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  1. Well done Wayne, centre exhaust is great on the esprit! and then together with these wheels,...........
  2. really, really perfect!! hope mine comes out like this. anybody ever thought of doing these door inserts in carbon. Would look great in combination with the carbon dash i think.
  3. Great book Mark! nice they found a model for each type Have a few lotus books, best one's: Colin Chapman a man and his cars Peter Warr my view from the pitwall
  4. We are still going on....lots of small jobs Body onto the chassis using a chain hoist and a pallet stacker, worked great. start to look like a car again. Have to make up my mind for the v8 or the sports 350 spoiler.. New alu tanks in. modified corsa power steering (as hilly's) and again a lot of wiring to do...
  5. Geert, great job you are doing, respect!! As you say it is diffecult to see where these layered gaskets leak, think you will be ok. Groetjes Cor
  6. Hi all, many thanks!! John, audi one looks nice going that route!
  7. Hello, , does anybody have experience with an electric vacuumpump? I want to repace the belt driven pump to an electric pump. Anybody done this? Does any standard car have this so i can get one from a breakers? thanks Cor
  8. I really love this thread, this is going to be a great car!! Super job Alex! Cor
  9. weather permitting we are bringing the eleven. It is not an original, has a replica lotus eleven chassis, westfield bodywork and a ford crossflow engine. If you think it would be nice to have it in the concours we will be in. Cor
  10. Next was our trip to england to have the first mapping done in Rainham at Track and Road performance. The reason for all this to take place in England is that I heard Steve Greenald at Track and Road has lots of experience with DTA and Esprits. The first mapping is done without the body so it would be easier to do some additional work if needed. We had a few issues with the fuel pressure and a few sensors which will need some sorting out. At the end of the day we stopped at 260bhp at 6250 rpm an 0.5bar boost. There is more to be had but it can wait till the car is ready. Steve and Jim doing their thing Result for now The usual mapping picture.... Now it is back to work on the body so the whole "contraption" as Steve calls it can start to look like a car again.
  11. The car is nearly ready for its mapping session in england. Made replacement wiring, tank, battery a/f meter and even a seat! Have to add a desk for the laptop this week
  12. Ready for mapping session!!
  13. Well Mark, actually the car (only the chassis and engine ) are going to Steve Greenald this year to be mapped. He already made a start up mapping for me so i can test some things before going there. Seeing these pics..... Reality is that it is a lot of work to get the car to its former glory.
  14. Shouldn't it have had wolfrace wheels instead of speedline's??
  15. 1. Trevsked - Sport 350 2. Bazza - Essex Esprit 3. Hopo - Esprit S3 4. The Pits - Exige V6 5. TomE - Evora S 6. Justin Pressland - 340r 7. GT111 - S1 Elise 8. Mayesprit 9. Sizona - Evora or Esprit 10. (Seven S1, could change!) 11. Mike 6 - Esprit carb turbo. 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered) 13. Daniel - Esprit S2 14. Mr Pig & Wilf - Esprit S4 15. internets - Esprit GT3 16. mdw- Esprit Stevens N/A 17. Choppa - Esprit S3 18. Sparky - Esprit GT3 19. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit 20. Delands - Exige S 21. V39 Esprit S4S 22. [email protected] Evora 23. Mario308 - Exige S V6 Coupé 24 Andrewc Esprit V8 25 Jukka - Evora IPS or Esprit V8 26. Whirlybird - Esprit GT3 27. MDE - Esprit Stevens 28. Caulkhead68 - 1988 Esprit carb turbo 29. Esprit22 - 1986 Esprit turbo 30. theelanman - Elan M100 SE or Elan +2 31. exige1 - S1 Exige 32. Stubox Exige V6 33. Cor van Nistelrooij Audi exige or eleven or both?
  16. Giorgio, i feel very sorry for you, lost my dad a few years ago. Cherish the good moments, i am sure there are a lot. Cor
  17. Jon, is the normal renualt UN1. My son is even more of a car nut than i am,. Problem is he is a ferrari enthausiast but time will heal all i think....
  18. Worked it out... Been a long while since my previous update but... First we had to build this: And then this: But now back to work on the esprit. Engine is getting along quite well most of the engine electrics are provisional in place. I want to get the car mapped without the body so need to do some fiddling to get the components atached. Decided to change the wiring to my own requirements. This meant doing it all again getting everything i do not need out of the loom. Also I have to mirror it all to LHD. The front of the loom is done. now the part of the loom in the car is next. This is all the wiring which i can live without. Goal is to have the body/chassis ready for mapping after this winter. Meanwhile i have my hands full working on the body. Electric steering of the corsa, (idea from this forum as done by hilly) New alu tanks Getting all the details to my liking
  19. see if it is working now a picture of my elise/exige pfff
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