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    Subaru Impreza Turbo

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  1. Would not want to post my experience of the above named operation but suffice to say it wasn't good. They seem to attract the unwary first time purchaser and as stated above it is a shame cos it always looks like a nice selection of Esprits to look at.
  2. chrisJA


    It is not the speed I'm after, just that Esprit experience. Anyway I am sick to death at being raced away from lights by all and sundry and if my memory serves me right that doesn't happen in the Esprit on the whole.
  3. chrisJA


    Hi, one time Esprit owner here (89 n/a) before the children arrived, been running around in an Impreza for the last 4 years and now looking at Esprits again as imminent diesel company car means I want a second car I can really enjoy! Chris
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