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  1. Hello, as the title says, can anyone help me? many thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, Sleeving would be no problem can do it myself,...but i do not have one to sleeve. Should do a search for a look a like...
  3. As the title says, I am searching for a master cilinder for the S1. Anybody have any advice? Tried the normal suppliers,,,,
  4. Perhaps of use for someone. Taking off the evora rear clam i noticed the adjustmenI made som adjustment screws using a set screw with a welded ring so the clam can be put on and adjusted using these screws. You do not need to get the clam off for adjusting:
  5. i think they are the brackets for the gas struts, they go on after the clam is on.
  6. having taken the engine and box out i am now putting everything back together, Am at the point of putting the rear clam back on but...... where do these two go?? they are quite large brackets and i think they belong to the rear clam somewhere. Just want to be sure so i do not have to take the clam off again.
  7. thanks again fabian they are being made by a company here in holland.
  8. cannot find this site, does it still exist? need 3 esprit logo's for the s1
  9. wow. Jaap prachtig, droom ook eens zoiets te vinden en te kunnen doen.
  10. zandvoort circuit! thought it was the kitson one but it is not where does this come from?
  11. it is in this thread i think.
  12. It was a very exiting time perhaps if the millions had kept coming......
  13. Haha Keith that is part of the charm of driving one.
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