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  1. That Esprit 300 video was brilliant - what an amazing car that is! Henry really does to car reviewing well - great style that just seems so right👏 I wouldn’t sell my Turbo Esprit for much but I would for a Sport a few quid clearly😉
  2. I reckon the 380 will go up in value - there can’t be any more than 30-40 made in they’ll be sought after before much longer which will help them maintain value. I live in hope anyway😉 But theres got to be some logic in my thinking as these current Exige models will always be in low numbers and once the new Lotus range of models are launched in a couple of years there will be even more demand for the current cars🤞
  3. stephenwhyte

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Looks good in white👌😎
  4. stephenwhyte

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    Reversing so the front wheels are at full turn as they approach the kerb will heighten the front......or alternatively approach the kerb side on and then reverse in at 90 degrees up on to kerb with one side of car so front and back wheels are on the kerb and reverse turn in? Or use another car park.......or buy a Porsche😉
  5. stephenwhyte

    Thinking of buying this Exige

    Looks orange on mine🤔
  6. stephenwhyte

    Dry Sump Register

    That’s a very pretty Esprit. Great work getting it back on the road👏🏻👍
  7. stephenwhyte

    Exige picture & video thread

    Not a fan of Matt Black personally but each to their own - for me this is how you do black on the Exige👌
  8. Nearly as nice as the 380 model......not quite, but nearly😉
  9. I think you’ve nailed the look now on that Exige of yours now George with the standard rear wing and spot-lights up front - looks great👌
  10. stephenwhyte

    S4s rolling restoration project

    Great to see this S4s slowly being brought back to its best. Keep up the work and keep the photos and content coming👍
  11. Yes I agree Candy Red as above pic all the way.......and mirrors to match - why I never thought of that is a mystery as I love those red wheels👌😎
  12. I think those particular wheels look better silver, but with the colour scheme on the car I’d go satin black. Whatever way will look good though, just down personal choice.
  13. Happy New Year all. Apologies I had the best of intentions of getting to this mornings meet but having got back from 4 days driving back from Spain last night it was a task too far. Hope the turnout was reasonable and I hope there will be more meetings moving forward as I really do enjoy them. As far as meets to keep as a suggestion I previously thoroughly enjoyed the Rannoch Station run after the meet at Blairgowrie - epic roads!! The Petit Paris as mentioned is always fun and great for displaying the cars. The drive after the meet at Guildtown was great too and anymore like that would be great......can’t beat a hearty breakfast and then a drive of some of Scotland’s best roads. Apologies again for my no-show this morning - enjoy your breakfasts!!🍽 Cheers Stephen
  14. stephenwhyte

    Tyre writing.

    Like hens teeth Dan - if you want more detail about those wheels and more, go on and read Fabian’s (LotusFab) FYEO replica build in the Esprit Restoration section on here - he is nearing completion😎 Turbo Esprit Compomotives are a thing of beauty. I’m just glad I only ever wanted a red Turbo Esprit with black decals and BBS wheels as per the Fast Lane magazine article in the early 80’ white lettering at that time either😉
  15. stephenwhyte

    Tyre writing.

    Like I said..........😉 If you’re going to be bold - be bond😎