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    esprit turbo 1988(modified)
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    Adjustable suspension with S300 springs, PNM Eng 4pot callipers all round, CL RC5+ Pads, 330mm custom front discs, Wilwood mechanical handbrake calipers, SE front bumper and S300 spoiler lip, V8 custom wheel arch extensions, Carbon Fibre sunroof, Carbon dipped rear number plate panel, OZ saturn alloys, LED Headlights, clear indicator lenses, LED sidelights, LED spotlights, S4 leather seats, alcantara headlining, double din stereo and sat-nav, Carbon dipped dash and centre console, twin cup holder, Climate control air conditioning system, Electrically heated windscreen, GISMO boost controller, Converted to fuel injection with OMEX 600 ECU and wasted spark ignition, plenum spacer plate, Hybrid Turbo, Alunox larger charge cooler with electric pump, Larger charge-cooler radiator, Alunox SS exhaust manifold, 3" custom SS exhaust system.
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  1. I quite like the little Figaro. my version of the cav was a 405mi16x4 saw one on eBay this morning but way too much work and no where to do it. got loads to do to the Esprit but just can’t find the motivation. Have managed to tick off one of the bucket list cars though so might see if I can muster the enthusiasm to give the ghibli a clean and polish.
  2. How bad is the corrosion and have you had a quote to repair/replace it? If it’s under £1500 to replace and change clutch then get the work done and keep it. As Steve says “better the devil you know”. Plus, If it’s only an advisory then it might not need anything doing to it for another year or longer.
  3. You could look at using the alfa rears on the Esprit. No one to my knowledge has ever done it and so it will be a voyage of discovery with a likely high price tag. Might be worth trying to find out if the alfa rear calipers are the same as the later esprit rears? If so then you could just get the pnm brackets and discs (see option 2 below). standard rear options are: replacement rear calipers from a VW on original size discs. 2. Brembo rears from an S4 onwards with larger discs from PNM -expensive and heavy 3. as option 2 but used as a handbrake only and fit 4pot cali
  4. I’ve done the main outstanding jobs of: bleeding all 4 brake calipers (Thought that a bit of air had got into the system as had slightly more travel in the pedal after fitting the handbrake calipers). Re-calibrated the actuators on my climate control system to give me full temperature control and diagnosed Why the compressor wasn’t engaging (all fixed). made a panel and a some trim to encase my climate control heater box and sealed it all up to stop any drafts and help maintain the internal temperature. reattached the door lock mechanism which had decided to pop out of
  5. 2020 - 2015 maserati ghibli 3L petrol 421bhp A lotus and a Maserati,what have I done!!!!!
  6. The Brembo is definitely good but IMHO it’s not much better than than the hispec fronts. Plus you would have to spend in excess of £500 to get a set of custom bells and rotors for it, and that doesn’t take into consideration the faff of working out the alignment. If you have the standard kit from PNM then you will have 284mm front discs. Personally I would upgrade them to the 310mm which Pete sells (£300). I would then put a set of CL RC5+ pads (£120) in it and be amazed!!! out of interest, what are you running in the rears mate?
  7. couple of questions mate: What size disc are you running on the front at the moment? My 159 had a single piece disc, does yours have a rotor and bell setup? What wheels do you have fitted? cheers
  8. I’m sure you have probably checked this already but are both doors locked and have you changed the remotes battery? I’ve had issues getting in to the drivers side on mine which ended up being the rod popping off the lock. Passenger side was fine though. Just trying to think of an easy out. Failing that I think your best bet would be to try and break in to it using a wire or hook to try and unlock One door from the inside. I suspect that there would be flex in the door frame and room to get something in through the door seals (even if you damage then and ended up having to replace the seals af
  9. Not according to the fella off eBay
  10. Jay two, that was mine, was prepared to let it go cheap for another esprit owner at xmas but ended up getting messed around (typical eBay). Got to the point that I started to think that I’d rather throw all the bits away than deal with the agro. Have actually got a load of spares that I need to clear as moving house. Have offered them all to PNM but my move date is looming and so I might just start listing them on the forum for sale site.
  11. Giniw, valid point mate and I would have traded up to a later model if: I hadn’t done so much work to the car (things that would have to be done on a later model as well). It was economically viable (more manageable splitting up work per modification than having the capital to buy a younger car outright). I wasn’t so emotionally attached to her. Cheers Chris
  12. Hi Jarle, First things first, upgrade the brakes if they haven’t been done already!! Main options are PNM (Hispec) or AP calipers both with larger discs. Looks like you have later wheels on so should have a few possibilities. IMHO conversion to fuel injection transforms the 88 turbo. Personally I would choose an ecu with fully sequential ignition and fit coil packs. I wish I had gone for the omex 710 over the 600 but you live and learn. If you do end up rebuilding the engine then I would take the opportunity to increase the capacity up to 2.5. Alternatively you could go dow
  13. Hey Tony, do you mind me asking what happened to the engine? Just thinking that a rebuild might be better than an exchanging it for a used one. assuming that is, you’re not doing a restoration project and there was no engine to start with. What model esprit of esprit is it, and have you tried the usual specialists?
  14. Plus: connection from cc/rear of plenum to connect to carb balance pipes. flexible carb mounts different plenum backplate to loose the secondary injectors and install intake trumpets. lower pressure fuel pump & different fuel regulator Might also need to look at how you control the ignition, as standard ecu (if fitted) probably won’t like not having control of fuel. Can I ask why you would want to convert from fuel injection to carbs?
  15. Hey scuderia, Yep can be mate. can either make me an offer or I can pm you a price, whichever you prefer. cheers chris
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