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    want to put V8 in the tractor

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  1. We will miss you Sparky, I will keep a seat warm just in case. We are definitely having another summer bash.................
  2. I will be there, plus megan, its about time I went out, I will get an earful if we do not go this time
  3. Up for this now we are back off holiday, see you there chaps and chapesses
  4. Sparky, think you left your vapour pipe here, great day thanks to all for making it a great weekend, Chris thanks for doing the arranging. The BBQ was made great by good friends fine food and plenty of booze.
  5. As far as I know ours is female but there is a male dog here as well
  6. Hi All, so we are pretty well set for the weekend, new BBQ has been built, Marque is going up tomorrow. We have 1 large tent and 2 smaller tents for those who want to stay over in a tent, ~SPARKY you will miss breakfast BBQ. We will, just to reiterate supply beer, wine, some spirits and soft drinks, we will also have a selection of meats, ie burgers, sausages, steaks etc But if you want to bring a special meat and or you drink a lot, then please bring your own. Really looking forward to the weekend, weather should be good (hopefully). Thanks chris for sending the address by pm
  7. Yes you are welcome to bring your dog. Look forward to seeing you all.
  8. The storm was horrific, scared the poo out of me. The house and garden look trashed, still cannot believe it took paint of of one of the walls. Even Jamie Oliver just up the road posted his bbq being trashed. We even had floods in the village and a landslide, biblical, global warming even.
  9. This afternoon we were hit by a small tornado, ice balls 20mm diameter shredded trees, one branch down, could not get out of back door 6 inches of ice blocking it. Roof tiles damaged, garden trashed. 10 mins before it kicked off I put the lotus back on the garage, good job I did. Anyone else have an issue Land slide in village and now no bloody power, beers gone warm as well.
  10. Only an accomplished lotus engineer can make it happen, it runs well thank you. Looking forward to the next meet in the lotus, with a new mot.
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