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  1. Very nice indeed - will be perfect once the big wing is added....!😎
  2. Was once a big SD1 follower and attended many classic events with the SD1 club. Over 10 years I had 6. Favourite and the one I had the longest, was the Twin Plenum Vitesse below. It was also my last before a change of scene was needed, as the SD1 scene was falling away. There were a lot of scrappers still around at that time (2005-2015) but most left now are decent and prices have started to climb as a result. My first Vitesse, I bought for £3000....the same car would be nearer £20k now. My pride and joy at the here and pic below :
  3. Colour Barry? Always loved the turquoise in these. And the tan interior available, was a tad mental too! And they sound terrific!😎👍
  4. It’s all detailed here......pricey mind!😬
  5. Out for the first proper run of the year today - what a car!👍😎
  6. Out for a nice long run.....via an essential trip to the Butchers, if anyone asks!😉 Any excuse to get a run in the Esprit when the weather is as beautiful as it is today - bring on the Spring!😎
  7. Have you had it confirmed then Karl?
  8. Interior has definitely been redone and the height should be higher than the earlier models as you say Chris, but this one is still too high
  9. Looks fantastic in its new white colour!😎
  10. It’s needing brought down a peg or two I know that could just about crawl under it and out the other side😳.....would look a hundred times better with shorter springs. I hadn’t noticed the de-seam.....but not surprising being black. I thought I’d post a pic for ref. and to show the height v another one they sold previously. The larger decals suit it better too😎
  11. These are brilliant - thanks for sharing👍👏👏
  12. My roofs carbon😂😉......but I still like the body colour between as it defines my always favoured black/red spec that I’ve loved since a boy, when I saw my first red/black Turbo Esprit😎
  13. There’s a good chance I will leave them without, as I think without accentuates the scoop shape into the body - I’m all for the stock look normally but mine will always be a Sport/Cup hybrid anyway, with my own it should be I suppose. The deliberation now is whether to vinyl the front intake and between roof panel and rear access like the Cup, but I think I might leave as is too. As said previously....shark-fins and I think I’m there 👍
  14. The whole of my car is PPF’d so I’ve left the black film off that leads into the scoop. I may add a knifeless tape at a later date. Very happy with them - really does improve the look on the sides. Shark fins are next👍
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