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  1. Evora GT430

    Have your ordered an Ardent Red 430 Cup Tom?
  2. Evora GT430

    Was just reading about that blue/grey one....a rather uninspiring colour
  3. Evora GT430

    How I wish the current new batch of Lotus cars were cheaper - I’m not alone or going to win that argument I’m sure. Hats off to the likes of Jonny who are realising the dream!
  4. Evora GT430

    Agreed - it’s a howler!
  5. Evora GT430

    Can’t help feeling that the Sport version of this new 430 is going to look mighty, once we see it in some favourable the above Ardent Red for example Does anyone know when we will see the first ones - are they in production yet? I appreciate they’ve made a Grey one but haven’t personally seen any others yet....?
  6. Evora GT430

    That red one is the absolute business - red never fails whenever it’s surrounded by lots of shiny black! Great photo Added another couple, just because..... As for the white one I spotted that last night too and forgot to post......thanks for adding.
  7. Evora GT430

    On my screen.......I find if you cover it with your whole hand, it looks great! More photos available here Andy.....
  8. Esprit S4S

    Info on the link above John
  9. Esprit S4S

    What is it the kids on the street call it these days?.......”separation anxiety issues” - I clearly need to move on
  10. Evora GT430

    One lovely colour example I hadn’t seen.........and one less nice.....maybe best the less nice example stays in Switzerland - who the hell specced that?!
  11. Esprit S4S

    The ones on the car are original though Jacques.......I’d never change what was original on such an iconic Esprit. Not my car now though
  12. The first UK wet sump Turbo.

    No need to apologise @swindon_alan it’s each to their own isn’t it. I really enjoyed my time with the S4s.......but my true Esprit love was always for an early red Turbo with black interior. Remember that I had chased the purchase of my current red Turbo Esprit for 4 years (and lusted after the exact spec I have for 33 years!) but committed to actually buying the S4s first because I got bored and frustrated waiting. Then the week I bought the S4s the seller of the Turbo put me to the ultimate test......he was ready to sell. Couldn’t quite believe he was doing it......but I pulled out all the stops and managed it. That’s the point I knew the S4s would probably likely be sold at some point in the near future. That point came when I test drove the Exige 380 in April - but now as circumstance would have it, I now have an Evora S and love it.....and really not sure which way to turn if at all. It has been a great journey so far though and long may it continue. You’ll complete your dream line up at some point I’m sure - the search is half the fun
  13. Not the best photos Fabian as light was compromised but you’ll get the idea. Now safely tucked up under it’s tailor fitted cover If you need any more, let me know
  14. S1 time to go but where to sell? is a good site Phil......looks a lovely example. In Silver it looks very like the original Giugiaro prototype
  15. Hi Fabian - confident it’s all black inside but will send you a photo tomorrow to confirm......under the bonnet is the same. Around the base of the windscreen is also black around the wiper etc but the line was changed in later models