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  1. cor

    Formula One

    Would Red Bull dare to put Lawson next to Max next year???
  2. Can visit the guy and see, or can even contact our local police?
  3. Do you have anything of an adress? i live 5 kms from s hertogenbosch, seen the advert and was tempted by it......
  4. does anybody know what is different in the inner fenders of a sport 300. did they make more room there for the larger wheels? front and rear or only rear? thanks Cor
  5. Had to lift it out completely. But to be honest i have not looked at doing it otherwise. You already have to get everything off . Cannot remember i have taken the bumper off thought it stayed on the clam. If you take the clam off there are shim plates underneath to correct the position of the clam (at least at my car). Just put them back in the same place.
  6. Can be done using an engine hoist without 2 post. That is the way i have pulled he engine of the evora.
  7. exchanged the gearbox at home. i think it is very doable but a lot of work. I would not start at it with little mechanical skills to be honest.
  8. karma has these long doors....
  9. cor

    Hot, hot, hot...

    they write what people want to read, so if we want to read it is getting hotter.......
  10. we are trying to engineer ourselves out of these troubles but my opinion is we are only making things worse by producing even more. In a few generations there will be less people on earth fore sure. The fact that in my younger life nobody worried about these problems, now we are getting more and more aware. A couple of generations further our childrens children will be doing the right thing whatever that may be.
  11. just a question, how important is Lotus Hethel forGeely, is it only branding and a bit of engineering??
  12. cor

    Hot, hot, hot...

    C8RKH is 100% right, we think we can engineer ourselves out of this but the only thing is that we are digging a deeper hole for our childrens children.
  13. not that much of a problem, a schunk of the box casing has to be cut away to make room for the starter motor. Have used an angle grinder and a pneumatic hand tool for that. The gear box cost me € 350,-.. Replaced it myself.
  14. For me that is the thing with all modern sportcar, they are so big..... We have an evora, when it sit along side our esprit i always get the feeling i should do a top chop and lower the roof,,,
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