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  1. for setting front and rear toe two equal length pieces of wood or metal at either end of the car with fishing wire tied between them is cheapest way and used in a lot of motorsport so is definitely accurate enough. Rest the beams on axle stands and set the string so that the distances to wheel centers are the same at the front side to side and rear side to side then measure the toe as normal. I did this on my chassis before the body was fitted. Not ideal as without the weight of the body the ride heights are wrong but gives you an idea of twist and at least you can get the steering straight at the same time. BTW in the photos of the turbo esprit above the bolt is definitely not sticking through the nyloc lock nut enough on the top picture and is pretty marginal on the other. Rather than fitting a longer bolt just remove 2 of the 3 washers nearest the nylock as they are doing nothing (IMO). cheers C43
  2. Hi I am going to replace the drive shaft boots on my S3 turbo. One is split and it seems sensible to do all 4 whilst the engine and gearbox are out. The manual gives pretty detailed instructions but any tips I should know about? thanks Christian
  3. if you have any of the oil that was in the engine when the pipe came off to hand I agree with sending it for analysis, its the only way to tell as far as I can see. good luck C43
  4. thanks for the photos, I am just doing the same part on mine before the engine goes back in. BTW it might be easier if you screw the top heat shield on with the bolts going from outside to inside and captive nuts mounted on the heat shield. That way it would be easier to remove the top heat shield with the engine in situ. You will need to do this for fine rear toe adjustments (so you can get to the bolt through the rubber mount / rear trailing arm). Just a thought. cheers C43
  5. Hi does anyone know the paint code for the gold centers on BBS rims fitted to a 1984 turbo? Also has anyone used a wheel repair shop in the Oxford area to do the work? thanks Christian
  6. I have had the window lifters out multiple times now and it helps when fitting to start with the motor to the rear of the car, the arm pointing forwards. Thread the roller onto the bottom of the glass then rotate the motor assembly to the correct way around, i.e. motor forwards and bolt in place. I did this last night and it was much easier than the battles I have had in the past. cheers C43
  7. Hi does anyone have a spare mirror (or just the plastic mirror base that sits against the bodywork for the lhs of a 1983 S3 Esprit), that they are willing to sell. I am struggling to get one for my rebuilt turbo. ta Christian
  8. yes thats what I went with. I am still not sure I put the weatherseal on the correct way around. I started to glue it in place then pulled it back off and put it the other way around so it lines up better with the rim inside the bonnet. thanks for the help
  9. Ah ha perfect. Any idea why SJ have put a return on the long side of the rectangle of gauze? BTW tip to anyone rebuilding an Esprit, buy all the possible sizes of aluminium rivets (3.2mm and 4mm dia) and 3mm backing washers, you will need them all!
  10. thanks, my manual says screws so they obviously could not make up their minds! Does anyone have a picture of this area on a S3 turbo? ta Christian
  11. Hi can anyone tell me how the grill is held in place on the holes at the rear of the bonnet that feed the heater / air vents. Mine got removed when I sent the car to paint and the grill I got from SJ is just a flat rectangle with a fold along one of its longest side, am I meant to bend this up and screw it to the bonnet withe self tappers? ta Christian
  12. Hi Steve brilliant, that's really helpful. RP - Rapid prototype. from your photo I can get a CAD model created then get some speaker grills printed. However if I could buy or borrow your single speaker it would make the creation of a CAD file much easier than trying to scale it off a picture, send me a message if your interested. BTW once I have a CAD file (stp file) happy to send it to anyone who wants to get more printed. cheers Christian
  13. Favour to ask, could anyone take me a picture of the front speaker grills from looking directly overhead (plan view)? I am going to get some made out of RP but I need to model them up first. thanks Christian
  14. nice spot! Think I will pop along to the British Motor Museum with my spanners. Seriously this is a right pain, be really interested if anyone has a solution. C43
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