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  1. Hello, the traction control light of my evora stays on, anybody have any suggestions/experience?
  2. jonathan, that is a great duo to own!
  3. ?? do not see it in the program?
  4. Mike, really enjoy a thread like this!! Love the valve removing tool.
  5. Done this with the stevens esprit, no rocket science. Only change to the chassis was welding the studs for the pedal box. The dash is grp and can easily be changed. The bar to which the steering column and dash are bolted needs to be "mirrored". Also this is not that difficult or just buy another one. The steering rack also has to be exchanged. Is not more difficult than the elise just a bit more work.
  6. done this with a hoist and a pallet lifter...
  7. David, thanks to you and fabian for these great write up's on the restoration. It will help us a lot on the restauration of our s1!!
  8. Wow beautiful interior!! Well done, what kind of fabric is this?
  9. No replies Jason, a pity as i am also on the search. With this one i hope the screen is forward far ehough to clear the dash pod, is there a dimensional drawing somewhere? thanks!
  10. Hello, Simon, GREAT JOB love the craftsmanship you put in!!
  11. Hello, Mark, this really is a beautiful car well done!! Do you know which fabric is used for the dash?
  12. bought a lot of stuff from them, last months a couple of thousand pounds of parts for the esprit s1, top ! they really have everything, really amazing.
  13. Really the best documented! Fabian, do you have some pictures of the routing of the wiring loom in the engine bay? thanks Cor
  14. Jean, no, it is the blue car, luckily it is pretty standard. painted white somewhere in its life and in a very very poor condition. We are going to restore it to the original condition. It is completely in pieces at the moment, chassis and body are painted and we are starting reassembly.
  15. Paul, i get it it is in the manual but i do have the s2 wiring diagram but this is different. we are restoring this car at the moment:
  16. As work is progressing on the cannonball S1 i....... Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the esprit s1? i have one for the s2 but this differs. please in jpg or pdf format
  17. still have one, complete, carbon is newly clearcoated, might sell not sure as yet. regards Cor
  18. This is a long time ago......... A lot has happened since but only a small amount of work on the esprit... Escape from this forum has lent me the chassis of his burnt esprit for me to test fit all my fabrications. It was a very sad sight to see his burnt car, luckily he has since soldierd on and bought another! Engine is built, using many new parts, reworked heads and Kelford cams. BMW m3 throttlebodies are fitted, adapterplate for the audi box is made and fitted. Working on the 180 degree headers at the moment which is a bit of a headache due to the lack of space. Will trie to do some more pictures shortly
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