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  1. Thanks, appreciate the comment on the iridium plugs as I did consider them. New set of standard NGKs in and new cam belts fitted at Lotus and it's running smoother. Just need to sort he hot start problem now, based on the cloud of fuel it just through out I am thinking leaking injectors.
  2. Hi all just changing the spark plugs as part of the full service. I have PUK chip and manual boost controller anyone have a by thoughts on different spark plugs when running more power/boost. Thanks
  3. Hi Andy, thanks I have tried GST, he is booked up for a long time and it's bit further away than hoped as its more than a days work.
  4. Hi Thanks, I'm happy to have a go, I've rebuilt two 910 engines before it was just time and convenience this time. Pnm will supply the tools or could use drills as mentioned. Which frequency gauge did you use, there are a couple of posts that say an iPhone app or laptop can do the measurements.
  5. Thanks that will be well worth it whether I get the parts from PNM or the whole job done at Stratton.
  6. Hi All Just picking up on this thread can anyone recommend a garage or individual in Norfolk for a cambelt change. Have been quoted £1300 by Stratton Motors but was hoping for £1000 or less. The parts inc the idlers and serpentine belt are £650 and £100 for the setting pins if I do it myself. Thanks
  7. Bob, did you ever sort your problem as I have the same and am about to dive in to find out whats going on. Steve
  8. I have removed the motor assembly and it does appear that the wiper mechanism has moved on the splined motor shaft. I think a previous owners has had it out before and maybe not tightened the nut sufficiently, allowing it to slip a little on the plined shaft. Its still in reasonable condition so Im going to refit as it is. It was the usual Lotus involved process to get it out, passenger seat out, headlining loosened, A post cover off, stereo out all to remove glovebox and then get to the wiper motor.
  9. I have just found this thread after fiddling with my wiper several times. It used to park well up from the bump stop on the screen, I moved it one spline and it did indeed bang on the stop, however it now stops in the vertical position right in the line of sight. I assume something in the motor or mechanism is now broken. Has anyone overhauled the motor. I have performed the Lotus position once to inspect it and when my neck recovers, I will remove the passenger seat and get stuck into it again.
  10. I have an orginal S3 Turbo Steering Wheel with Crash Pad and Horn Push thasts spare. Email [email protected] if interested. Steve
  11. Gunter thanks for the advice I spoke to several experts who werent sure and said draw a diagram before you take them off which off course I didnt do because I had the manual. Got some clarity from Lotus technical, there all back on and well see if she fires up in the morning. Steve
  12. Help I have just got a new set of leads, taken all the old ones off and then referred to the nice little diagram in the manual to put them back on. However what it shows on the picture and the description doesnt seem to match the schematic can anyone confirm which cyliders are 1234 etc and which plug leads go to which coil posts. Thanks Steve
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