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  1. I think my pal was having a dig at me, but I agree 2 000 rpm is a little on the low side. I would say listening to it, I did not take it above 3 000 rpm as I am worried about that "circlip" appearing :-)
  2. I sent the video clip link to the owners of Lotus Esprit Turbos in Cape Town and one of them replied that now he knows why my cars are always on the road and never in pieces, like theirs. He said that listening to my Turbo engine, on the video, I never once went over 2 000 r.p.m. and did not leave any rubber on the road. I will never thrash my cars except when given a chance to put foot in 5th gear on an open road. Attached is a picture of the video camera used to take the video. The camera with its micro sd card can record close to 2 hours of video.
  3. Just a note that I heard from the seller and it is sold and the new owner is over the moon with her. I have a 912 engine in my Elite and she has completed 115 000 miles and never had the head off. Good servicing and not thrashing the car is the answer for engine longevity. I expect the engine could do another 100 000 miles but with me in my 70s and only doing 4 000 miles a year it will be up to the next owner. I hope he will be as gentle as me with driving. The only time I ever do over 6 000 r.p.m. is in 5th gear.
  4. Video clip of my green 84 Esprit Turbo that I owned in South Africa and is now with Mark in Auckland. The video camera, no bigger than my thumb, was clipped to the number plate of my 84 Red Esprit Turbo. The clonking was from an exhaust hanger that had broken on the red job.
  5. Sorry but can't help you on the value, but I would not give up my +30 degrees for your -40. Oh and my Esprit Turbo loves the heat.
  6. Copy of text received from seller. He also said cambelt and full service 2000 kms ago. Roger The car is all leather. I had it redone about 2 1/2 years ago to the original specification and as close as possible original leather and carpets. Dash, door panels and seats. There are two items which requires attention. The plastic trim on either side of the speedo cluster is slightly broken, and the windscreen trim is not there. Apart from this, all is there and working. You are most welcome to call Joe dos Santos, who you should know, who has seen my car on numerous occasions. I won the concourse for the best classic at the TLR concourse in 2013 and came second in 2014, due to me having an E-tag!!!
  7. On Gumtree in South Africa there is a lovely looking 84 Turbo Esprit up for sale and going for very little money. In Pound terms it is around 9 000 but is is in incredible condition and only has 80 000 kms on the clock.
  8. I don't know whether I have posted this before but even if I have it is worth repeating. When I purchased my Red Esprit Turbo 10 years ago it took me 5 years to realise that my front windscreen had been replaced at sometime in it past, but being in South Africa where a new one would have to be imported, the windscreen company in Cape Town took the dimensions of the old piece of glass and made a new windscreen out of a flat piece of laminated glass. The fit is so good that if I did not point it out to anyone, they would be none the wiser. If you look closely, you can see where the glass is slightly lower at the top centre of the windscreen surround. Certainly saved someone a whole pile of cash.
  9. Pal of mine who worked on his own cars made a badge for his cars "Maintained by Bodge Engineering" purely as a joke. Eventually due to his reputation for excellent work he opened a workshop for Classic Cars only and what did he call his business. BODGE ENGINEERING. His rebuild of his Aston DB MkIII is incredible. You will be lucky to get a car in for major work within 6 months he is so busy.
  10. Just a quick hello to the lady I met in the car park At Eastbourne who was driving the Blue Elise. I was only in the UK for a week before joining a cruise ship taking me back home to Cape Town but taking three weeks to get there. Saling on Tuesday the 7th.
  11. Typical South African justice. You can get off murder. Watch the Divani case where he arranged the murder of his wife. I bet he will get off as well. Why we do not have a Judge and jury as any sensible people would have found him guilty, not of pre meditated murder but of murder none the less. I hope that the family of the dead woman go for him for wrongful death. You just have to see him, the guy is totally unstable.
  12. Although mine is in white, I love this colour.
  13. Up in Johannesburg, a 1984 Turbo model in white with red trim sold last month for the equivalent of 22 000 pounds. That does bode well for the model over here, but the going rate did seem to be a little more than half of this. I don't think that I would value mine at this price, but would look at around the 15 000 pound mark, not that I am thinking of selling, after all, I have only owned it 8 years now.
  14. Not one of Britain's best designs, in fact I would classify it as one of the worst, certainly down the bottom near some ghastly Bristols.
  15. Listen to the end of this track. Blows my mind each time I hear it.
  16. I shall be over in the UK next month and I shall be down in Sussex for a week, although I shall take a train trip up to London. Can anyone tell me if there is a Citroen breakers (CX) who may be able to help with the switches and controls for the door mirrors on my 84 Esprit?
  17. I had an experience once in 1985 when we flew over to the UK on Luxavia. When we arrived my suitcase was missing. Horrible feeling when the last case comes off the carousel and it stops turning and you have not found yours. Fortunately I had put my father's address on the label. Can you believe that this was the one time that we actually insured the contents. All my clothes and all the wife's jewelry. 24 hours later Air France said they had found the case in Johannesburg and it would be sent over. That was the last we heard of it and I went out and purchased a new wardrobe and the wife went mad buying new jewelry. 6 Months later, my father gets a letter from the Airport saying that if my suitcase is not collected it will be auctioned. I hot footed it across to Heathrow from Taunton and collected it. I just wished I could remember the name of the insurance company to reimburse them.
  18. Hello Mark. I know Shiplake very well as my son lived in Henley for many years before moving off to Sydney. Iain, The Esprit has been a "Classic" in South Africa when they were first sold over here. Mine is the only one in the area, but there is an X-180 in a place called Stillbaai and further to the West there are 4 Esprits in Cape Town and I am in touch with the owners. i believe that there could be as many as 20 odd in Johannesburg. We get no concessions on road tax for age but I have just had the annual reminder for the Excel and it costs me the equivalent of 22 pounds, which will be the same for the Esprit. Insurance, however is much cheaper as I pay the equivalent of 60 pounds a year fully comprehensive for the Esprit. This is through the Veteran Vehicle Assoc. and they understand that we are not that likely to have accidents as we don't use them very much and drive very carefully.
  19. My 84 Turbo Esprit celebrated her 30th year on the road this year, but is there anyone who can tell me the actual date she rolled out of the factory. Her Vin Number is SCC082910EHG11789 Thanks.
  20. I don't believe or follow any man made religion, but I do have beliefs that place me in the real minority, such as Karma and also reincarnation. I would, however, like to know where God was before the Big Bang?
  21. My son in law was telling me that one the workers at their reptile park was approached by two German lady volunteers, on their last week before returning to Germany, about having a threesome. Being a hot blooded lad of 21 and good looking, he accepted their offer willingly. I believe they are still trying to get the smile off his face one week later. I went on to tell him that my wife offered me a threesome for my 40th birthday. I also accepted willingly until she said that she was going to ask George, who lived next door, to make up the three.
  22. In the old days before the internet, one had very little recourse and you just had to put up with poor service. I am not referring to any Lotus dealer or garage, but most businesses in general. Since the advent of the Internet, most companies have had to make sure they give good service as bad news travels very fast online and especially on marque forums.
  23. Somehow it looks as though petrol heads and fishing seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. In your case Iain, it looks as though you hit the nail, or your knuckles, on the head as after the frustration of working on an Esprit, it must be great to unwind fishing. Trevor. Teach a man to fish and he will spend hours sitting in a boat drinking beer.
  24. I heard that the tickets for the show sold out in the first 40 seconds of them being listed on the internet.
  25. I remember seeing it in the UK when I was over in the 80s. Riveting British drama.
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