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  1. My Esprit S3 is up for sale, 4.2 V8 Audi Conversion.
  2. Spoken to my other half so no plans are made for Raby Event, would be nice to get a number of Esprits there! Ok Dinner isn't too far away either, any details as to what's on there on the 1st ?
  3. Is anyone interested in Going to the Markwood Classic Event - Raby Classic Car & Bike Event Taking Place on 22 August 2010Raby Castle, Staindrop, Darlington, Co Durham, DL2 3AH
  4. Danny, Nice Job, looks great with the rear end and going to make working in the Engine bay much easier.
  5. I pump the pedal with the engine off and it hardens up, start the engine with keeping the preesure still on. Pedal travels down stops then there's a "clunk" and the pedal kicks back from under my foot and pushes my foot up a little !! Is this the servo ?
  6. Ok, I drive along at 30mph Press the Brake Pedel to stop and the car slows down as you'd expect, Pedel travels down slightly the the Brake Pedel goes Dead Hard with no further movement and the Brakes have no further effect no matter how much pressure i apply. (Pedel hasn't bottomed out as during bleeding the lines it goes down to the floor) It's almost like the master cylinder is bottoming out !! Master Cylinder is brand new so is pads, fluid, performance brake flexi lines, calipers. System has been bleed about five times. I pump the Pedel with the engine off and the Pedel goes hard and total travel is about 10mm . any ideas what to do?
  7. I need to replace the door rubber that runs along the the top of the doors and meets the bottom of the window, removed the door cards today and found the rubber is riveted to the metal strip along the door edge. Looking behind the glass runner the metal strip is fastened to the top of the door via 3 small studs and nuts. My question is do i need to remove the door glass whole assembley and metal surround as access to these 3 studs is impossible ? Is the rubber still available too ?
  8. My Electric Aerial is Broken, can anyone advise how to take the drivers door off. Is it just a matter of unbolting the hinge brackets to Body?
  9. Not sure of other breakers but if second hand parts are an option, post a list of parts you need as there may be people on here that have a few parts spare.
  10. Thanks again, know what you mean ! I'm Trying to get the chrome roof edging done between poor weather, time with my Daughter and jobs at home too.
  11. ...has anyone got the Boot Carpet Templates or old carpets for a N/A S3 please ????
  12. Any pics to what this is supposed to look like??
  13. I've four clips along the top of my inner boot, is there a panel missing???
  14. If anyone help me out with a loan of some carpets, please PM me. Thanks
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