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  2. Hi all...just coming back to the forum after a long time gone. Read up on your Essex. The car in the Doppelganger article is one I own currently. My understanding is that there were only two imported into the states. Mine was one of them. Here's a video of it that a very enthusiastic person put together of it. You'll notice in the article that it's missing the driver's side compomotive centers which I found and replaced.
  3. Pete-- I don't know you except that you enjoy some of the things I do, but I do know you in the sense that you, at the moment, feel what we all feel when such a loss comes our way. Three weeks ago we thought we would lose my mother, but she did recover and now is on a trip to the Middle East, the Holy Land...It was against my wishes but she and my dad went anyway...for them it may be the last trip although I hope not. You will be in my prayers. Please keep sharing and active and don't isolate yourself. Best, Tom
  4. Hey there-- I own a dry sump (1981 Essex) and there's a number of racing oil pumps to be had that can be substituted. They are fairly common as many racing engines are dry sumps--of course there may be some retrofitting involved--yet nothing too heady. These fellows might help...also there was an Essex burned up in the breaking yard in England--the oil pump might be intact. Steve Trynor on the list might assist... --Tom
  5. Good sense on this--you have started down the right trail...prior to my buys, I wanted to make sure there was someone who could work on them. I DO NOT recommend going to the dealers for service of any kind, unless they have a reputation for good work. Sure, they'll service your car, but will charge you an arm and a leg for it, and will probably not do the proper work or invent work that doesn't need to be done. There's a shop two blocks from house where I saw an S4 parked--I thought it was for sale but it was for service--the sales guy directed me back to these know-it-all characters who
  6. Hi Rick and Jim-- I looked at that one a few weeks ago via pictures--I had some of the imagery examined by a VERY experienced Lotus Mechanic. The salesman supplied some additional pics of the engine compartment that I hope you have viewed as well--these were of engine compartment an the underside of the car when the car was up on the lift. The salesman knew nothing about lotus cars and I had him read some of the receipts to me over the phone--the left gas tank was replaced around 98--but not the right. I'm always curious about the gas tanks, for obvious least I hope they are
  7. Good day all, I just finished browsing the Douglas Valley Breakers site--and in looking there I saw the "usual" assortment of wrecks--envisioning how they happened, how, why, and so forth, but I did see an Essex 81 Esprit with a "light" engine fire and an 86 wherein it melted the aft of the car...engine fires seem to be common in the Esprit, for obvious engineering reasons (very tight compartment and mechanicals, very close to the fuel sources, etc.), but how common are they really, and what have other owners done to reduce the risk? I'm thinking of installing an engine compartment extingu
  8. Roger--I agree with you that the Esprit is the most beautiful car EVER constructed. Thanks for showing yours--it's beautiful.

  9. Hey Chris--Which car was yours?? HAHAHA....hope all is well...showing my cars at the Fairfax Fair on Saturday (one block from my house)--not sure if there any prizes for that, but I'm going to hang with the cars... --Tom
  10. Hey all--any secret to uploading photos here--this is the only one that made it-- --Tom
  11. Hi-- Tom Here-- I'm new on the Site--I have two Esprits--a 1981 Essex M72 G-Body (in Essex Colors and Decals--perfect condition) and a 1991 Esprit Turbo SE, British Racing Green, Perfect Condition. I bought the M72 from Bill Bonta in MD quite recently and the 91 SE about a year ago from Bob Worrest, also in MD. I thought this site was Brit-only, but I have been told to "get on here" and really find out what's going on. I'm looking forward to making some friends and accessing all the knowledge that is here oon the site. Great and safe driving to all... --Tom Neel vze3pv
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