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  1. How much are the Cup 380 side-scoops from win-ace-bodykits? No price mentioned in link
  2. stephenwhyte

    Essex Random Images.......

    Love the black one with the silver stripes/decals & all silver Compomotives - surprisingly don’t think I’ve seen that combination before🤗
  3. Thanks George that’s reassuring to know.
  4. stephenwhyte

    Exige Cup 430 Type 25 Collector's Piece

    I’ve been in and seen that car and can honestly say I would have picked Red calipers as it is. Every part of that car just works so well together - much more than I thought it would from the photos I’d seen. It’s a thing of beauty. The only thing I’d pick out as a negative are the silver mirrors........not the best finish I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the white Type 25 one too when I was in Monaco for the F1.....not so impressed with that one, but each to their own 😎
  5. Maybe - but I’ll only know how good mine will reseal once I get the dealer to do the soft-top conversion, which I’m planning at next service. I’ve been told to list everything that I’m not happy with and it will be fixed at the run-in service. At the moment my only complaints are a very very slight tinny rattle behind my right ear side (could be the roof but don’t think it is) and a squeaky creaking steering wheel when I move it off the flat plane......jumped in the Type 25 and no such creak. Confident any issues will be resolved as the guys at Leven Lotus are good and super helpful.
  6. But the Type 25 has a Carbon Roof so now used on both? Saw a green one yesterday (very impressive when seeing it for real) which has just been taken in by Leven Lotus Edinburgh - arrived with the aluminium gearknob.......but had the Type 25 part-wooden gearknob in a bag to fit - looks great once fitted!! Not seen it fitted on any of the others yet
  7. stephenwhyte

    Exige picture & video thread

    The 430 really suits that blue - is it Essex Blue?
  8. stephenwhyte

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Part next to gear lever not the same? If you mean where the choke is.....on the later models it was moved under the binnacle - you can just see it in my pic. The black binnacle which is the same. Could be a magnolia specific thing on later Giugiaro Esprits as I don’t think I’ve seen a black binnacle with tan - I’m sure they used back because it reflected less in the glass
  9. stephenwhyte

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My old Turbo was the same
  10. stephenwhyte

    I have a confession to make .....

    Nice to be different👍😎 - way too many orange Mclarens on that boat!‬
  11. So does the handle plastic actually break then when it lets go?😳
  12. Happy with the paint colour in the sun Fabian?👍
  13. Still not registered frustratingly - I’m out sadly. Have a great day and see you again at another meet. Is there a calendar for the rest of the year that I’ve missed?