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  1. Out of interest, how does their valuation compare with perceived values on here/what you think it's worth?
  2. Kier

    Lotus Emira

    After all the NDA's in place and the fact that Lotus have successfully kept it quiet with no leaks of pictures so far, I find it hard to beleive they are going to just roll it in/out of a lorry uncovered like that the day before launch. I do like the look of that, but I'm going to guess this is an Evora they've modernised to throw us off.
  3. Yeah I guess it's some sort of aftermarket warranty, as there's a limit to what they can offer with an older car. But I was given the impression they want the car to be as close to Lotus standard as it can be if they are going to sell it for me and they want to sell it with some sort of guarantee to whoever buys it (this was with Lotus Silverstone). The other thing they mentioned (as I told them the stitching on the dash was coming apart down near the centre of the window, as happens frequently with some of the older Evoras) is they ideally wanted to replace the dash as well (an item which I gather is on back order). So they clearly want to get it as good as it can be to sell.
  4. What are thoughts around having Lotus exhausts v's aftermarket exhausts these days? When I bought my 2011 Evora S back in 2012 I had a Larini exhaust & decat pipe fitted. I was recently talking to a Lotus dealership about selling the car and they mentioned that they would want to fit a Lotus exhaust on it, so they could sell it as standard with a Lotus warranty. I get their thinking (and I do still have the exhaust it came with) but I can't helping feeling like I'm going to be paying to re-fit the old exhaust, only for a new owner to potentially then want to put something more sporty (like a Larini) on it? Do a lot of people stick with the standard exhausts on the S1 Evora, for some reason I thought upgrading was pretty common?
  5. I still take my Evora to official Lotus places, which is ironic really as I've had some terrible experiences at two different Lotus dealerships. In fact I now do a 400 mile round trip to Hanger 111 because I trust them there, as opposed to Westover Lotus which is about 3 miles from where I live, or Wllliams in Bristol, both of which have been terrible in my experiences with them. I often wonder if it's worth the extra effort V's just going somewhere smaller and local.
  6. Yep, these guys are the best!!!! I have Westover Lotus in Poole just 3.8 miles up the road from me and they're terriable. (They tried to get me to part with £1300 to replace something that wasn't even broken). I've tried Williams Lotus near Bristol (that was an absolutely rediculous experience and i'd never go near them again). In the past couple of years I've been taking my Evora to Hanger 111. It's a 400 mile round trip, but I'd rather do that because i have total confidence in them, their abilities and their integrity!
  7. The Evora was in the garage last week whilst they try to get to the bottom of why its been having problems starting. When the problem first started happening it seemed to be ok after me putting the battery on charge so I initially thought the issue was battery related, but it kept happening after i replaced the battery (maybe the fact it worked after charging was just a coincidence?)... anyway last week I took it down to Westover. They've confirmed the batter is ok, and all week it started for them every time they tried, until yesterday when they couldn't start it either. They've then said it's the starter motor that needs replacing, approx £450 plus cost of labour. I needed a car for this weekend to come visit the folks, so they've shown me where I need to give the existing starter motor a whack with something hard if it sticks which supposedly sorts the problem. This morning, it doesn't start, I try giving the starter motor unit a tap....... nothing (we try this several times). Dad starts having a look about - he's good with cars and electrics and that sort of thing (I am not). Dad connected his electrical reading thingy to the connector on the starter solenoid and when I turn the ignition key there's nothing, so dad's observation is that the problem is NOT the starter motor or solenoid, it's something preventing the power getting that far. To prove this, dad takes a wire from the positive terminal on the battery, I turn the ignition on, then dad taps the live wire on the starter solenoid terminal and voila, it works........ the conclusion therefore being that when 12 volts is put on the terminal the solenoid and the starter motor do their job (so must be working), yet there's no voltage at that connection point when I try with the ignition key. I've tried taking the ignition relay out from the rear fuse box and putting the air conditioning one (ac comp) in its place (as they're the same), just to see if that solves it ( it doesn't). Anyone got any ideas? Everything else electrical seems to be working. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. For some reason I thought the 30 was the height measurement rather than a percentage. But yeah, thinking about it, the tyres are a bit higher than 30mm
  9. Out of interest, does anyone know why a slightly wider tyre would change the speedo reading?
  10. Was about to say pretty much the same thing! I can't see my bonnet... it's all just guesswork!!!
  11. I took my Evora to Williams in Bristol and quite honestly it was the worst experience I've ever had with any garage. I keep meaning to write a full review on here and Google when I can spare an hour or so!! They are a nice bunch of blokes in person and I'm sure their longer term customers might get treated better, but I honestly wish they'd turned me away, they're far to busy to provide any decent level of customer service, well certainly to me they seemed to be. I spent thousands of pounds there so it wasn't even like they weren't getting money from me. Their planning of work was shocking, their communication awful, I was constantly having to chase up for progress reports. When I eventually got the car back after about six (yes six!!!!) months, they hadn't refitted bits correctly, they'd even manage to fix my number plate leaving a rubber glove trapped behind it and there was still outstanding work I had to go back to get finished. I could list a whole catalog of errors and stupidity I had to deal with!! My issues were actually never fully resolved but I've given up with them now!!!
  12. Kier


  13. I was asking about the asymmetric tyre tread going in different directions on this thread last year (still not convinced I got to the bottom of it?). Is this the same thing?
  14. I did think myself when I read it, that winter was an odd time of the year to launch a roadster!
  15. I'm sure it's lovely mate, just ribbing you Dave, don't assume that because Bibs has driven a car it's had an easier life.... he drove my Evora into a deer!!!
  16. Interesting read Bibs. I like the old story about the bond Esprit being used after Lotus parked a prototype outside the film studio
  17. Lotus need to oust Aston as the preferred choice of James Bond!
  18. Totally agree. I took a black 400 out for a drive this week and thought the same. It's hard to see what's what, and the sun shining on it makes it even more difficult.
  19. Thanks for the suggestions chaps. Was hoping there was going to be some sort of software or tool that would allow me to do this myself.
  20. When I was a kid back in the 80's, I had a couple of pictures on my wall of a Lotus Turbo Esprit (as well as a Lambo & Ferrari). Scans below aren't great with the glass still on, but you can see what I mean. I'd love to get a picture of my Evora done in this style and eventually I'd love to own a Ferrari and Lambo and get them done as well, so I can have modern day versions of the cars I used to dream about owning that I have actually owned, with both sets of car pictures on the wall of my man cave. Has anyone got any ideas of the best way to do this? Is this something that can be done via some sort of website or app that converts the pictures? Or is a software package like photoshop an option? I don't really know where to start with something like this? Thanks.
  21. This thread needs more pictures!!! Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccctuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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