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  1. Hi Ciaran. I see you have been in touch with me about the S4 as well. You should put a wanted ad up on the forum and see if you get any replies. I'm sure there are quite a few projects tucked away somewhere. The owners just need persuading to let them go. Best of luck.
  2. PM me and make me an offer! Although shipping to Australia may be costly.
  3. Hi Sooley Is this the type of cover you are looking for?
  4. Thanks for the info guys. It seems like they are looking for temporary accommodation to house people who are in-between or waiting for longer term accommodation to become available. Here's the original contact. I am writing to inform you about a project that is running, together with the Welsh Government and Housing Justice Cymru. The aim of the project is to arrange temporary accommodation for families coming from Ukraine to the UK. You can find out more about and the project they are running online. You can also register on, it’s free and you won’t be charged with any fees for using it. You can also find more information about the project at: https ://housingjustice. org. uk/cymru/airbnb-org (Please, remove the spaces) The families are referred to the scheme by the local authority of the area they are staying in, and Housing Justice finds a property that best matches the household’s needs. We don't have any specific dates at this moment, just making a list of people who are willing to help. Up to 30 days is the absolute maximum length of stay on this scheme, so sometimes it may be a couple of days, sometimes a week or two. The booking will be paid by us. We would be interested in using your property/properties in the future. If this is something you are interested in, could we send you our list of health and safety criteria? We look forward to hearing from you. It all seems legitimate. Here's the health and safety spec. Could you please confirm that your property meets the following health and safety criteria: Have an up-to-date electrical safety certificate Have an up-to-date gas safety certificate Have access to drinking water Have adequate kitchen and bathroom space Are kept clean and in a reasonable state of repair Have safe and working electrics (a qualified electrician can advise if you are unsure) Have a working smoke detector on each floor of the property Have a working carbon monoxide detector Have fire safety doors or escape routes as appropriate Are free of damp or mould Have secure locks Have sufficient heating Have adequate ventilation systems For the properties that we will book for Ukrainian families we will need to have gas and electricity safety certificates as it is the requirement from Welsh Government. Please email us the up-to-date safety certificates at: Ukraine . Airbnb @ housingjustice . org . uk (remove the spaces in this email address when sending the email) at your earliest convenience. Please let us know if you do not currently have those. Once we have your confirmation and the certificates, you will be added to our bank of approved hosts and we will get in touch when your property/properties have been identified as suitable for a Ukrainian household. If your property is available at the time, we will book it. I needed to upgrade my electrics to get up to current spec for a new cert. but that is now done. It will be interesting to see what happens! I can't imagine how traumatised some of these people may be.
  5. Having just completed renovating and running a very successful Airbnb now for at least month! Ive been approached through Airbnb asking If I would be interested in housing Ukrainian refugees and I am unsure what to do. Although I would like to help and do my bit, some friends have said "don't I've heard of horror stories" of which seem unclear. Does anyone have any experience with this? Px
  6. TBH The gentleman who wants to purchase the car is in the USA and wants to ship it over to Florida.We have been corresponding regularly and dealing with the logistics of shipping a non running vehicle + engine parts and dealing with the associated paperwork and processes. He has a friend in the UK traveling down this weekend to take a look and give him a third party opinion of the state of the project as it stands. He is very keen and a very capable mechanic and collector of UK sports cars. It was only the fact he asked if i had a HPI check on the vehicle that I realised it was not in the advert. The car has been sat in a neighbours garage for the last four years and looks like spiderman has been having parties in it. I've spent the last couple of days pumping up the tyres pulling the wheels off, freeing up the brakes and attacking it with a vacuum cleaner so that the customs in the USA will allow it in. There may be a salvage import issue as well that requires paperwork, hence the inquiry about HPI. He seems like a great guy and has been very patient with the whole thing. l'll even sell it with its TLF garage pyjamas.
  7. Erm.... I fu**ed up! I must apologise for not listing this as a cat c. I've Known of this since purchasing the vehicle. As the damage is obvious and stated in the listing I unknowingly didn't put it in the ad. To tell you the truth the whole ad is a bit poor. (must try harder) I have now amended the advert and apologised after just having this pointed out to me by a potential buyer. I shall however retrieve my TWAT hat from the wardrobe and wear it around the house. Andrew.
  8. Happy Birthday mate!
  9. I recently bought one of these. Only used it a few times but so far seems to do the job. I paid about £350 for it from eBay. You will need a strong drill to lift and lower. I have a Titan SDS hammer drill from screw fix that I use. Also beware if you have a narrow garage as this one slides in from the side, so you need a bit of space. I also put strips of soft rubber on the lifting plates for extra protection and so far there is no cracking or creaking from the fibreglass when lifting. Once you get the pivot position correct its a handy feature. I was able to sit crossed legged on the floor to replace a fan motor recently. They are easy to store as well. You can just hang it flat on the wall. Heres some eBay and youtube links.
  10. I do use it everyday as a skirt, but its not what you think!
  11. punky


    Managed to be lucky enough to photograph these today. Being retired I believe!
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