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  1. Speak to Mike Taylor as he normally has some of these for sale. I think he wanted about 30 quid when I enquired about a year ago. You may be able to trade yours for a discount. Dermot
  2. Have you checked out the solenoid on the starter motor (as it provides the supply from the battery). it gives you the 12V supply to the coil on turnover that is needed due to the drop in V as the engine is turned. IIRC the normal supply with engine running is 9V but on turnover this drops to 7V ish but the solenoid bypasses this on turnover to supply a hi-er V. When I had this problem the engine sometime caught momentarily as I released the ignition from III to II. Spent ages trying to sort the problem, to prove the point I ran a line direct from the battery cable attachment on the solen
  3. Me too Apparently we were quite the hogs on new posts on this forum. Dermot
  4. Mat, the tubes seem ok, but that wouldn't explain why, with the centre fascia flap open, I get very little air flow. On some further investigation I think the flap that determines re-circ/ fresh air isn't working. I have some skinned knuckles but I think this flap is stationary, closing the fresh air inlets. It's difficult to be sure as it's a very tight squeeze to get your fingers in the 2 apertures (and I have no young kids to abuse with this job), but I still don't understand why this would make re-circ air so weak. I have removed a side fascia vent hose from the heater unit and have
  5. Thanks Danny, that sounds reasonable. I have gotten enough trim out to see the control panel and I can see the wire moving the lever as it should and I can see the valves been opened and closed, and certainly the fascia vents in the centre panel are being supplied as I can see the panel move up and down as it should so there would not appear to be a vacuum problem there at least. What I can't tell is if the re-circ/fresh air flap is moving and whether the mechanical screen/footwell flap is moving. Either way with fan on 2, blowing hard and the centre console flap open I can barely feel a
  6. Hi I have started work on my Excel now that my dear old Elite has been sold. The first problem I am tackling is the heating system (non air-con 84 model): 1. The fan switch does nothing in either of the speed 1 slots but does in speed 2. 2. I think the heat control is working but difficult to tell as so little air comes out any vent. I have taken off the centre panel wood veneer thing and both rotary dials move the cable. I have removed some other bits of trim to see the contral plate on the RHS of the heater unit but altho' I can see the water pipes and the switch thingy I still can'
  7. The car has now been picked up by its new owner (previously an Excel owner) and he was delighted with the condition of the car. I was as honest as I could be with him when he phoned to ask questions which I thinks helps with peoples expectations. As I said it is mechanically pretty sound and had some minor niggles which would not effect day to day running. All these I had on my to do list for the summer when my house is complete. they were not difficult jobs. I really hope he enjoys the car as I will miss her. As he was a hands on owner I threw in the Workshop Manual as I would like t
  8. None taken:) PS I've been to ABQ many times and never seen a Lotus there. You must keep it well hidden. Dermot
  9. When I did my cabin carpets I got them from Coverdales, I think the also do boot carpets as well. Dermot
  10. I don't think you need to have paint on your car to pass an MOT :) Dermot
  11. Why was the Tutonic Knight who championed the unmolested roof banned (i.e. Mica)?? Dermot
  12. As I recall there was a battery cover made of some of the thinnest wood/cardboard know to British unions in the 1970's! Most of these have now rotted away so you need to fabricate something yourself. Dermot
  13. A bit harsh to us owners. I'm not even 40 yet. Dermot
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