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  1. Scatt

    Early V8 M3 GYD

    Hi Guys Sorry for delay in replying just spotted the post. It was me delivering some valeting goodies to a customer and now personal friend who has a country retreat nr. Stone along with a 430 ferrari spider, Bentley Brooklands Continental and a branny A.M.DBS to replace his vanquish to name but a few toys. All the best ! Scatt , Bredbury, Stockport
  2. Hey Dan, Not suprised your gutted but as Mike said dont give up yet having been in fabrication and welding I would suggest you look up metal stitchers. Ok they are more for cracked castings etc but they could probably let in a patch and stitch it which locks it to the parent metal more effectively than just butt welding giving a stronger repair with less distortion. GOOD LUCK !
  3. Hi Rob, Sorry about this but can you pm me your email address as being a computor dinasour having trouble getting a further pm to you Graham
  4. Hi Robert, Will look out for you as I drive around in my Norfolk Mustard V8 as I live in Bredbury. I too have used Kevin at Esprit and up to now have been very satisfied with what he has done. Most of my experience is with Porsche as I have had a number of them and have a rare 911 tucked away. Kevin was recommended by my Porsche mechanic. As for your Lotus - ENJOY ! !
  5. Great looking motor. Colour realy suits it even tho Chiaro is a Ferrari colour. . . . ! ! Pedal to the metal bud !
  6. Hi Guys, Anybody know of any decent breakers etc. as I am trying to locate the n/s carpeted filler panel that fits between the rear screen and the petrol filler on my '96 Esprit V8. Cheers
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