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  1. I will be interested to see your feedback. I also like to heel and toe but really struggle on my 84 turbo. I think the important thing is to set the brake pedal quite high and the throttle pedal as lot as possible whilst still being able to get full travel. cheers Christian
  2. I used Mike at Lotusbits for my 84 turbo rebuild last year. I would recommend any of the well known companies but make it somewhere you can get to. Lotusbits was on my way to work and I ended up popping in there a lot to discuss options / issues. good luck C43
  3. Name: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986) Click to view: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986)
  4. Hi Mike yes that is O/S driver side and yes it has too much toe in at the rear on one side. I have an 84 turbo with both rear wheels toe in too much, by about 1mm each side measured at the rim. I think this means I have to add about 2 - 3mm of shim. I have bought the shim and was looking last night at the logistics of fitting the shim. Its a bit of a PITA but I must admit I am tempted to leave it as is. The car drives really sweetly and from many years of racing experience the upside of too much toe in at the rear is increased rear end stability. The downside it gives more mid corner understeer. However, since I don't struggle with mid corner understeer I am tempted to leave as is. I know its different from the book but we have a massive difference on our cars from how they left the factory in that we are running different rubber. You might be tempted to change yours to equal them up though. BTW if you are doing this would be a good time to renew the rubber bush at the front of the trailing arm if not done recently. cheers C43
  5. I seem to remember SJ changed the length of the purple bushes as the first ones I got were far too long. The second ones I got were fine and I have used them for 2000 miles. cheers C43
  6. I was just about to post the same question. My tube has definitely come off and I had the glovebox out and still could not see were the tube pushes on inside the bodywork, it seems impossible to get to, anyone got any ideas, Ant Man perhaps?
  7. I have the T-Piece, just can't find the hose it plugs onto. However I have been looking on the top of the tunnel whereas from what you say I think it comes out high up above were the radio would live. I'll have a look tomorrow, thanks for the help. cheers Christian
  8. thanks mate, I am guessing it comes out near the heater then?
  9. Hi Andy my vacuum was taken apart but another party and I am trying to put it all back together as no heater in this weather is no much fun. I can't find where the pipe from the reservoir on top of the RH tank comes out inside the cockpit. i am guessing it runs along the top of the backbone inside the chassis with the throttle cable, speedo drive, oil pressure line and turbo pressure line, does that make sense? However I can't find the end of it, any clues? ta Christian
  10. yes thats what I have. If you PM me your address I'll bung it in the post. cheers C43
  11. I think I have a spare. On the S3 it is different between passenger and drivers side. Ill take a photo and post it here.
  12. which demister vent do you need, drivers side or passenger side on an S3?
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