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  1. Mike I have a question on the Cobra Alarm.

    Last time you taught me how to bypass & to start my Cobra alarm by putting pins at the end of the cobra alarm plug. I was able to start it, my question is -- by leaving the jumper is there a battery drain when the car is off?

    My other question, I had  time to check the Alarm fuses under the dash (yellow plugs) and the fuses are not blown. Why my  car won't start? Do you think I need the reset procedure using my emergency touch key?  Do you think my cobra alarm is dead?

    Thank you CHE

    1. mike_sekinger


      Sorry for being so bad in answering.  There should be no drain because of the bypass.  I think that your immobiliser is dead

  2. Update on my oil pressure light on idle. After all the nasty job removing my oil pressure switch, the time I spent under the engine, the hunt for original oil pressure switch & the cost of the new replacement oil switch, I DID NOT FIX THE darn PROBLEM. I capped (plugged) the original oil pressure hole (stupid hole). I installed a TEE adapter on the spare hole in front of the oil filter housing, I installed an analog oil pressure gauge then the new replacement oil pressure switch (see picture). I started the car, the oil pressure reads 50lbs (engine cold) I drove 3 miles and as soon as it idles (engine hot & 86 degrees here in Florida yesterday), the oil pressure light ON in idle !! WTF! I was so ASHAMED to tell you that the problem was not the oil pressure switch nor the suspect of bad oil pump. The problem was simply my car idle so low and the oil pump pushing only 20 pounds of pressure (light turn on below 20psi). The Esprit is notorious idling low in a very hot environment like Florida. As soon as I turn my AC, the idle even lower. I used to live in cold weather of the state for many years, then I moved this year to Florida. So the solution, I simply raised the idle to 900/1000 rpm and my oil light never turn on. Its now 25 pounds idling (very hot engine). No oil pressure light on. STUPID ME I OVERLOOKED --------->Thank you all !!
  3. The socket on the right that used to remove the oil pressure switch was made by craftsman. The wall is much thinner than some brand socket. I was able to removed it without doing extra procedure. It was very tight, i can barely twist the socket but it will work. The socket on the left is also 26mm but 20% thinner than the craftsman. I brought to the machine shop to turn. For sure, this socket + the oil switch will have no problem fitting on the same fooking location (sorry for my latin, i was so pissed). But the problem, I can't find the stock oil switch. I called every Lotus vendors, none of them have it. SJS solution was to buy their after market oil switch, cap the original hole location and install the new switch to the other spare oil pressure hole in the side of the oil filter housing. You can even buy an adaptor tee if you decide to install an analog oil gauge. The cap that I used to plug the original came from the spare hole.
  5. Update: I was able to remove it by using a thin wall 26mm socket. Better yet, I bought a cheap 12 points 26mm and brought it to a machine shop to turn and to make it more thinner wall (just for this job). Now, the hardest part is finding the stock oil pressure sensor. Any after market oil sensor will give me a hard time to install it. Can you recommend a part store in UK and I will try my luck.
  6. oK i WILL Try it again.... Thank you
  7. Another Lotus engineering sweet spot. I was trying to replace my V8 oil switch but no luck. I have a lift, I removed the oil filter to access the oil switch using 26mm socket. Somehow socket is the only way to snake out the switch. Unfortunately, even the socket side is too thick and will not sit flat because the oil filter housing on the way. I was not able to do the job. I was thinking of grinding my 26mm socket so to make the wall thinner. I was also thinking removing the 4 bolts of the oil filter housing but the 4 bolts are so nasty to remove too. No room for the 2nd & 4th bolt, Its under the engine mount. I assumed I can also take the AC compressor to access the oil switch but that's a big job. ANYONE HERE HAVE DONE THIS JOB AND I'M LOOKING FOR TIPS. THANK YOU
  8. I did not find the stock lotus Esprit oil switch. I found a 20 pound switch (20 low & 67 high) that i think will work, but the thread is not m10 x 1.0. I bought a small female to male adaptor with m10 x 1.0 thread. I also bought an analog oil gauge + the oil switch but the darn vendor was late on sending the item. I left for DUBAI & MANILA. I will be back on the 30th and plan on installing both parts. So, no I was not able to install & test. I think I will buy the bosch you mentioned too. The one I bought and the bosch both dirt cheap, might as well have two to test. I will let you know when I get back from my trip.
  9. "The minimum oil pressure at idle is specified as 1.4 bar so the switch needs to operate a little below that pressure." I think this might work 1.2 bar at low oil pressure. The thread also the same M10 x1.00
  10. Thank you Mark I will contact VDO
  11. I called one of the lotus part dealer and told me that the stock lotus oil pressure switch is obsolete and discontinued. The replacement is the VDO switch. Anyone here knows which VDO oil pressure switch in the 4 links below ? 1. 2. 3. 4. My guess is #4 ?
  12. Oh by the way, do you happen to have a picture of the lotus oil pressure switch? I LIKE TO SEE the part # that was stamped in the unit, also the brand name. I have a friend that works in the auto parts and he said he will try to cross reference. Thank u
  13. Ok Thanks Mike, At least I know how the PRV works now. Yes I will surely do two things. Change the oil pressure switch and put a gauge. It's just to hot here in South Florida to even work inside my garage. I can't wait a cooler days or winter to come [2 mos to go}.
  14. Thank You EspritV8black, I had a chance to change the oil and filter yesterday. I used 15/50 mobil 1 and M1-204 mobil 1oil filter and the result was the same. The oil light was flickering and on during idle only. The next move is to change the oil sensor switch and hoping it will solve my problem. I saw where I can connect an oil gauge. The hole is 10mm with 1.00 pitch. I also saw the oil sensor switch (could be a bitch to replace it). On the top of the oil switch, I also saw the oil pressure relief valve. May I ask what the oil pressure relief valve does or function? Will pressure relief valve can cause low oil pressure if the spring is bad? Also, I researched for cross reference for the oil pressure switch and I didn't find any. I guess I have no choice except buy the Lotus.
  15. Well, never had this problem before when I live in snowy cold New England USA. This year I moved to the Blistering heat sunshine state Florida. I have this low engine oil light during idle only. The idle rpm is ok (a little over 1000 rpm) I still have the original oil when I shipped the car to Florida. I don't remember the oil weight that was currently in the engine. My guess its 10/30 mobil 1. I ran out of idea except I plan to replace the oil using 15/50 Mobil and hoping to cure this issue. My guess was, the oil is too thin or too hot and the sensor turning the oil light on. My engine oil showing ok in the dipstick. I hope I don't have a worn oil pump. I have a few questions: Is the V8 has low oil valve? If there is, where is it located and what is the function? What does oil tranducer's function? Where is the oil sensor located? I want to put a Tee and put an oil gauge and check if im getting 1.4 bar during idle. I can't tell until I put an oil gauge. Thank you and appreciate any help
  16. I forgot about the security .... sorry my bad!
  17. A while back, I couldn't start my car even using the immobilizer emergency Key. I thought it could be my fob battery. I replaced and still no work! Mike Sikenger showed me how to start it bypassing the key fob and the emergency FOB. As per his instruction, I connected the wires and boom the car started. Lately I had time to check the 2 alam fuses under the dash. They are not blown. So any idea why I can't start the car? How can I check if the cobra alarm totally quit? I want to activate the alarm even though I hate the cobra system. Drains the battery a lot.
  18. A big palm debris landed on top of the Esprit and survived...not a scratch.
  19. The wrapping works. So much debris and lots of hush palms hit the Esprit but not a scratch. This thing works. Even the professor of the University of Florida who teaches marketing told me I should make this as a business hahahaha! But he was serious upon seeing how the wrapping withstand in 90mph wind. Our street are littered with debris. I will do this again in a heartbeat.
  20. Amazing Tampa bay, water sucked by IRMA and pushed it to the ocean. The Hurricane is not even schedule to hit them 3 to 4 hrs from now. Then tomorrow the water will come back hoping not to create a tsunami. Remind me of the TV Series "draining the ocean " Mother nature !
  21. Press and weatherman exaggerated the storm so much. We all know it's dangerous already but some exaggerated the situation beyond category 5. I heard one stupid press said the other day, big storm is good for economy. My backyard is a big body of water (A bay) . My neighbor who stayed texted me. The storm is currently passing, the water level is normal and the wind is 53 mph. If stayed this way, by 12pm the storm will weaken in my area.
  22. I live in the bay just below Key Largo FLORIDA. We have mandatory evacuation because of flooding. I left my Atom 10 ft high in my garage lift. My beloved DATSUN Z just below the lift with Jack stand. However, the two Esprit has no place to store. I have to go to my niece house in Ft. LAUDERDALE Florida just to be safe against flood but debris will not save my Esprit. Check it out --- Before and After Then I wrapped it with shipping sarin wrap and hoping for the best The storm supposed to land starting tonight
  23. Thanks Mike.....I appreciate the help. My car is 38 miles away from my house. I will check on that fuse.
  24. I can't start the car after driving for a few miles. The FOB dont work, i used the emergency magnet FOB and still didn't work. I removed the car battery to reset everything, still the FOB didnt work. I don't hear anything when pressing the fob or touching the emergency fob. Did I blew a fuse? Relay? Is the cobra alarm lost the programming? Any idea ?
  25. Thanks Barry ---"6 injector outputs" I did not realized about that. Thanks Swindon --- I will give them a call. For the meantime....I will look for the Exige/Elise S1 and 340R ecu option
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