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  1. Loving the new Avatar Terry - good work
  2. I did think that it would be the Leven car - too similar not to be. I’d forgotten it had the Alcantara steering wheel too as part of the original spec. Looks lovely with the new rear panel and the 380 Cup wing will finish off the rear nicely
  3. Colour had been changed from original Dave - never a good idea.....I think swerving this one was a wise move
  4. Wowsers........Harry you a brave man - that car is 33 years old!! This is going to be a video worth seeing for sure!!
  5. Afraid not Lex - I never actually confirmed whether it actually sold either. @LOTUSMAN33 was in contact with the vendor at the time I’m pretty sure. Can you help out Dave?
  6. There were a few 350 Sport limited editions in 2018 before the front end change - I remember sitting in one at Leven Edinburgh. It was Essex Blue with blue colour pack, 380 carbon seats, carbon sill covers and carbon front access panel. Maybe one of those?
  7. I’ve never aired mine and don’t seem to be having any issues Terry. Never heard anyone else airing their’s?
  8. It’s a cracking looking car. Much more aggressive and eye-catching than the previous lovely black 350. You’ve done well Terry
  9. He certainly does - sorry couldn’t have a great pic like this go to waste!! Looks cracking!!
  10. And after you telling me the noise wouldn’t be important - I told you you’d want more!! You’re gonna love this 430!
  11. Well another New Year with the Turbo Esprit.....and tonight she was picked up to set off on a journey down. Time to get some more mechanical TLC from someone who really knows these cars well
  12. Look forward to hearing all about it when you make the change Terry It’s been quite a journey so far
  13. That car would go so much faster if he closed the glovebox Great to see him using it and off on another adventure that will be great to see
  14. When trying to get a member to come on to the topic best to write as @Trevsked
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