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  1. Good price for a car with more than 100k miles
  2. Left hand drive have the top and right hand drive the bottom - don’t know why though.
  3. I’m sure most will like it but not convinced personally. But what do I know - only my humble opinion. Clearly I could learn to live with it though
  4. Not convinced the steering wheel is the best design solution but the rest is amazing.
  5. That’s as near perfect as any car can’s got that kind of look that forces you to keep looking at it! Simply stunning and in yellow it looks tremendous!
  6. Great video - I’m not convinced about the looks of the car though. Front isn’t right.....lights specifically and rear too narrow. He’s done well to get it to this stage though. Should have tied up with Stevens for the styling.
  7. You won’t see anything until the Summer of next year Andy - expect a launch at the GFOS
  8. Looks great Dave - looks in great nick!
  9. This is going to be stunning when it’s done. I tie up with Fabian will make for a great photoshoot
  10. That’s brutal!! I think I’d be going with Parks @Andy Norman - they won’t be able to open and do work until they’re qualified to do so. The Technicians will have been taken to Hethel or Hethel staff will have been up there - I’d bet on both. Surely if Craig’s technicians can do the job on yours without engine removal, then a Lotus qualified technician can also do it - or is there a reason they don’t? Other than the cynical option, of making money.... They’ll be on their best behaviour to build a reputation so I’d personally be prepared to believe in their work. I wouldn’t want to be wasting time, money and mileage taking the car to Oakmere. But you’ll do what’s best for you
  11. Jeez that’s cheap too @Barrykearley - get both bought @C8RKH
  12. @C8RKH This ones not an auction Andy - there are 2. One is an auction ad (I posted a separate topic for that one) and the other a private sale. It would sit the garage next to the Fire Red Evora
  13. Can’t believe how cheap this is - looks like a total bargain!
  14. Great for Laura - she’s a true car and Lotus enthusiast! I’m glad she’s stuck with it as I had feared she’d have decided to get out of the Motor Trade after this whole debacle. Good times ahead for everyone connected to Lotus in Scotland moving forward
  15. Patience Andy - everyone needs to have a wee bit of it right now. All good things..... Lotus are on a journey and given what’s going on in the World right now I’m just happy there’s progress
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