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    1996 Lotus Esprit S4s - the only S4s Mica Yellow with Monarch Leaf green interior & 1982 Lotus Turbo Esprit - first Wet Sump Turbo produced for UK.
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  1. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Still can't believe nobody's bought the 410 at Silverstone in this colour......or the fact nobody has yet to order the Exige in it either from what I understand. I went all the way down to see Ian's 400 in Fire Red to confirm if this was the colour for me - as soon as I saw it my thinking was confirmed. Just wish someone would buy my S4s so I can get a Fire Red Exige Sport 380 the colour!!
  2. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    If I ever get the opportunity to get an Exige 380, from day 1 this is the colour I saw it in. Love it For me the best Evora 430GT yet....inspired choice!
  3. [Ebay-bot]1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    I'm with you all the way on the door handles - the fact they're textured & silver does it for me.. So glad my Turbo has them as my old one didn't being a newer model. Will be interesting to see how long this S1 takes to sell......they never seem to hang around long at Marks place.
  4. [Ebay-bot]1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    Yeah it's nice Dave and they don't often come up for sale.....but I think the furry dash needs to go!
  5. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Beautiful setting and photos Ian
  6. The first UK wet sump Turbo.

    Took the Turbo out for a quick run tonight.....and have now just suddenly remembered I SORN'd it at the start of September - oops!!!
  7. New Esprit S4s owner

    S4s with Turbo companion
  8. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Nice night so took both out for a quick run
  9. Rare as hens teeth

    That's a bloody big cabinet someone's got themselves there - looks like it's been fitted with some interesting weaponery too! More of an Edwardian missile launcher look than a musical instrument. Don't think I'll have much luck shifting that - more than likely take the building down moving it! Anyway - have you seen this.....nice isn't it!
  10. Rare as hens teeth

    You could be right - too much fresh air can do funny things to you. Anyway just so we are clear, it's an Exige I'm after - I think I'd be prepared to donate an organ for one of of those Yamaha ones as I'm not good when it comes to the sight of blood
  11. Rare as hens teeth

    The Futuras are a bit special.......
  12. Rare as hens teeth

    And here's me trying to sell mine too..... Hmmm and I've been lucky to get both....but looking to sell one - are us car dafties ever happy?
  13. Rare as hens teeth

    Great photo of the current two David
  14. Just as a side-note George, I've been watching your restoration vlogs - fantastic work and really enjoying the footage and format. Keep them coming!!
  15. 1981 Dry Sump project

    Just checked Rimmer Bros thinking the light clusters would be cheaper there. I bought a set for my old Esprit there in 2008 for £50 £125 each!! A new set will make a massive difference though as they let down the back of the car when faded and old.