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  1. thanks again fabian they are being made by a company here in holland.
  2. cannot find this site, does it still exist? need 3 esprit logo's for the s1
  3. wow. Jaap prachtig, droom ook eens zoiets te vinden en te kunnen doen.
  4. zandvoort circuit! thought it was the kitson one but it is not where does this come from?
  5. it is in this thread i think.
  6. It was a very exiting time perhaps if the millions had kept coming......
  7. Haha Keith that is part of the charm of driving one.
  8. Well Fillip, I must agree. We have an evora S and an esprit... The Evora is a great car, much faster than my esprit, a much more comfortable car, handling is superb. But...every time i drive the esprit it feels so much more a very special car. Given the choice of one of the two it would be the esprit.
  9. We have seen the bahar cars in the flesh, beautiful. If they want a market the etherne (not my kind of car) This elan looks great. The bahar esprit is overruled by the huracan....
  10. Hello, Rob, this is the worst news, always enjoyed your updates. I like it when people do not use the paved roads.. We wish you all the strength you need
  11. Had the car at van der Kooi, lotus importer in Holland. As i have steering switched to the other side of the car the steering angle sensor needed to be reset. Problem solved.
  12. Dean, You are completely right!! The problem is our whealth, eating buying travelling etc. In the long term we have to do someting about that but we do not want to so we are thinking of all kinds of band aids.....
  13. Wow Neil, well done!! Definately a costumer when your book is finished!! The livery of the last few cars simply was beautiful!!
  14. haha beats making two burnouts and then rushing off to the charger....🤪
  15. This car is soo beautiful ... it deserves the cosworth t50 engine. Imagine this car with that sound
  16. yes still have the problem, i know i have to get a read out. i do not drive the car at the moment, will get a read out as soon as it gets on the road again.
  17. have the same problem. tried the brake light switch and abs sensors without result.
  18. thank you Dave, built an elise with motorsport bodywork. I am still bolting the rear bodywork but it is a lot of hassle to remove it. Engine is an audi 2.0 16V
  19. Which fasteners have you used for your rear clam dzus type? thanks Cor
  20. beautiful car Heiner looks really great with the speedlines even though they are not correct.... Enjoy
  21. a bit dark but you can see the problem...
  22. it is the lining on the molding. I was kind of hoping somebody had a solution with a needle of somthing to inject glue into the spots where it hangs loose otherwise i have to peel the complete liner off and glue again... Thanks!
  23. Hello all, the roofliner of my evora is starting to come loose. Any recommendation how to fix it and what glue to use? thanks Cor
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