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    want to put V8 in the tractor

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  1. count me in, will be in the candy though. Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare Dave Eds SFJ-Matt neilreid top-plumber & Shelly Schumacher Hornsey Boy Sparky internets FortheDrive Dave and Megan
  2. We will be there. If you need to book that will both Megan and I.
  3. Both Megan and I will be coming, book us in dano, sorry Pete I mean.
  4. Apologies to all but I have as many of you know started a new business and we have fortunately been very busy. Now that things are settling down I should be able to attend the next meeting. Hopefully see you all at the next meet. Dave.
  5. Count Megan and I in, missed the last one (working ha ha), looking forward to meeting up. Dave
  6. Hi Pete, yes thats right, going to Paul Fowlers wedding and yes I will pass on your best regards for the day. Dave
  7. Sorry chaps but at a wedding the day before in Corby, bit of a stretch to get back in time. See you all at the next meet. dave
  8. Fantastic week end, dinner on Friday evening with our great friends Paul and Sarah, (thanks guy's appreciate your help). BBQ went really well, thanks to everyone who attended, sorry some of you could not stay longer. 4.30 finish on Sunday morning then after a bit of sleep a full English breakfast, thanks to Wayne and Michelle for making a special effort to come to the party - - - - car troubles , Lotus of course ! Looking forward to the next one........................
  9. Megan has bought some strawberry Gin, she is a Gin Girl as well. Dave
  10. Just confirm food arrangements for Saturday/Sunday. bring your favourite tipple we will supply the food and some drink, (if you want to bring your favourite meat to BBQ then place do so). There is ample parking in the field and if anyone wants to camp in a tent there is plenty of room. I will be cooking breakfast on the BBQ in morning should anyone want to risk it. There is a pool table, Hot Tub bring a cosy. Please let me know if you are able to attend so we have some idea of the number to cater for. Every one is welcome. List is now looking like th
  11. Possibly, not sure maybe ...........ah, do not know of any positions in Hockey. I'll hold the stick whilst they play.....
  12. Is that women's Hockey, what position will you be in ? Look forward to seeing you when you can get here.
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