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    esprit turbo 1988(modified)
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    Adjustable suspension with S300 springs, PNM Eng 4pot callipers all round, 330mm custom front discs, SE front bumper and S300 spoiler lip, V8 custom wheel arch extensions, Carbon Fibre sunroof, OZ saturn alloys, LED Headlights, S4 leather seats, double din stereo and sat-nav, Carbon Fibre dash and centre console, Climate control system, Electrically heated windscreen, boost controller, Converted to fuel injection with OMEX 600 ECU and wasted spark ignition, plenum spacer plate, Hybrid Turbo, Alunox larger charge cooler with electric pump, Larger charge-cooler radiator, Alunox SS exhaust manifold, 3" custom SS exhaust system.
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  1. Having a clear out and decided that I no longer need to hang on to these. Windscreen (green tint) For Stevens or S4 esprit, was only fitted for about 8 weeks as an interim before I installed the heated screen £250 ono. Glass roof is without fittings as they were transferred to the carbon roof currently on the car £600 ono. Shout if they’re any use to anyone.
  2. What steering wheel do you want to fit? Mine is a Momo wheel so I fitted a Nardi to Momo adapter boss. Think it was an eBay purchase that came from China or Japan (it was a few years ago). Or did you mean the lotus badge?
  3. The system is from an alfa. I ripped out the original heater box and shoehorned in the alfa unit. I also used the condensor, receiver dryer and low pressure switch. I opted for a new original spec esprit compressor and had a custom set of pipes made up to plumb it all together. I’ve lost the majority of storage space in the front boot but then I didn’t really use it much. I’m still refining the system, next job is to swap out the old alfa fans for some Spal ones to increase the airflow. The fan install will give me the opportunity to box it all in nicely. The controls are way better to use With green backlighting to match the binnacle, plus I’ve been able to use the heated screen button to turn on my electric front windshield demist.
  4. pic of interior all back together. pics of climate control controls. The rear heated screen button is wired up to bring on the front electric windscreen heaters. The air con compressor is all plumbed in and wired up to alfa system through original esprit wiring including rad fan engagement). More pics of alcantara headlining, cup holders and lotus logo door down lighting to follow.
  5. couple of pics for carbon dip interior parts. can take some in daylight if required. i also had the ally wheel centre cap rings, rear number plate plinth and headlight surrounds done at the same time. Although these parts are exposed to the elements they still look great after a years motoring in some rubbish weather!!
  6. I had mine carbon dipped, great finish and is applied on all of the curves making it look like one piece. Will take a photo and post it up if your interested?
  7. One way to get carbon fibre on is to use it to accentuate different bits. I reckon a carbon fibre sunroof would look nice with your dark green paint. You could then have CF b post trims, headlight surrounds, rear intake louvres, filler caps etc. whether you go pure CF, wrap or carbon dip is then down to you/ cost/shape of part. obviously there will be people who Think that you shouldn’t put any CF products on as it’s not in keeping with the period of the car but if you like it, then why not. my car definitely doesn’t look the same as when it came out of the factory. each to their own and all that.
  8. Only had one bad experience which was 15 years ago in Norfolk of all places. However the Esprit seems really popular in central London. Might be because there are loads of Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, maclaren’s, Maserati’s, and bentleys but very rarely a lotus, especially an Esprit. Its my only car and I probably only use it 6 times a year but every time it makes an appearance I get someone approaching me to say nice car! Loads of pedestrians wave or give thumbs up mouthing nice car. had one guy making such a big deal about it that he almost plowed into a lamppost (took a lot of effort not to laugh). had a taxi driver flag me down to say he once owned an S4, regrets not keeping it and telling me that my car was gorgeous (even had a fare in the back). merc c63 overtook me simply to give a thumbs up and nice car mate before desperately trying to get back over to take the slip road. Immaculate black alfa brera seemed desperate to get through traffic until pulling alongside where driver just wanted to say nice car. came out of a petrol station to find a family around the car. When I walked up they asked if it would be ok to take a photo of them with it. Always get let out or in when I get the lane wrong, not sure if that’s because they like the car or think that I can’t see them out of the rear window lol. even my wife likes the way it looks!! granted I’ve had to spend ages sorting climate control because she was either too hot (sunroofs and windows not allowed as mess hair up) or it was drafty on longer journeys. And of course see won’t actually drive it, but she does like it (or maybe just very good at humouring me)?? Only downside of London loving the car is I have to make sure that it is always looking it’s best before I go anywhere (first world problems).
  9. Congratulations Peter, welcome to the emotional experience that is esprit ownership. If you get used to the performance and want more you can always upgrade bits as mdw says or simply trade it for a turbo. personally I’d be tempted to change the ignition from dizzy to ecu mappable relatively soon but each to their own. On another plus note - all the hours I’ve spent looking at cars that I don’t need, can’t afford or both has finally resulted in something positive
  10. I had same issue, was advised to check the junk/spam folder but they were not there either. Emailed mark at supercarfest last night and had my tickets in my inbox first thing this morning.
  11. Personally I think that’s top money for the model regardless of the limited edition pitch and as Barry says, likely to need a lot of work once on the road. If you like the special edition aspect there’s a nice green S4 on autotrader at a reasonable price. Only other cars I’ve seen for sale at the moment seem to be red which I know isn’t an option. Did see an 88 turbo in white on eBay, had 98k on it but the description said it had a lot of history and work done so might be worth enquiring, plus it’s £8k less than the one above. Southwest lotus have a nice looking clean lined white esprit for sale but it’s not a turbo. Pete at PNM was at one point looking to sell his own white turbo, not sure if that’s still his intention but you could always call him and ask if he knows of any suitable cars for sale? good luck in your search.
  12. Have you tried SMS autospray in Spalding? They advertise in the club lotus mag and present talks on bodywork.
  13. I’ve got larger wheels and tyres fitted to my 88 Stevens. Rear is on 285 and front is on 235. Originally I had pro-tech adj dampers with springs on and it was a nightmare! The rear shocks kept leaking so I got a second hand pair of avo’s Which coped a lot better. However the car felt crashy (if that’s a word) and the tyres would rub the arches if I went over a bump or even an undulating surface. The fix in the end was changing the front shocks to avo and fitting a complete set of springs. That enabled me to set the ride height clearance to 17mm and stopped the rubbing. Totally transformed the ride (Personally I think the springs made the most difference)! Still had to fit an S300 lip spoiler to stop the front end lifting though and therefore be careful how high your car sits. It was not a fun moment as the steering went light and the car didn’t respond . Would love to change the bushes front and rear to the Lotac setup however I hate changing bushes and the kit is quite pricey. Not to mention the list of other bits that are higher priority, like a LSD and Larger Inlet Valves
  14. I suppose the questions are: How far are you prepared to travel? How much do you want to spend?Is it a full or part respray?
  15. I love the clean lines and the interior of a GT3 especially with the sports seats and the transmission tunnel trim but I don’t get why you would want less power (granted, Ive been chasing BHP for the last 17 years and therefore may be in the minority on this). I’m sure you could tune a gt3 up, but in this case it would be cheaper to remove the spoiler off any SE, S4 or S4S or even lighten them a little as well. If I was buying an Esprit today (assuming that I wasn’t so emotionally invested in the one I have lol) I would look for a turbo fuel injected car with air conditioning. The exact style would then be down to your preference or era. Most important thing above all else and anyone’s opinion including mine is... buy what makes you happy!!
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