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  1. My GTE insurance is up for renewal. What UK insurance companies are owners using? I'm currently with AIB and they are asking for a validated valuation. Who can provide that or have any GTEs sold recently?
  2. I'm not sure if the interior was completely changed during the 2015 refit but it doesn't look like #10
  3. Can I get all the cars entering the parade to fill the following form out? Say that you are part of the Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland group in the Notes. link:
  4. The current plan is meeting at Potarch Café/Restaurant at 10am for breakfast. It's not far North of the Cairn O'Mount. Then head to Ballater Park for 12pm with the Parade at 1pm. Full breakfast is around £10 - Parade Details - Please add your name to the list - 1/ Archie +1, breakfast + parade
  5. The weather looks wet tomorrow so I'm calling off. I spent the whole of last Sunday in a muddy field with 50% no show and I don't fancy that again. Sorry Brian, hopefully see you soon.
  6. 1 & 2 Ian Corse + 1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 2 & 3 Andrew Laing + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 3 & 4 Allan Matheson + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 5 Brian King - Breakfast & Car Collection 6 & 7 Archie Buchanan +1 - Breakfast and Car Collection
  7. 01 CH Blue Cognac LHD IPS 2+2 02 UK  21gg_ Blue Cognac RHD IPS 2+2 21GG 03 UK domguy Black & Gold Black RHD IPS 2+0 AU64 CJV 04 UK LotusLeftLotusRight Starlight Black Sports Racer LHD MAN 2+2 X4GTE 05 HK Sold Solar Yellow Sports Racer RHD IPS 2+0 06 HK Sold
  8. It was a good weekend, great to see the 4 GTE's and lots of other stunning models. Maybe we should have a group stand if it goes ahead next year?
  9. I need to replace the bushes on the rear top wishbone of my GTE. I know the wishbones are specific to the gte but will the standard Evora bushes fit and where's the best place to get them?
  10. Great seeing Brian, Ian and Jim. Some photos... Check out the new NSX, as Brian said, it could have been the new Esprit. Maybe with new investment?
  11. Hi Brian, that was your way to Brooklands? When we were down there my tyre wore down through the radial belt too. Murrays said that the car left the showroom with 4mm so it looks like I went through that and a bit more in 1000 miles!
  12. Anyone know what rear pads fit on a GTE? I took my car for it's MOT today and OSR pad has disintegrated over the winter. I don't want to drive it too far in this state so I'll have to get a local garage to fit them.
  13. Justine and I are escaping from the kids for the night and will be close by so we should be along at some point.
  14. Many thanks Bibs, my copy arrived today Your a star!
  15. Hi Bibs, I'm just back from Holiday and went to pay for my copy but it's showing out of stock. cheers Archie
  16. 1. Mark - Yes 2. C8RKH x1 - Yes 3 bingoking & Jackie - 2 x Yes 4. Archie x1 - Yes
  17. BigErch


  18. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackle- Petit Paris & Craig's 3&4 Allan & Debbie - Petit Paris & Craig's 5&6 Gregor + 1? - Petit Paris & Craig's 7&8 Victor Meldrew +1(Probably Megan), - Petit Pari & Craig's. 9. SnoBoardr (Jason and Dexter) - Petit Paris & Craig's 10. Craig - Petit Paris & Craig's 11 & 12. J2 LOT /Keith & Ann - Petit Paris & Craig's 13&14 David (Alfa2Evora) & Jennifer - Petit Paris & Craig's 15 & 16 Alan & Gwen - Petit Paris & Craig's 17 & 18 David & Shirley -
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