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  1. £42k.....for a 70k mileage this for real!?😳 Not sure about rare, but Black badged Esprits are the coolest!😉
  2. Don’t worry your brain isn’t fried. Man maths, any other logical thinking and a general determination to squeeze in another is the way to go Tom!😉
  3. I certainly wouldn’t be adding unless I robbed a bank! I’ve just bought an S1 Elise with my better half (pic below), as a hopeful future investment. Went for a rare coloured (Deep Purple) original S1 spec variant and now looking forward to getting it looking it’s best with some time and effort. So it would have to be the Exige that would be sacrificed, which the very thought of, makes me feel sick - but never say never😉 Will more likely wait and see what Emira looks like when pictures are released, and then see how long I can resist the potentially very dangerously expensive, test driv
  4. Note to self : “must not test-drive”......did this with the Exige in ‘17 and thought of nothing else until I bought mine! I feel it all starting to happen again......she’d need to tick a lot of boxes though!🤔
  5. I know I’m sticking my neck out here......but I hope it’s better looking than the Type 62 as it’s got proportions only a mother could love! It ain’t the prettiest Lotus anyway! Am I on my own here with that thinking? Took me a while to appreciate the original Europa, which I now like but this is all wrong in my eyes😰
  6. Sorry but I’ve got to ask......(maybe you’d prefer privately)....but how much was the deposit? I’m starting to get that new car purchase twitch again!😰
  7. More Lotus content (featuring Emira briefly😉) to get the juices flowing.......😎
  8. Makes sense when you see them pictured side by side here......I really can’t wait to see it on the 6th July!😎
  9. Would be good to hear you’re back in a Lotus Jay. Last time was too short....😪😉
  10. If this is the future we’re doomed! Thankfully I don’t personally believe for 1 minute it is. We all know (for hope!🙏) that the Lotus SUV, will be a much more elegant, radical looking machine. Could this vehicle be a mule though?.......looks incredibly bland in every way!🥱 Thanks for giving up your lunch though.......good work👏🏻👏🏻 Lotus Emira pics next week please......😉
  11. Roll on 6th July......from what we could see - she looked very pretty!! Time to start saving!!👏👏😎
  12. No photos? Was there no badges on the car. I’m glad I don’t live near Hethel.....I’d be camped out at the entrance to Potash Lane!!😂 Get that camera on standby for next time😉📸
  13. Exciting though ain’t it.....😎
  14. I love these so called motoring “journalists” with all that knowledge they’d have thought they would’ve remembered in their summary, arguably the biggest seller of the range - the Turbo Esprit! And is it possible to read an article these days, without it containing a typo?! My pet hate.....especially in the world of predictive text and spell check. Lazy proofing....and the link at the bottom of their piece doesn’t work either - words fail me.😤
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