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  2. Hi, I own a Lotus Esprit S2 - 1978 - Black - RHD The car is almost complete except for radiator and plumbing, electrical loom, gearbox linkage. The car is RHD and now it is in North Italy, near Venezia. Bought for a project I never begin. If you are interested send me a message on TheLotusForum. Thank you
  3. Thanks 910Esprit, Cam covers from any other model? S3, S4....
  4. I checked my copy ofthe workshop manual about S1, S2 and S2.2 The code of the book match the code on SJ Sportscar for a S2 Workshop Manual The technical Data section talks only about 2.2 Are all like that or do I miss some pages? I need the technical section in order to have correct tolerance values for the 907 engine Thanks
  5. Soon I will have to rebuild the cooling system of my Esprit S2. What about using rubber or silicon hose for the piping? (high pressure hose of course)
  6. back to the main question of this topic, I would like to know which are the common problem of the 907 that could be solved during rebuilding. I decided to keep the original engine at the current power level working instead on the weight of the car in order to obtain some benefits. The main mod will be the fuel injection for a smoother and practical use of the car. I am oriented to a 4-throttle body so even the sound should be good.
  7. Thanks to all of you @S2mikey - you're right: at idle it's sound... bubbling @peteyg & espritmania - that's a good advice. I considered this as an option. I will look for engine exchange. 2.2hc, thath's what I have to find @GavinS1 - Historical restore it's not a main issue for me. I bought the car almost for nothing and my idea is to make my special version of Esprit. Budget is the problem!
  8. Hi, I am starting to rebuild my 907 so I have a couple of questions for you. 1) Which are the common known problems of the engine to solve while rebuilding? 2) to increase the capacity of the engine from 2.0 to 2.2 which parts must be changed? Pistons and..... is there a kit to buy? 3) when the car will be finished (and after gaining some more money...) I would like to add a volumetric compressor. I am already planning to add a fuel injection system with ECU to run the engine but the question is, a 1978 engine can handle a 60/80 bhp increase (just to go over 200 bhp and to add more torque) 4) in some youtube video I heard the engine sound. It's not so good even for a 4 cylinder. Is this due to the engine itself or are the constrains of the exhaust that make this sound? Where can I work to improve the voice of the 907? Thanks
  9. Good point Matk, I'll keep in mind. thanks
  10. I know, it's not cheap but I think that I can find some solutions here in Italy from race tuners......
  11. Hi everybody, thanks for your comments. During these months I think a lot about the project and I made some changes. First of all I decided to keep the original engine using a fuel injection system instead of carburettors. I never thought that was possible but a friend of mine suggest me the idea and I really liked the opportunity to keep such a historical Lotus engine. Another reason for changing direction is the italian laws. It's very hard to obtain approval from authorities for this kind of modifications (lucky you.....) so the risk is to do all the work for nothing: it would be an immense waste of money and time. so these are the new guidelines - lightness - simplification (particulary in piping from and to engine) - spartan interiors these are the steps 1) to do only the necessary works to obtain the registration plates, keeping the car almost original (wheels, RHD, carburettors) 2) start with mechanical upgrade 3) wheels and bodywork I will work (mostly inventing from scratch) on: engine management (injection, ignition, ECU) air conditioning (new approach) power steering drive lights cockpit brakes cooling wheels I keep you update. I hope to start the first stage in september hoping to have the car for next springtime. bye in the attached image the future look of the car (re-touching the Silverfrost one.....)
  12. Hi, finally I received the car! Now I am ready to start my project. The car of course needs a lot of work to do. For sure she needs a re-spray and the interiors are to be rebuilt. I have a lot of ideas about the future car and I will appreciate every suggestions from you. To keep track of every development, I made a mini-site ( ) that I am building right know. I'll keep you informed Alex
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