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  1. Interested in the weight of the center piece of an oz wheel. Anyone weighed it when the wheels were dismantled? thanks Cor
  2. John, the two seater is a westfied xtr, Must say really love your your updates 👍
  3. John, finally had some time to investigate, gearbox mounts are very bad which I will replace first. Everyone thanks for your input!!
  4. I will chec if it is done properly. What is the difference between the different colours: Red is the stiffest?
  5. The engine is shaking too much to my liking. Even after mounting new standard mounts. I have mounted a charge cooler which touches the hood during acceleration.
  6. has anyone ever had the need to have stiffer engine mounts for the esprit 4 cilinder engine? And found something stiffer? thanks, Cor
  7. my latest mail is from march 2021 lets hope all is ok with him...
  8. had contact with steve for carpets for my s1. Does not react to my mails anymore??
  9. We will go to le mans classic with the esprit and an alfa sz
  10. Hello, as the title says, can anyone help me? many thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone, Sleeving would be no problem can do it myself,...but i do not have one to sleeve. Should do a search for a look a like...
  12. As the title says, I am searching for a master cilinder for the S1. Anybody have any advice? Tried the normal suppliers,,,,
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