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  1. Congratulations Peter, welcome to the emotional experience that is esprit ownership. If you get used to the performance and want more you can always upgrade bits as mdw says or simply trade it for a turbo. personally I’d be tempted to change the ignition from dizzy to ecu mappable relatively soon but each to their own. On another plus note - all the hours I’ve spent looking at cars that I don’t need, can’t afford or both has finally resulted in something positive
  2. I had same issue, was advised to check the junk/spam folder but they were not there either. Emailed mark at supercarfest last night and had my tickets in my inbox first thing this morning.
  3. Personally I think that’s top money for the model regardless of the limited edition pitch and as Barry says, likely to need a lot of work once on the road. If you like the special edition aspect there’s a nice green S4 on autotrader at a reasonable price. Only other cars I’ve seen for sale at the moment seem to be red which I know isn’t an option. Did see an 88 turbo in white on eBay, had 98k on it but the description said it had a lot of history and work done so might be worth enquiring, plus it’s £8k less than the one above. Southwest lotus have a nice looking clean lined white esprit for sale but it’s not a turbo. Pete at PNM was at one point looking to sell his own white turbo, not sure if that’s still his intention but you could always call him and ask if he knows of any suitable cars for sale? good luck in your search.
  4. Have you tried SMS autospray in Spalding? They advertise in the club lotus mag and present talks on bodywork.
  5. I’ve got larger wheels and tyres fitted to my 88 Stevens. Rear is on 285 and front is on 235. Originally I had pro-tech adj dampers with springs on and it was a nightmare! The rear shocks kept leaking so I got a second hand pair of avo’s Which coped a lot better. However the car felt crashy (if that’s a word) and the tyres would rub the arches if I went over a bump or even an undulating surface. The fix in the end was changing the front shocks to avo and fitting a complete set of springs. That enabled me to set the ride height clearance to 17mm and stopped the rubbing. Totally transformed the ride (Personally I think the springs made the most difference)! Still had to fit an S300 lip spoiler to stop the front end lifting though and therefore be careful how high your car sits. It was not a fun moment as the steering went light and the car didn’t respond . Would love to change the bushes front and rear to the Lotac setup however I hate changing bushes and the kit is quite pricey. Not to mention the list of other bits that are higher priority, like a LSD and Larger Inlet Valves
  6. I suppose the questions are: How far are you prepared to travel? How much do you want to spend?Is it a full or part respray?
  7. I love the clean lines and the interior of a GT3 especially with the sports seats and the transmission tunnel trim but I don’t get why you would want less power (granted, Ive been chasing BHP for the last 17 years and therefore may be in the minority on this). I’m sure you could tune a gt3 up, but in this case it would be cheaper to remove the spoiler off any SE, S4 or S4S or even lighten them a little as well. If I was buying an Esprit today (assuming that I wasn’t so emotionally invested in the one I have lol) I would look for a turbo fuel injected car with air conditioning. The exact style would then be down to your preference or era. Most important thing above all else and anyone’s opinion including mine is... buy what makes you happy!!
  8. I fitted a set of the hispec/PNM 4 pots under 16” rears and 15” fronts. Granted the handbrake is rubbish but Hispec have an electronic handbrake you could fit or the Brembo’s as well or Possibly a wilwood mechanical handbrake caliper such as mp4. i ran 300mm discs with the 16” se wheels and originally the 286mm disc under the 15” fronts. If you upgrade the wheels to larger ones in the future you can keep the 4 pots and just change the disc size. I’m currently running a 330mm front disc but intend to stay at 300mm on rear.
  9. Hey peter, I’ve usually found the spoilers were added in 89 along with the different (Citroen) wing mirrors. Other option is a gt3 which is a younger model but didn’t have the wrap around style spoiler. Are you looking for a turbo or n/a and would you prefer carbs or fuel injection?
  10. cheers for posting a pic phil, thats exactly the same form I got sent today.
  11. Just in case Bibs couldn't work any magic (not that I doubt the glorious leaders ability!), I decided to purchase 2 general £12.50 tickets under the forum link on the premise that I'd already told my dad that we would go as a belated fathers day gift. Put in my details including the esprit, and had an email from Mark Webb @ Supercarfest saying: "Thank you for registering your car in the Lotus Forums display area. This is a privileged parking zone next to the main hill climb track and next to the retail area, VIP area, Food Courts and Supercar Show. Venue map attached. Please follow the road signs to “Car Clubs” where you will be greeted and directed to your reserved Club area." Therefore am I right in assuming that all is good and Bibs can stand down? If so, then grateful if you could add me to the list please Bibs. Cheers Chris
  12. If there’s nothing bibs can do then I’d definitely buy it from you bazza, will obviously give Karl’s first refusal.
  13. Just tried buying tickets but got the sold out icon as well. Was hoping to be on the club stand as I was banking on it being in a central location so that I could bring my father who at 83 isn't as mobile as he once was. Grateful of any news especially before I start polishing the car up lol
  14. fair enough!! I move around a lot and got tired of trying to find people capable of tuning them properly. Plus I started down an increased performance route which the carbs couldn’t keep up with without ruining the daily driving characteristics.
  15. Should be relatively easy but why convert to carbs? Would it not be better to upgrade from CIS to a more modern fuel injection system?
  16. I had this some years back and ended up removing the dizzy and replacing the pick off and cables. Ive also heard that people have had problems with the cable that goes from the ignition amp to he pick off. Apparently the wires degrade within the environment of the engine bay. When was the last time that the electronic pick off wires/cables were changed on yours? Although this cured my issue for several years I ended up having a spate of ignition issues with my turbo and eventually just converted it to a crank sensor wasted spark system. I’ve also heard that ignition amps have had intermittent issues but they are very pricey to change. Due to the fault being intermittent I think you will have to change components and see if it happens again. Personally I’d change as much as I could afford from the pick off back through the amp to the coil. Not great engineering practise but less chance of further breakdowns. SJ Sportscars list the following parts: amp £175, lead from amp to dizzy £28, pick off with cable £56, no idea if they are in stock though. good luck
  17. As buddsy says, unless you are emotionally attached to it (like I stupidly am with mine) then better off selling the n/a and getting a turbo. If you do, then I’d suggest an SE or S4 rather than a carb turbo depending on what your budget will stretch to. Over the last 17 years of owning my carb turbo the only reliability issues that were specifically turbo related, as opposed to espritisms, were down to the carbs, dizzy or exhaust manifold. I’ve converted mine to fuel injection, electronic wasted spark ignition and fitted an alunox manifold and the car now runs beautifully however it depends on your view on modifying. If you want more performance have you considered what gains you could get by converting to fuel injection and wasted spark ignition? I’m fairly certain that you could get the same sort of power on today’s technology that the carb turbo had as standard and within your 5k budget. Think I’ve seen articles in the club lotus mag and absolutely lotus on this being done by excel owners. If you do go for another car, make sure it has air con as you definitely don’t want to retrofit that lol!!!
  18. Cheers Dave, I thought that to and usually I would fit them with the groove forward however, these discs have curved vents and the manufacturer reckons both vanes and slots should angle rearwards for cooling and dust evacuation respectively. Done a bit of goggle-ing and couldn’t find anything definitive from the brake manufactures on slot direction as they seem to use both forward and rearward angles (most curved, some not) depending on application and company. Vane direction originally seemed counter intuitive to me, had to remind myself that they pump air from centre out and not ram air out to in (my excuse was that it had been a long day, the mrs said it didn’t matter as I was still special!! Starting to think that’s not meant in an endearing way). Suppose we shall soon see if it makes any difference once I get it out on the road lol. Main reasons for fitting these were: • they are slightly bigger than the 325’s I was currently trialing. • they are 20mm thick rather than 23-25 mm giving my aging calipers more room (suspected that one of calipers wasn’t adjusting up to disc properly due to being pushed right back in order to get it to fit). Bought some spacers for the calipers but saw these discs and thought I’d give them a go. • with an aluminium bell housing they are considerably lighter than the solid 325mm I had fitted. • I needed to get the 325’s grooved to consistently work with the more aggressive CL pads but was trying to avoid that noise we have discussed previously from grooved discs (might not make any difference but as these disc’s come grooved from the manufacturer rather than retro machined, thought it might be worth a try).
  19. Finally fitted my new front solution. Alumium bell housing on 330mm vented and grooved disc with CL pads. Just got to bed them in now, hopefully a dedicated run tomorrow and then the trip to slough and back on Saturday will do the trick!! My garage is starting to look like a holiday home for barely used brake discs
  20. It’s been a while however things haven’t ground to a halt. Progress so far: climate control system and heated screen works great and the carbon dipped parts look really good (photos to follow). The alcantara head lining is significantly better quality than the previous material and doesn’t wrinkle up in different climate conditions like the old one used to. The carbon fibre sunroof not only looks great but it has stopped all the irritating bumps and rattles that the glass one made (thanks jacques)!! seats now spaced and will actually nice on runners (thanks eeyorish). inner door handles and surrounds replaced with new ones as they were looking a bit tatty. Also replaced the drivers door lock clip which kept coming out every time you closed the door. So now got central locking back yey!!!! lotus shadow lights fitted into doors (the more gauges and lotus badges the better)! All front lights converted to LEDs which has transformed driving at night. Definitely worth the money as I can actually see where I’m going now. Not forgetting how cool the white light looks as opposed to yellowy originals. Bumper meshes secured properly and Rad undertray modified, which at least makes the front look better. and finally I have a new set of front brakes!!!
  21. Not able to measure the discs at the moment so wondering if anyone has this info to hand? i know the diamter and width of the disc but I’m trying to find out the dimensions of the 4 mounting holes (pcd) and bore of centre hole? i think the depth of the bell housing section is 10mm. any assistance greatfully received.
  22. It’s a sad state of affairs gentlemen when you have a stunningly cool car and instead of pulling girls in it you’re thinking of getting jiggy with the dashboard. I know leather wipes clean but really, cum on!!!!
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