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  1. That is great. For me it looks like until now Lotus want to do nothing in this birtday year.
  2. Hi all, I missed the 2018 Lotus Festival at Brand Hatch. If you have any information, please let me know
  3. Hi Peter, I used PermaBag a few years ago if I had a moistness problem in my storage room for the car. PermagBag works perfect. You only need to reconditiond the cylinders in the ofen. I can recommend it. I used it for three years. A top product.
  4. Brilliant looking car - congratulations
  5. Interesting how often to find an Esprit in films.
  6. I took a look to this side and saw many Lotus cars. Terrible to see that!
  7. I think that could be very helpful for the future. I willsave it at my account. Thanks a lot.
  8. Really for sale? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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