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  1. Working well today Bibs - as you say, must have been down to the initial surge of demand!
  2. Tried it today and can't get it to select more than one option without freezing, whether it be on laptop or ipad??
  3. Wise move I reckon - best of luck. Look forward to reading your follow up
  4. Here’s a video Andrew of a very similar Federal example in the States when it was for sale - almost identical to the one you’re looking at. If I was you I’d have already put a deposit down by now......if you ponder, you squander!
  5. I’m pretty sure that Esprits sold in the states were all different to those sold in the UK at the same time. For example the bumpers remained black on HC engined cars in the states, the seats look right for one over there and the decals were likely optioned without. It looks a beauty - if you’ve driven it and it drives well I’d get it bought as you’re unlikely to get the opportunity to get another in this shape and low miles
  6. That’s a mess - you’d think in this day and age if you’re going to bother producing a new model the standard would have to be top notch?
  7. Never noticed it had red louvres before.......lovely car that one
  8. Pack it full of can buy it in sheets and cut to suit - that’ll get rid of it. I’ve no issue with mine but have done this on previous cars and it always does the job. You can always poke and prod it into place so it can’t be seen either
  9. Harry Metcalfe has got one of those in his white Turbo HC
  10. Loving the Pioneer? stereo - top of the range from back in the day!
  11. Looks cracking Terry in the late low afternoon light Lovely car
  12. But do you believe it’s happening as it’s been told........or do you believe there’s something more sinister going on here - I just can’t buy that this is a plain and simple virus (perhaps more accurately an exceptionally off the scale brutal one!) that came about from natural causes
  13. Sorry to hear your news Scott - stay strong!
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