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  1. EVO SAY... Lotus Exige Sport 410 – Verdict: Mixing the performance of the Cup 430 with the usability of the Sport 350, the new Sport 410 is the pick of the Exige line-up Evo Rating: 5 star Price: £85,600 For Steering, chassis, performance, immersive driving experience like few others Against Expensive compared to rival" DEFINITELY 😔
  2. Anyway... Getting back to my original post topic (the new 410 not headlights lol)... Has anyone driven one yet? FEEDBACK be good!.. Also has anyone got any photos of the 350 Sport with the new updated front end etc?
  3. Maybe some dealers still have 380 build slots?.. Their 380 demonstrators will be going cheap soon on the plus side 😁
  4. It's official... No 380 Sport on the website!
  5. Wonder if the £57,200 Exige 350 Sport starting price is about to take a rise to sit where the 380 used to as well then?!
  6. Is that official no more 380 Sport? I'm still at the point of deciding on a 350 Sport with lots of extras or standard 380 Sport... If the 380 is no more and the 410 starts at £85k!!! Guess it's going to be the 350 with options for all of us buyers at the £60k-£70k price point 🙄
  7. No price yet... Tempted though... New 350 Sport to get the updated front end too... Hmmmm now could be the time to place my order 😀
  8. I'd kind of settled on a 350 but now I'm not sure Ahhhhh lol, this comparison test drive I've been promised can't come soon enough lol
  9. Very much looking forward to hearing all your views on the Sport 350 to 380 swap "DJW" once you've spent some time getting to know it and how they compare day-to-day on the road!
  10. In that case maybe a carbon Sport 380 Cup big ass wing!!
  11. Anyone know if it is possible to spec a different rear wing on a new Exige, for example spec a carbon Sport 380 wing on a Sport 350 from factory?
  12. Decisions Decisions lol... many people on here taken up Lotus on the 50/50 2yr 0% finance deal? Any pitfalls with it? Seems too good to be true lol... They say they will sign up to purchasing it back for the remaining 50% balance after 2yrs should you struggle to find the balance at the time... However I'd be hoping a 2yr old Exige with 10k on it was worth a bit more than 50% as a dealer buy back!
  13. Another colour to add to my short list :) Wonder if you can get the interior colour pack to match the exterior colour instead of the standard red interior hue... Guess it'll be £1800 for the body paint to start with being a non standard colour!
  14. Thanks chaps :) Will let you know my own thoughts once I get a back to back test drive of the pair of them :D
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