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  1. lucky guys, wish i could be there too... anyways, this question was just a general musing - and wondered wether anybody else had noticed it - no urgency to it thxs
  2. hi, a quick question... i use the RSS feed for LEF, to see what changes are going on but there is an oddity (compared to other forums i use) - basically the RSS feed has the text of the first item of a topic that has changed on the day - rather than the post that has actually changed on the day. e.g. Lets say, we have a thread with an original post that was dated 10 Jan 2008, and someone replies to it today... then the RSS feed, will (correctly) bring up the thread as it has changed today - but rather than including the post that changed today - it will have the original post. as you can imagine, that means on an active thread - you may seem the same text for a number of days is it possible to change this? or is it an odd behavior of the forum software you are using? thxs Mark
  3. Personally, I love the global nature... Great seeing advice from around the world, but also seeing esprits out in the wild all over the world. My search for an Esprit continues, and this place definitely makes me feel informed despited being away from the UK! so for me that makes it a modern car club Oh, thanks to the organisers (bibs), and also the regular posters who make it worth while for the rest us to pop by... p.s agree, on the payment, its great its open access initially, I hope people contribute once they see how useful it is.
  4. what gets me, is look at the 'artwork' in the background, not sure if its concept or marketing... but has curves, long bonnet, character... (what you expect of an aston?) ... but its miles away from the mundane piece of metal that is the reality.
  5. looks good to me... but them im greedy for lotus info
  6. of course, you left it outside exposed to the elements and possible damage, so by storing it for you and for (to them) an unknown period they actually potentially provide you a service. ... of course, since you didnt leave your name, their only hope was to use market forces to return it to its rightful owner... therefore, perhaps your paying them
  7. this is very interesting thread, as a potential esprit buyer, as here in switzerland, im look at early (99) V8s compared to Ferrari 355s (similar age) at similar prices but as others have said, im not convinced about the ferrari... more common (here) and has the positive and negative image of being a ferrari owner, but reviews ive read seem to imply the 355 might be better... but my heart says the esprit is the choice
  8. good post, reminded me to contribute to two sites that Im happy to support. pity, i was hoping LEW, would offer an upgrade from Club to Full member option... but alas no.
  9. thxs for another great post jackal ... im doing my background research for buying an esprit in early 09, so all this new material is a god send - cheers
  10. great articles, thanks for taking the time to scan and post - much appreciated (re: 70 views, you might find a few. like me, saw there was so much great stuff, but didnt initially have time to read/comment... and waited to savour till later )
  11. k, a few mac facts Macs speed - which model are you considering? Mac Pro? in which case you can configure graphics card... even with iMacs you can too... its hard to compare with PC, as Mac OSX (which is Unix based not linux ) , id say OSX is generally 'smoother' than Windows... of course, its also fair to say, Apple does charge a bit of a premium GPU - yeah, this is all the rage at the moment, the new Mac OSX - (rumored to be released early-mid 09) , will also be using it for processing im mac user at home for over 5 years, but as im a programmer i have to use both Linux and Windows at work. Im much prefer the Mac.. but you do have to get used to it. however, once you do - most never return to windows out of choice im not a designer, but i think the reason for the Mac choice was probably more around quality of their monitors (apple cinema displays) , and the software to correctly handle 'Color Management' through the entire workflow. the outlay for a serious mac is quite alot, i think (being unbiased ) if I were you, id try to upgrade your PC first, then if that fails reconsider, you will then be able to gauge how much you need a power house of a system
  12. theres no CMOS battery in the iBook, just a large capacitor sounds like it could be a PMU (power management unit) fault, if you havent tried already resetting the PMU, then have a go... you could also try resetting the PRAM, if the PMU reset doesnt help another check, is to use Mac OSXs "Disk Utility" which as an option to verify &repair disk and disk permissions, which could be worth a shot. might help safari. how much disk space is now free? have you tried "Reset Safari" , or will safari no longer start apart from that, as Roger says, backup everything and try a fresh install hope this helps, good luck Mark
  13. Congratulations ... an early christmas present hope to see some pictures soon, as a former caterham owner, and a (hopefully soon) future esprit owner - i'll eagerly await your first impressions, enjoy yourself, im jealous
  14. thxs for the reply, i dont want to 'hijack' this thread too much i.e. was about #30 very interesting, have to say i did love the 350... something about the interior and exterior 'look' but the price premium seems too high on #30. but if i want the same handling, doesnt sound as its too expensive, to retro fit ... or get a post 02 car (does this have the brakes/damper or just the newer ECM mapping) ? hmm, tricky... just so want to find the 'right esprit' for me , so come on 350 owners... tell me to follow my heart
  15. Thxs guys, really great viewing yeah, 1500gbp repairs plus how much for labour ?!
  16. Just seen this car... by accident was down at Pfenninger to look at a V8 - was so surprised.... its so tempting, but at the price seems really expensive... perhaps you guys could answer a few of questions for me i) any other info known about this car? ii) whats the usual premium of a 350 over similar V8? iii) is reliability/servicing similar to V8 iv) is a 350 likely to hold its value over time, as its unique... what do you think? are there any drawbacks to the 350... except the initial purchase price thanks for any help/info
  17. thanks, I'll definitely pop down there they are nor too far away.
  18. thanks for the welcome guys.... thanks Daniel for the PM, Pfenninger, just looked them up on the map and realised Ive even passed the garage a year or so ago... and totally forgot about it even notice they have an Esprit advertised at the moment... so think Im gonna have to pay them a visit very soon will also PM Alireza and see if he knows of any good Esprits available thanks again.
  19. Alireza, your SE does look wonderful, agreed about the greens proposal, since only does it allow most sportcars, but also most SUVs, so they will alleniate 2 groups of motorists... probably the later (being bigger group) may save the day for us Ive so far only found cars on, and had been considering the SE - has a nice 1991 with low mileage which might be worth a visit... as you say half the price, ( say the the nice V8 also on autoscout @ the lambo garage) im sure the SE, would be great... and means I have more spare cash should any problems crop up. is there anyone you would trust for maintenance/servicing etc ... im not a mechanic and would want someone that knows esprits! (as close to Zurich/Lucern as possible will have to wait for the snow to clear before i go to have a serious look - dont fancy driving an Esprit for the first time in snow
  20. im encouraged by the news that if I can find an Esprit here, its likely to be a good one any tips on how to locate one? or where to keep checking? also, this new 'proposal' of the greens limiting CO2 emissions etc, is this likely to get through?
  21. Im living in Zug (between Lucern and Zurich) , though was living in Zurich for last 4 years, have seen quite a few Elises but no Esprit as yet. @bibs - switzerland for supercars, yeah a bit concerned the greens may be getting us all driving around in gas powered smarts... how will they make it up the mountains ? hopefully there plans will be axed, once all the SUV drivers realize there cars will be banned too. Robert, are you planning on finding a local car? or importing? locally, i guess there arent that many cars... and the (newer) ones ive seen are all V8s. importing, i did import my last car from germany and wasnt too bad a process, but im not sure how easy it would be for an Esprit... thoughts?
  22. Surprising... but true, Im a Brit living in Switzerland, Im interested in buying a Esprit, so here seemed to be the place too come Any esprit owners from Switzerland here? Im after some advice really... Ive previous owned Caterham 7 R400 , but as a track car (is that ok to say on a lotus board ) but decided to move on to something else more for the road... and given my love of the 7, and I love classics so Im drawn to the Esprit. Id like something 'reliable' or at least as reliable as can be, from what Ive read so far, post 98, seems to be suggested, In particular Ive been looking at perhaps something like a Lotus Esprit 3.5 V8 GT - a couple here going for around 70k CHF \ (around 2 CHF = 1 GBP) - (on the net ive seen a 2004 for a bit over, and a 1998 a bit under) price seems a bit steep !? 97's seem to be ~ 55k CHF, and the 2.2 v8 1991 ~ 40k CHF - are these better price points? source: what do you guys think? thanks for any guidance... im really keen but dont want to live to regret it
  23. Hi there, my name is Mark - ive also just joined and living in switzerland too... (from the UK original) surprised to see two people here... are there any swiss owners here?
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