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  1. Update! Website is up! ***Website*** Well this is our first year doing the Spring Tour. So we are hoping to get something not too far off our Fall Tour numbers. But it is our first year so we will see. The last couple of years our Fall Tour was around 500 cars. I hope to see you there!
  2. Hey all, So as many of you know there was the survey that went out after last year’s Fall Tour, and one of the questions was should we have a Spring Tour and the answers in this question was all yes. With that being said we heard them and have been working throughout the winter to bring you C7’s first ever Spring Tour!!! The Spring Tour will happen on Saturday May 1st 2010 and since the Fall Tours occur in the east end, it was only fair to have the Spring Tour happen in the west end. At this present time the website for registering for the Spring Tour is still in the works but we shou
  3. Never mind. I guess I'm not the newest Elise owner... After a very frustrating morning I found out that I cannot import a U.S. Elise to Canada. And all the ones up here are way overpriced. The cheapest one I can find right now is $46,000 + tax! Anybody have any input on the import issue? Seems hopeless
  4. Guy Munday : Great! I'll take a look for the switch when the car arrives. Simon350s: Haha yes it does! Drives like one too!
  5. Thanks! Yes Yellow was my number one pick. So I was very happy to find one with the stuff I wanted on it for the right price It's a Toyota/Lexus dealership so I'm sure it will bring people into the showroom. I know I will be visiting it a lot until the spring haha.
  6. Well I finally went out and got myself one of the most enjoyable cars to drive I originally came on here a while back looking for info on purchasing an Esprit. But after lots of comparing I think an Elise is the car for me. Ended up getting one from Texas and it's being shipped up here to Ontario. The Dealer that acted as the broker is going to keep it in their showroom for me till Spring. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can go look at it for the first time in person It's an 05 Saffron Yellow with Sport and Touring Packages and has the hard top. Here are a few pics from the dealer:
  7. lol! That's Brutal! The best part is nobody told him to stop when they saw the tires weren't spinning!
  8. Found those ones a short time ago. Really cool vids though!
  9. Sounds so quiet for such a fast car Interesting looking one. Are those fender flares aftermarket? Or are they that big from stock?
  10. That was pretty cool. Interesting cockpit design though.
  11. Great! Thanks I'll check it out! Didn't realize there were some so close!
  12. Sorry. The Elise currently in production. I know them as old and new haha.
  13. The rear spoiler on the Esprit does sit pretty high so I can see it being in the airflow. But that is one thing I wondered about. Even if it is creating some downforce it must also create a lot of drag at top end thus reducing it's top speed. I'm surprised they didn't introduce an underbody diffuser on the some of the last years of production with the Esprit being such a supercar and all. The new Elise has them.
  14. Does the OEM wing actually create downforce? Or is it just asthetic? I know on most road going cars the rear wing is usually just for looks.
  15. Wow good numbers! What have you done to your car to acheive that?
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