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  1. BTW someone should say it, nice looking S2. Gold wheel on a white car look very cool.
  2. IMO down the drive and back should be fine.
  3. mine sat high after rebuild. However we left all suspension through bolts slightly loose, drove the car for 1/4 mile to let everything settle then tightened up all bolts with two people in car and half tank of fuel, its 170mm now as book says.
  4. I agree with Andy above. On my brothers one they actually came loose whilst running (you can feel it start to move back and forwards under braking). On my S3 with trunions I use purple poly with nyloc nut just nipped up against the bust and thread lock and they have been good for 1500 miles.
  5. this sounds the same as mine. I have just got the car back on the road after a 3 year rebuild and have done 500 miles in it. I also have an Evora and this is my 10th lotus so I know a little about the marque. I have to say the steering on my Esprit is as good as any Lotus I have owned so I really don't think there is much wrong with it. The geometry is spot on which helps. I don't seem to have excessive harshness from the poly bushes at the rear. As far as the life of the bushes I am not sure any of us do enough mileage in our Esprit after a rebuild for this to be an issue. I did stick with original damper rates which for me is important (but again its up to the individual). I did rose joint a 7 many years ago which at the front made a big difference to steering feel but did give an increase in NVH. I think we all build them differently, that's part of the fun! C43
  6. It would be interesting to find some data to back this up one way or another, all the comments seem very opinion rather than data driven, which is not how good engineering should be done. I have a friend at Brooks University so I will ask if any undergraduate has done a project on the subject. The added problem is not all OEM bushes or Poly bushes are created equal!
  7. a piece of advice would be not to tell your friends or family about this otherwise expect some serious taking the pi**. and whatever you do don't put it on the internet....
  8. I don't think all is lost. I managed to fit a shim between the nut plate and the body with the fuel tank in place on my 84 turbo. If you look under the fuel tank there is a large 15cm hole in the bodywork under the tank where the fuel breather exits. You may be able to feel in here and get to the nut plate with your hands of a magnet on a stick. Failing that you can remove the engine bay trim that covers the fuel tank and get a magnet on a stick down this way. You should then be able to reach down the gap between the tank and and body to hold the nut plate in place whilst you screw into it. You need to keep an eye out for any shims that go between the nut plate, the metal insert and the body, if you dont refit these when you tighten the door catch you will crack the body. good luck but I think you can do it just without removing the tank. C43
  9. thanks, I seem to remember on my S4 it clipped onto the chassis rails but that was a long time ago so my memory could be paying tricks!
  10. Hi I am just fitting a new engine undertray to my S3 turbo as it did not come with one. Does it just hook under the lip at the front and bolt down both sides with M6 bolts onto the body or are there some fixings / clips / bolts onto the chassis itself? thanks C43
  11. I have to admit I would go for the correct part. The reason it is on the slightly expensive side is probably to do with the numbers made. You would be amazed at how prices goes up as quantities go down. BTW good luck fitting it, it its the same as my turbo its a complete PITA!
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me where the heater control vacuum pipework part #14 in the below picture is actually located in the car? I have the part but don't know where to fit it. ta Christian
  13. +1 for Plusgas. BTW whilst you can't get a flame on the nut a really good heat gun and some heat proof cloth to protect the body works well.
  14. Penetrating oil every day for a week would be my first choice.
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