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  1. Thanks for the help Rod. I'll talk to JAE about the silicone hoses and go from there.
  2. Thanks, maybe I should just do it myself. I agree that any mechanic should be able to do it, I've just seen many get scared of touching the car and refuse to do any work on it. I'm trying to avoid having to take it to the official chicago land dealership because they're not open on weekends and weren't overly enthusiastic on doing work on the Esprit when I stopped in a couple years ago. I wish Fox Valley Motorcars was still in business. I also know about John Welch and he was great but always booked for months.
  3. Hi everyone, Wanted to take a shot in the dark and see if anyone knew of any shops in the Chicagoland area that would be able to do a inspection of the cooling system on an Esprit V8. I think I might have a small leak somewhere that's hard to nail down. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Just to give an update, I'll most like go with the high flow cat and centre exhaust kit from
  5. Vulcan Grey, Vanya, Redshift thanks for the replies, very helpful. I'll post what I end up doing and how it works out, most likely sometime in the spring. It's winter here for a few more months. Not the best driving weather.
  6. Like the title says. I'm debating if I should replace just the muffler or get a whole new exhaust. I currently have the stock exhaust that came with the 2000 V8s. Maybe there's other options I'm not considering.
  7. Update ********* I still have an issue with the low beam (dip beam). I replaced the low beam (dip beam) relay, main beam (high beam) relay and the headlight switch in the dash but when I push the headlight button (with the high beams off) what happens is 1)interior dash lights turn on 2)headlight pods come up but none of the lights are on. Any ideas why the dip beam lights don't turn on? I'm starting to think that the dip beam relay wasn't the problem but maybe the contacts to it are broken. When I turn on the high beams, all four lights come on. Forgot to add, before the low beam lights stopped working for a couple weeks only one low beam light would turn on.
  8. Thanks for the replies mark and gunter. Haven't had a chance all week to mess with the car, hopefully I'll have some time this weekend. So you guys were right as always. Before swapping the relays: high beam: all lights on(high and low, I have the US spec car) low beam: nothing on As soon I swapped the main beam and dip beam relays. high beam: only high beams are on. low beam: only low beams are on but they are always on, even if the headlight switch on the dash is not pressed and the lights are lowered. So i'm guessing I just need to order a new main beam relay.
  9. Thanks, that's probably what it is since my switches in the dash are all brand new. Do you know where I can find a relay diagram for the v8 so i know which relays to swap. I'll try looking online to see if I can find one. Thanks again.
  10. So my problem is that the low beams don't come on when I turn on the lights but do come on when I put on the high beams when all two pairs of lights come on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking it's the headlight switch in the dash.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion Larry. That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. If it makes more sense to repair or replace.
  12. Lucas, Thanks for the suggestion. I saw john's site I just didn't contract him because the website said he was out this week.
  13. The second gear synchro on my 2000 Esprit V8 needs repair. Wanted to see if anyone could help me find a shop in the chicago land area that would be able to do the work. Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. I'm in the states, in the chicago area. If you guys know any specialists around here I would appreciate it. I know there is a lotus dealer in the area.
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