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  1. May not make it folks, at a company away day so may be late back. Have a good one if I do not make it Dave
  2. Booked into Rickies on the day of moving house, it passed the MOT of course, running like a dream until it went on the ramps, the bracket to my shinny newish manifold was hanging loose. Bugger, with the ramps still sitting in the field it means I will have to use old fashioned climb under the car to fix it. Finally got internet at the new house, felt like someone had cut my arms off, how did I ever cope without the web. Thank chaps for all the help. Dave
  3. It's worth getting the facts right. Thanks gentlemen. So three options on the day......... 1. Drive it there and take the risk. 2. Get our local garage to deliver on a de mountable. 3. Book it in for an MOT at a local garage. Cheers chaps
  4. Good idea with the mot, sounds like a plan, we have only shared it with 500,000 other people, besides a pnc camera is right outside our front door. It's worth a chance, any police watching in, I will move it on Friday, ha ha. Mot expired on the 3rd and tax on the first of April, I did try to tax it but the need for mot must be on the day of taxation not beginning of tax period. Interesting. Dave
  5. It's finding one close by Bibs, I have a local garage that will take the car over to the new house. However, best laid plans etc, it need to be on a trailer to be taken across a paddock to where it will live in a barn. It's softish soil so a lorry will possibly sink in the mud, do not want to churn up the paddock. I used a disco and trailer to move the car ramps, they went into the paddock ok, but there is a slop into the field and that trailer is not low enough to take my car. It looks like it is going to be the local garage with a demountable then I will have to build some ramps things to get the car up the slope into the paddock. Lot of hassle on the day of the move.....bugger. Thanks for the comments, Gary it needs to go to my usual garage as they are sympathetic to the hand brake issues, ie PNM calipers do not have a good hand brake pad. Dave
  6. In sawbridgeworth, near stansted airport, local garage are willing to move it, just an issue of timing really.
  7. Hi guys, I need help, just realised my mot has expired and I am moving on Tuesday, I need to borrow a car trailer, has anyone near me got a trailer I could borrow. Dave
  8. Mine are GAZ, had them for 6 or so years, adjustable for stiffness and ride height. Very pleased with them, no issues once they had replaced the rubber bushes, at their cost. I had also fitted stiffer springs, search on this site, where I think I gave all the details, rate and size etc Hope that helps Dave
  9. It's not there, I have looked. I will just have to buy one. Dave
  10. There is a spare under the rear, checked everywhere but no sign.
  11. Had a good drive of the disco now, fantastic, much better than I expected. Smooth ride, pulls well for a large off roader. Very pleased.
  12. Found, thank you........but £149.000.......blimey. Was expecting £50 Oh well
  13. Right, had a look under the tow bar flappy thingy, 2 sockets, marked land rover, then a red plastic moulding that is removable, so unless I am mistaken it looks like its a detachable Landy configuration. So all I need is a the hooky bit.
  14. Card board boxes only, I got .....ooooh, erh, well, not sure, no,no, well we could, but! So I gave up.
  15. Cheers bibs, might take you up on that, good excuse for a beer and curry. Just picked the car up, drives great. I have no idea what's behind the bumper panel, not even sure there if there is a ball/ tow bar under the panel, it's dark now so will play in morning. Update to follow
  16. To be fair I am on my third. The first in the car when I bought it suffered from liner slip ie oil in water -water in oil not a good sight. So I had it fully rebuilt new, rings, shells seals the lot, worked well for about 10,000 miles then when I decided to remove the engine to do some minor tasks, ie painting it and fitted a stainless header.......shock horror, sparky noticed the fly wheel moved about a bit and then......sh1 t, 8 mm end float, the crank had move so far the rods had started eating the block, a big mess. So in when a new crated lotus engine from Garry Kemp, it's done about 7,000 miles, has another SS header from Alunox, and all seams well, fingers crossed. Dave
  17. Got one, 2005 disco 3, in met green. 109,000 miles, looks great and hopefully will provide useful workhorse. All I need now is a tow bar, and quickly as I also need to borrow a trailer so I can move my ramps, anyone fitted one or has one for sale Dave
  18. So it looks like I could be moving mid march, I will need to move the ramps in about 3 weeks or so. Does anyone feel like a challenge. Dave
  19. 13. Yes Megan and I will be there, mr piggy, are you going to be there!
  20. Hi folks, I put the same set of 4 pots and 6 pots on mine, brake are brilliant, but the parking brake is no where near good enough, I too have a sympathetic mot station. I will post up some pics
  21. Just to confirm what others have already said, the smoke from your exhaust does not look like a problem, all my engines and I have had 3 in my car, the latest being a brand new Lotus engine from Garry Kemp here in the uk, all of them put out black spots, it's the carbon soot in the tail pipe mixed with condensation. It's normal. Good luck and keep updating.
  22. Bugger my supplier of the original ramps looks like they are out of business, no response to emails, so has anyone dismantled 4 poster ramps, can it be that hard ?
  23. Good tip Greg, hopefully will get my first drive next week end. When looking for the right car I am thinking........ If I spend £25,000 with say 60,000 mile then in 2 years it will be worth 1/2 that, conversely if I spend 11,000 and get one with similar mileage and they are around then I would not loose much. The issue is the 105,000 mile service, you can pay the same amount for 2 cars one with a belt change the other without ....belt change and major service is around £1,300 so when I am looking and found the right colour and cloth or leather they all seem to be at the 85,000 miles and not had a belt change. It's not easy as belt change is time dependant and mileage. I will possibly end up with a 110,000 miles with a belt change. Any thoughts
  24. Very useful information, thank you. Found a 2010 disco 4 basic model, ie cloth seats, 70 k miles looks like new, if it is still around when I am ready to purchase this could be the one, in a nice met green. Dave
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