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  1. ShaunM


  2. I should be able to come to this. Added it to my calendar.
  3. I'll be recovering from The Lotus Festival so unlikely will make it this month. All the best to Mrs Buddsy!
  4. Hi Garry, I would have definitely come along and supported this event. But am in Dartmouth doing a 10k swim that weekend. Hope it all goes well.
  5. Phil, looks like your hood is almost there, better than many the day they left the factory! Was good to talk to you and hearing about your mini racing days :-) Was a surprise to see Gareth and his gorgeous car... the shiniest red EVER! Food was good, conversation was excellent and great to see Mike Kimberly. Got a great photo of him chatting and casually leaning on my car :-D The only disappointment was the night was over so quickly! Lovely roof-down drive back to Norwich to put a smile on my face though :-) See you all next month!
  6. Hey Buddsy, was that a typo, I thought this was tonight not tomorrow? Thanks James, will give you a call now.
  7. Hi James, yes I know your busy today as I left a message for Tim 2 hours ago and not had a call back yet. Can the part be left in the petrol station so I can pick it up on my way to the Lotus Meet at the Bird In Hand? I don't finish work until 5.30 so wouldn't be able to get there before 6. Thanks
  8. I did this last year (missed out on the year before and had to wait 12 months) Was well worth the wait! A brilliant spin around in a little rocket ship and the money goes to charity :-)
  9. Is anyone going to Stratton's today? I've got a (small!) part that needs picking up if someone can bring it to the pub for me. If not I'll pick it up on the way. What time do Stratton's close?
  10. Hey Buddsy, I'll join you for this. Any excuse to get the car out :-)
  11. 1, Buddsy 2, chipp 3 & 4 Kimbers and MJK 5 Stuartm 6 theelanman (Gareth) 7 Davidm 8 ShaunM (your eyes do not deceive you, I'm actually coming!)
  12. Lol. Some great pictures, looked like a great event with a variety of pristine classics
  13. Catton Hall, in Norfolk? If I'd have known I'd have brought mine along - live less than a mile away.
  14. But SELOC are still doing their whole weekend camping thing right?
  15. 1. Trevsked - Sport 350 2. Bazza - Essex Esprit 3. Hopo - Esprit S3 4. The Pits - Exige V6 5. TomE - Evora S 6. Justin Pressland - 340r 7. GT111 - S1 Elise 8. Mayesprit 9. Sizona - Evora or Esprit 10. (Seven S1, could change!) 11. Mike 6 - Esprit carb turbo. 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered) 13. Daniel - Esprit S2 14. Mr Pig & Wilf - Esprit S4 15. internets - Esprit GT3 16. mdw- Esprit Stevens N/A 17. Choppa - Esprit S3 18. Sparky - Esprit GT3 19. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit 20. Delands - Exige S 21. V39 Esprit S4S 22. [email protected] Evora 23. Mario308 - Exige S V6 Coupé 24 Andrewc Esprit V8 25 Jukka - Evora IPS or Esprit V8 26. Whirlybird - Esprit GT3 27. MDE - Esprit Stevens 28. Caulkhead68 - 1988 Esprit carb turbo 29. Esprit22 - 1986 Esprit turbo 30. theelanman - Elan M100 SE or Elan +2 31. exige1 - S1 Exige 32. Stubox Exige V6 33. Cor van Nistelrooij Audi exige or eleven or both? 34. trevorB - Elan M100 SE Turbo 35. Al. - Evora S (SR looks) 36. JohnB - ÉLAN M100 SE Turbo. 37. Dunc - Yellow Eclat S2 V8 - (other 2+2 wedges will be added shortly...) 38. Skiing - Esprit S3 39. Geoff - Elan M100 S2 40. Anthony_111 - Elise S1 41. Steve A - M100 42. Kevin W - Esprit S3 or Elise S2 43 alan e-M100 turbo 44 Jon B (Novacaine) - Elan M100 S2 45 ShaunM - Elan M100 S2
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