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  2. I personally think that car needs a close inspection before anyone thinks of purchasing. For a car that’s recently been repainted, the paintwork looks terrible in so many of these photos. And the interior leather match looks seriously suspect. It’s been for sale for a long time.....there’s bound to be reasons for this. Not convinced on the 2 tone top and bottom paint spec either.....but that’s a personal thing
  3. Look forward to reading the super-glossy clear Readly version to see the Copper Fire shine
  4. Ha....thanks Lex. It’s nice to see my Wet Sump getting a mention in official Lotus literature.....and again, in a Dry Sump topic In truth though I’d seen this before
  5. Ha....I remember that one - in fact it was pictured in that ad on a post here in the last few days. Interesting that it’s numbered after mine which is 1193.....but still a Dry Sump, but will be because it has Air-Con. Never clicked it was that one - great to see. Looks pretty good too and better with the black bumpers - I remember the ad as it was missing it’s boot lock at the time. Funny the things that stick over the years. Thanks Dave
  6. Here’s a Dry Sump that I’ve had pictures of, for 10 years.....but had forgotten all about. I thought it was maybe the one mentioned above currently on eBay.....but it’s not, and as we know now it’s a Wet Sump. I made enquiries about the one below when it was for sale, but not heard or seen anything about it since. Anyone else know the car?
  7. Pretty sure I remember early photos of a white Dry Sump with a JAN reg number Interesting that the rear side window has AEL638X etched on it
  8. I think it was skipped and missed out - I was watching live for most of the day and never saw it. Certainly wasn’t on at 12.26pm as stated
  9. Been on all day and on over the weekend. More Lotus content than you can shake a stick at!
  10. I knew it would come to me eventually @shaunw - the dealer picture on eBay ad I posted was, Nutley Sports & Prestige. Maybe worth giving them a call ref history of the car.
  11. I’m pretty sure this is it pictured. The ad isn’t for the car but I remember it ( sadly) from that photo when it was there for sale, as I was looking for one at the time. I never got as far as going to view but remember it, because of the low miles and reg from back then. Frustratingly the dealership name isn’t coming to me but I’m sure someone else will recognise this dealership.
  12. Really sorry to hear that @Kimbers- you’ll all be raw right now, but I assure you it does get easier as time passes and when you reflect back it’ll be the good times with Pickle, you’ll all reflect on. Take care mate
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