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  1. Wow - That is way more than I was expecting. I had to cancel a few months back and I came here this morning expecting to be gutted at the price (I really thought it would be around the
  2. I got one through this morning - which is interesting as I had to cancel my order a while back. I wonder if the dealer hasn't told Lotus? Actually, I know receiving freebies is pretty darn good - but having cancelled it's mostly a kick up the a*se saying look what you could have won!
  3. Well, unfortunately the current situation has caught up with me and I've had to cancel my order. With the company I work for making a profits warning and knowing what's likely in the next few months I don't really have a choice - my family have to come first and it's a risk I don't feel I can take at the moment. Thanks go to Christopher Neill for the way they refunded the deposit with no problems - I'd do business with them again. Best of luck to every else and lets hope I'm the only one this happens too!! With any luck things won't be as bad as I suspect and I'll be back in the market in 12 months. Cheers all Paul
  4. I think the interior section is great - I finally got to see what the Charcoal interior would look like! That's one decison made then, now if I could stop changing my mind every ten minutes about the exterior colour I'd be fine...
  5. Some of the prices on there are just bonkers! I've been trying to get hold of one of the launch packs (Matchbox car and DVD) - Blimey..... If anyone has more than one and wants to sell it for less than the total GDP of Switzerland ley me know.
  6. Having just come back from my Hols I've missed most of the stock market movements etc which is probably a good thing - those Rum Rummers don't drink themselves you know! My deposit is refundable from Christopher Neil - I have a piece of paper from them stating exactly that and to be honest may not have made the order in August if I didn't have that re-assurance. I'm just as concerned as everyone else about the credit crunch although I guess I'm looking at this a little differently. To me, there are two key dates when I have to make decision... 1. When I have to spec the the Evora up - which again depends on the cost of the car and options. Up until this point my
  7. Sorry Stefan - I think it looks superb in Silver, I might even have mine in Quartz. You're right about white though... I used to have a Peugeot 306 Gti in 'Blaze' - I'd ordered it as a company car without seeing it the flesh...Imagine my surprise when it was delivered...... "Bloomin Norah it's bright bloody gold...."
  8. Pah - This is old news, I knew about this when I got Septembers edition of 'Aluminium & Alloy World' Not to be confused with the high brow educational magazine 'Alloys & Aluminium world' of course.
  9. Hmm....I wonder what the wait will be if you choose not to take one of the fully specced 'first 200'? If first customer cars are in September would that make it late October / November? Cheers Paul
  10. Come on Alan - Surely Maui rather than St Lucia? Like yztop was saying there will be people who find their current car is worth buttons, I'm now running her indoors Audi, which I'll need to trade in - It's in negative equity at the moment but we aren't talking big money here so it won't have a major impact of my decision. But, there may be people looking at any car right now and finding out that their BMW M3 Saloon bought 6 months ago is worth
  11. I think it's a real concern - even if it's just confidence - I can afford the car at the moment but do I spend that money now? I'm sure we all have a budget of some description - either total price or monthly cost - unless your fabulously wealthy and you invented the Biro.... I like the car a good deal (as much as you can without driving one anyway) but there's a cut-off point where I'll back out if it's too much obviously. Having said that no one I know - and I mean absolutely nobody - can comprehend me spending
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