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  1. That is great. For me it looks like until now Lotus want to do nothing in this birtday year.
  2. Hi all, I missed the 2018 Lotus Festival at Brand Hatch. If you have any information, please let me know
  3. Thanks for the info, guys. Where is the car located now?
  4. Hi Peter, I used PermaBag a few years ago if I had a moistness problem in my storage room for the car. PermagBag works perfect. You only need to reconditiond the cylinders in the ofen. I can recommend it. I used it for three years. A top product.
  5. Brilliant looking car - congratulations
  6. Hello Daniel, I`m new on this forum and don`t know the car. What is a cat D repair. What was damaged? Is the car still in germany at the N
  7. Interesting how often to find an Esprit in films.
  8. I took a look to this side and saw many Lotus cars. Terrible to see that!
  9. I think that could be very helpful for the future. I willsave it at my account. Thanks a lot.
  10. Really for sale? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Stuart, I`m looking for the same Esprit models like you. a GT3 or a V8. Welcome to the forum. Robert
  12. Paul, congratulations to a brilliant looking Esprit!!!
  13. That`s funny and interesting. Could you send us a trailer?
  14. Fabolous fotos, nice to see them
  15. I like the combination black Esprit with golden wheels. Very nice Bibs
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