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  1. Happy Birthday mate!
  2. I recently bought one of these. Only used it a few times but so far seems to do the job. I paid about £350 for it from eBay. You will need a strong drill to lift and lower. I have a Titan SDS hammer drill from screw fix that I use. Also beware if you have a narrow garage as this one slides in from the side, so you need a bit of space. I also put strips of soft rubber on the lifting plates for extra protection and so far there is no cracking or creaking from the fibreglass when lifting. Once you get the pivot position correct its a handy feature. I was able to sit crossed legged on the floor to replace a fan motor recently. They are easy to store as well. You can just hang it flat on the wall. Heres some eBay and youtube links.
  3. I do use it everyday as a skirt, but its not what you think!
  4. punky


    Managed to be lucky enough to photograph these today. Being retired I believe!
  5. Didn't know it was on and haven't been before but I could probably make it? Beer sounds good! 🙂
  6. I agree with Ramjet. It is bloody hot over here. Its making my skin go brown.😎
  7. Thanks mate! Although I think this car may be gagging for an engine conversion!
  8. I haven't, but judging by the amount of emails i received from eBay this morning I think they know. It seems it was another hacked account which they say they have now restored. I have been in touch with John,and told him the situation.
  9. Yes me too! It seems that I did smell a rat. Although not until after the sale. whereupon! 1.He seemed far too keen to get the deal done and get the money. 2. bad spelin and, not grammer good? 3.Was not interested in a phone call to discuss collection and payment. 4.Was being quite pushy in explaining how trustworthy he was. An honest family man with his honest job and his wife and two daughters so can you send the money now! Also having a good forum community to help confirm your suspicions is worth its weight in subscriptions! I haven't parted with any money though so no harm done. I'm just disappointed as this package would of been perfect for repairing the fire damaged S4.
  10. I'm in the same situation as regards Shocks. I know the Protec's have been getting a bit of a bad rep for being too soft but is that not due to the springs rather than the shocks? I have them on the rear with S4 springs and that seems ok. On the front however the springs that were supplied with the shocks were far too soft and definitely need changing. I have been in touch with Protech and they said if the units are serviceable they will referb them for £30 per shock. Are the S300 springs still available?
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