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  1. All sounds very positive Imran - thanks for the info & your efforts so far I’ll say it again they look magic!!
  2. They look magic Imran To be honest the actual fitment does worry me but I’d likely get the Lotus boys to do the work......but would want to know how long they would need to do the job. How long would you say to fit and fettle in total?
  3. There’s a guy on Facebook will make you one for £60. Good value I’d say. He’s recreating quite a few different owners cars.
  4. Autumn day in Scotland - works well with Fire Red
  5. Red always usually ends up the colour of choice for me
  6. Brilliant stuff Fabian - it’s been a long journey but almost there now. Once you hit 200 should be done
  7. Welcome Terry I bought my Sport 380 back in May ‘18 and the whole experience with Lotus and Leven has been without issue and positive I’d definitely recommend buying the car you’re suggesting @TerryCTR - a Lotus is a very special thing indeed, and the whole community aspect is great!
  8. I thought I’d read that car had been written off........ I may be wrong but I’m sure I read it.
  9. Is this the one with the Tobacco brown interior?
  10. I was starting to think these were going to be out of my personal “acceptable budget” but if they can be had for under £900 I think I’d be in
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