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    esprit turbo 1988(modified)
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    Adjustable suspension with S300 springs, PNM Eng 4pot callipers all round, CL RC5+ Pads, 330mm custom front discs, Wilwood mechanical handbrake calipers, SE front bumper and S300 spoiler lip, V8 custom wheel arch extensions, Carbon Fibre sunroof, Carbon dipped rear number plate panel, OZ saturn alloys, LED Headlights, clear indicator lenses, LED sidelights, LED spotlights, S4 leather seats, alcantara headlining, double din stereo and sat-nav, Carbon dipped dash and centre console, twin cup holder, Climate control air conditioning system, Electrically heated windscreen, GISMO boost controller, Converted to fuel injection with OMEX 600 ECU and wasted spark ignition, plenum spacer plate, Hybrid Turbo, Alunox larger charge cooler with electric pump, Larger charge-cooler radiator, Alunox SS exhaust manifold, 3" custom SS exhaust system.
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