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  1. Laura, whats with the tax disc thingy. Dave
  2. Mike, I suppose the tax disc thing shows possibly when the car was on the road, big gaps may show car was laid up for a while, its a good point tho. Thanks for the interest Dave
  3. thanks for the advise, I managed to order on next day delivery 50mls of Permabond A136 as recommended, bit expensive at
  4. Great, we could have the most owners and the shortest ownerships. Interesting to hear that most of the cars have good history, for me Iwould likee to know if any current members have owned my car, the registrations number are ; G259 SKN then A19 PNE, the owner before me changed it to YIA 196. Interesting.
  5. Just spoke to Barry Ely Sport cars and he recommends Permabond A136, he says its the only one that will do it, I've just order some from Glue line, next day delivery hopefully ? I will let you know how I got on, many thanks to all who have helped Dave
  6. Unfortunately I do not think Permatex is available in the UK, so it looks like Loctite is the one to go for. Does anybody else have any ideas or where do I get Loctite510 - please help, I need to repair the car tomorrow. Thanks all. Dave
  7. Hi Ian, the car is a 1990 Esprit SE Turbo, if that helps, I use the link and let you know what happens. Thanks again. Dave It looks like I should be using LOCTITE 510 or 515 both give Lotus part number as the same. Not sure what my engine is but they all use the same part number, does anyone have experience of this product and its availability. Thanks
  8. As some of you may know I have a recurring oil leak from the exhaust cam tower, thinking it was cam shaft seals, then possibly the heat sheild, no it seems to be the mating surfaces between the the tower and the cylinder head. I have re sealed this once, about 3 weeks ago but to my *******, ******* (you can decide what this means) it still leaks. Saturday I am going to strip the cam tower again and re seal it. CAN ANYONE ADVISE which would be the best sealant (regardless of cost) I have tried a high temp silicone, Martyn at the first north london meet last weekend suggested Hematite (RED). Before I re do this I would appreciate any suggestions, I will be very carefully checking the mating surfaces to ensure they are flat and undamaged but what sealant is best ? Many thanks in anticipation. Dave - love the Lotus but not the smoke from the oil !
  9. I found an old box of documents when clearing out a cupboard yesterday. to my astonishment I seem to have collected a large amount of service bills, old MOT certificates and tax discs amongst other things. Alot of the history came with the car and I intend to keep up the good work. The car, born in March 1990 has had 6 owners previous to me. I have the names and addresses of all the owners, the bills they paid, where they bought the cars, even the mileage at point of sale. I am going to put all this information into a provenance document for any future owners. I will of course include any items which may appear on this website. So my question is, I'm I alone in having quite a large amount of information on my car (not sure it will help me) but it would be interesting to know if other owners have a history file on their car. I am currently preparing my car details (registry) for this site as the car has had a complete rebuild, this couldbe used as the history basis for the car. The items I have replaced/refurbished are, respray (all panels removed) new leather (it's easy to do it yourself) 18 inch rears and 17 fronts, new discs, shocks, springs, pipework, engine rebuild, exhaust, de catted - the list goes on, Happy to share any information where I can. The registry will be completed soon - Best regards to all Dave Freeman
  10. Hi all, the first I would do is to ensure all electrical contections are good in the engine compartment. My light comes on regularly but its the coolant lower sensor and just a quick wiggle of sensors and ha presto the light goes out. Other than that get it checked properly, it may be serious. Dave
  11. Good to see everyone, great day out, hopefully my SE will be feeling better soon and I can take her out for a spin. Sorry I could not join in in the run but the Porsche is the wife's and I have to treat it with respect. Good turn out hope to see you all again soon, I'll watch out for the threads from Kev? See you all soon.
  12. assume its still on weather looks ok see around 11 Looking forward to a chat Dave
  13. I have a 1990 Turbo SE and also seem away from the other owners groups somewhat, if your planning to meet soon please let me know. I live in Sawbridgeworth near stansted airport, I know of 1 other esprit circ 1990(off the road). There must be others locally? who are not as yet members. Let me know if you arrange anything, I might not be able to regularly meet but who knows. Dave
  14. Just a thought but the rails around the windows and other matt black paint on the Lotus is absorbant and as I discovered the metal underneath rots and only paint holds it together. I bought new window rails and had them gloss blacked to match the rest of the car - looks great and stops the rot setting in. Dave
  15. Hi, I have a spare wheel and tyre as new from a 1990 se turb, please advise if you still need one. I live near stansted essex Dave
  16. Hi, I have a speedo and some other gauges plus wheels, spare wheel and some assorted parts, all from a 1990 se turbo. If you are interested then please advise. I live near Stansted airport. Dave
  17. sounds good, just got to repair a cam carrier oil leak, should not take long to do, count me in.
  18. I have a spare set of wheels, I need to chaeck them but you are welcome to borrow them if still needed. I am in Sawbridgeworth, nr Harlow. Dave
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