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  1. Thanks guys. Yes, I am ordering a pair. Did it give the diameter.?
  2. I have contacted a spring manufacturer but they need the details of what car it is from. When I told them Lotus Excel they have no details on their database. Surely someone can help me?
  3. Still forbidden Andy. How do people get on to the web site if all new people are forbidden. It all seems rather strange.
  4. I am a registered user of the lotusexcel group, but I have had to change my email address when I changed servers and now I get "Forbidden 403" when I enter the name into search. Does anyone with a bit more savy than me know how I can get back into the group.
  5. My front springs have sagged by 25 mm and I am needing to replace or have repaired. Could someone please give me the specification of the front springs should they need to manufacture for me or were these the original spec for the Toyota Supra? Any help would be appreciated
  6. John, I never do fast pull offs. I respect the car too much for that but 3rd, 4th and 5th is another story. Hoping to investigate the linkages tomorrow.
  7. The bearing / seal on my water pump has decided to leak and I must remove it to send it away. Just a quick question as to whether it is easy to remove the water pump from the engine once the bonnet has been removed. Thanks.
  8. Thanks John. I had all the linkage bushes replaced about a year ago when I first noticed this was happeneing, but yes, I suppose I must get underneath and see what happens on the 1st gear position. As I said, the 3rd and 5th are perfect in that they are still in their original positions but 1st has progressively moved away from being selected. It is no real train smash as I can pull away in 2nd no problem,. I do not do wheelies or fast pull aways. I have too much respect for the old girl, but I do go fast when I get the opportunity.
  9. I obviously did not explain the problem properly. Pushing the gear lever forward I have run out of throw to engage the gear. There is plenty of movement in the linkage to engage the gear but it is a if the gear in the box has moved away from the selector. Is this possible?
  10. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that 1st gear has been getting more and more difficult to engage as if 1st gear has moved away from becomming engaged, but 3rd and 5th are still where they normally are. I now find it impossible to find first anymore. What can have moved on 1st gear. Funnily enough I had this same problem on another 84 Esprit Turbo but that time it was on reverse gear and eventually we ran out of linkage adjustment. Can the problem lie within the gerabox itself?
  11. I took the car in to my mechy this morning and all sorted. The new nuts are up tight into the nylon lock bit. So nice to get the car back running for the Christmas Holidays.
  12. Right. I have just had a look at the otherside and you are correct in as much as the nyloc nut is inside the lower link U channel. The one on the driver's side I see it is also dodgy as the nut is not tightened up to the nyloc section and I guess that is what happened to the passenger side nut, just worked its way loose and fell off. I shall be having words with my mechanic as he worked on the ARB, fitting new bushed to the chassis and obviously removed the lower ling attachements at the time. Oh well, it could have been worse.
  13. If you look at the part labelled 25 it is a long bush that goes inside, so I feel that the nyloc should be on the outside of the back section of the U channel. I know I should look at the otherside, but it is so difficult to get bothe wheels off at once. Perhaps you are right as it would mean a second bush at the rear and it could compress the U channel when tightening.
  14. I have been absent from this group due to the car behaving itself, but today a bit of a disaster. The anti roll bar to lower link has separated and the front nearside wheel has moved back some 30 mm and I cannot turn the wheel as the tyre scuffs the body badly. I have taken the wheel off and and I have the S3 parts manual (page 172) which shows the bushes, 23 24 and 25 but it does not show what is to the rear of the lower link to hold the a.r.b. in place. I know it should be held in with an M12 nyloc nut, which is missing, but what fills the hole at the rear. I am also having great difficulty working on the car without a hoist. Can anyone offer assistance?
  15. Thanks for all the input guys. Well I purchased Bars Leaks and I did everything according to the instructions. No sign of water loss and the next step is to warm up the engine again and drain out all the oil. I have only recently fitted a new oil filter and it is a bit of a sod as one has to remove the starter motor to get the old one off and the new one on. I shall see if I can get away with using the present one. I took the car for a run up to the Polo Club this morning and it went like a dream. Tomorrow is the oil change.
  16. Well, after letting the engine cool down to garage temperature, the white emulsion is still there on the bottom of the dip stick. I am a little worried that If I drain the oil this white goo will stick to the inside of the engine. No sign of this muck on the oil filler car and no sign of oil in the coolant. Should it all drain out when I get the engine hot and drain the sump?
  17. Just returned from a spirited run of 120 miles in the Esprit. Went like a dream. Before I went off I had a think about this problem and, as there appeared to be no oil in the water, I thought that the pressurised water system could be pushing water into a gap in the head gasket to an oil drain channel. So I loosened the water filler / pressure cap before the run. Temperature stayed below 90 degrees, nominally 85, and the water level did not drop apart from expansion and contraction when cool. I will do an oil change this week to be on the safe side.
  18. I use the car at least twice a month for a decent run and always check the oil before setting off. Yes, I did notice that the coolant had dropped a little and that has never happened before. I shall have to book it in with my mechanic and would I be correct in assuming that it is the head gasket. Thanks. Roger.
  19. Checked the car today before a run with the car club tomorrow and right at the bottom of the oil dip stick I saw the tell tale milky residue of water in the oil. Should I take a chance and use the car tomorrow or could I do damage to the engine.
  20. The cost of these 6 pieces of rubber when converted to our Mickey Mouse money is far to expensive. If I were earning pounds, no problem. I am sure that these bushes are used in another vehicle, but if I cannot find out that information, I shall have to go the local manufacture route and their guidance as they are not new comers to the industry.
  21. I wonder if anyone can help me. My mechanic does not want the car cluttering up his workshop whilst the suspension is removed waiting for parts so I am wondering if anyone has the dimensions of the parts in question. Length, Inner diameter, outer diameter. I have a pal who can get them manufactured for less than one tenth of the imported price. Bush Lower Link Pivot AO75C6000F Bush ARB to Lower Link AO75C0144F Thanks a span.
  22. Had the car in for oil and filter change and yes, all lower and upper bushes are rotten. I sent Paul Matty a request for prices on the parts, but for 6 pieces of rubber, the prices are astronomical, especially in relation to the rate of exchange with our monopoly money. Looks as though I shall have to get the old ones out and try and mic them to get them manufactured locally at a fraction of the cost of importing them. Thanks for all the help guys.
  23. The problem is two fold. The one is at 85 to 100 KPH a severe shudder on the steering wheel. Under any braking, the shudder is severe at all speeds and is both on the pedal and also on the steering. The car has been booked in for this coming Monday, so we shall see.
  24. No I have not taken the car in as yet. Recently I have taken it on a long run of 500 miles and also to a local car show. The braking shudder is getting worse and the discs must come out to see why. I just wish that I had kept a wrecked Esprit Turbo that I purchased 10 years ago for the engine. Such a wealth of spares but I just did not have the storage space. I am kicking myself now. I shall book her in for the 10 000 service and get the discs skimmed and balanced and ask them to replace the bushes as well.
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