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  1. Saw this car on sale in my local internet (Singapore)~~ This is a 1983 Esprit......And it became a mixture of Lotus,Lamborghini,Ferrari~~ And a pair of Fiat Coupe headlights~~ Understand that this car is modified in Malayasia. NOTE : see at your own risk
  2. One more in China!
  3. Mind you....P Waymouth. This is indivdual personal taste, nothing to do with my country. Next time when you want to say something think twice.
  4. Gentleman, The red Esprit is belong to a guy in Singapore. A friend of mine (just know him for couple of months). I'd saw this car few weeks back..........guess what...............few of his friends owning a G car too...........And you're right..they're all moded! Remember last year I'd used to have this idea to mod the front light on mine too...but I've drop the idea. After seeing the 2 cars that they've done, I'd perfer the original look of the car........but than again......each to their own. Here're the pics of that G-Car....> BTW, the above conversion are all done in Malaysia.
  5. Thank you very much for the respond. that's very helpful!
  6. ILoveEsprit


    Hi all, Is there anyone know where can I get one of this speedometer (kp/h) in the UK? Mine is damaged beyond repair~~ New or used will do. I've tried Paul Matty without luck. Anyone? Thanks!
  7. Gunter, As Blake has mentioned 'road assistance' service here is either you phone AA or the car agent. (help will come within 30 mins) And talking about car-highjacking in Singapore.............There's none! (not I know of for the past 40 years) Over here in Singapore it's very safe to drive any supercar you want. Used to see lots of Lambo & Ferrari on the road..sometime few Pagani's BTW, Singapore is a very modern city! (did you watch SG F1 night race?) I stay 15km away from the race road track.
  8. There's where I live.......used to be plantation land (50 years ago). Indeed, it's a nice twisty road to test your car suspension. Yet to try mine!!
  9. Just to find out............can your 88-90 Esprit u-turing on a 2 lane road? Mine is a 90NA and I can do it at one go..... must do a reverse~~ How can i solve this problem? change the whole rack and pinion.....Is there any?
  10. Cheers Sue~~ Yap, almost the same like us.
  11. Congrats on your MOT! Pardon by ignorance, what does MOT stand for? What kind of car and how old the car need to go for this MOT? If you fail your MOT you can't have the car on the road anymore? As for us......In Singapore only those cars that is more than 5 year need to go for "Car Inspection" yearly And every inspection we'd need to pay a sum of S$56.00 (26.00 Pounds),if you failed you need to pay and do it all over again.
  12. One of the best looking sportcar in the mid 60~~
  13. WOW....cheers Bibs Cool cars and pics......How I wish I can get a 350 here in my country~~
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