to display 🙂 In any event, not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Sunday.
  6. I like your design more that mine as it appears more secure with the slots.
  7. I'd be suprised if that is legal left on the road like that, unless it has a window for the number plate showing at the rear and some sort of reflectors? Reading back my comment before I hit enter has just confirmed to me what an old moaner I've turned into 🙂.
  8. I feel in the right hands this could be a bargain and at £12k the parts alone appear good value.
  9. I appear to have 2 spare wipers (the previous owner must have had the same problem), one is labelled and appears new, but if the other looks better than yours and may work, then PM me and I'll post it along if you're in the UK.
  10. That looks good enough to tempt me back to an M100 again from my Esprit N/A. Full leather if I'm not mistaken? If service history and mileage <50k, it seems to be bang on the money.
  11. I just noticed this ad today on PH that seems excellent value. Perhaps it is because I have the exact same model that I feel it is underpriced - I guess it could be someone on the forum selling?
  12. DaKa

    Bargain or Not?

    Spotted this today, looks like a real bargain if you are handy with a paint gun? Anyone know of this on the forum - it appears genuine. I'm tempted
  13. The race adjudicator likely also considered the first few bends leading up to the crash when Max should have given way. 2 bends earlier (left-hander) when Lewis was forced to brake on the outside as Max careered into his part of the track. If Max had of done the same as Lewis on the right-hander, then he would have avoided the racing incident. Hopefully this will teach Max to be more respectful and less reckless on track. Max's style reminds me of Harry King in the Porsche cup, at some point someone on the track will also not give way, but when it happens, I can't imagine that Mr King would then be whingeing about it with his team manager.
  14. Hi JR, not sure where you are located and I didn't want to reply before checking, but having just look in my garage of bits 30 mins ago (probably as you were ordering from SJS) and I do seemingly have a spare drivers side rubber for my 1988 X180 - not sure if its been used or not but in very good condition. If you haven't yet confirmed your order with SJS and want this as a freebie, send me a personal message and I'll happily post it to you if you're in UK.
  15. I also get troubled by which coolant to use, but I guess that anything is better than just using water. I love the idea of waterless coolant (seen it used on a few car makeover shows), but it would be a challenge draining the existing from the car. I've always understood as a general rule that 'Blue' rather than 'Pink' is right for our older Lotus? Happy to be corrected.
  16. I had a similar problem, I believe caused by the previous owner breaking the original fixings. I used brass thread rubber expanding rivnuts which have been in place for a couple of years without issue. Can't recall if M6 or M8
  17. I thought that I should alert fellow owners to the link below found on FB market place that the seller has confirmed today is still available. I can't verify all the details, but it looks to be in great condition.
  18. Hi Brad, What was the outcome here in the end. I was going to ask if depressing the clutch altered the noise (realease bearing perhaps?)
  19. If you have vented discs JR then it may be that they have aquired so hardened deposits that should burn off with a a few heavy brake tests. Discs are relative cheap as are pads, it would be unusual for them to warp while in storage. It could just be build up of rust on the discs except for where the pads have been during storage. Was the hand brake on while in storage? Can you tell if the pulse/judder if front or rear?
  20. I think it's been mentioned above somewhere, but it was also suggested to me that Yoga mats make an excellent and cheaper alternative if you buy the right thickness - they are designed not to absorb moisture (sweat) so ideal for purpose.
  21. Looking so nice, I imagine the sledge hammer is for any unwanted guest thinking of taking it for a ride. 😉
  22. Perhaps not the S3 you prefer, but spotted this today. Perhaps coilers fitted as pics appears to show the front a little lower than I' d expect.
  23. Does anyone know of any good step by step posts, or better still youtube on removing an Esprit engine. Mine is just the N/A, the guy who owned it before me mentioned it was 'easy'. I've done belts, pumps and seals before on my Excel, but too old too try these things now in situ. I'll probably give it to a expert on this forum and spend a few quid, but there is a real satisfaction I would imagine in pulling an engine and DIY. P.S. The only youtube videos I can find don't give any close detailing.
  24. Agree on price - very reasonable - looks fantastic.
  25. The price is good, but when I saw this Ebay sellers' other items for sale I did get a little confused. They do have 2 other lotus parts for sale including a rare hub that I'm sure someone on the forum was looking for recently.
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