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  1. Here’s mine from an ‘82 Turbo - look to be the same. If you’ve got any spare I’ll take one off you if you let me know how much as the paint has rubbed off a bit on the drivers one On closer inspection the writing on the side is different - Geproft is written on mine. Look to be the same to me though.
  2. Yeah - it’s just not as white
  3. Sunday Breakfast meet at Leven Lotus - nice and sunny so Fire Red was doing it’s thing!!
  4. Changed now, for 2 shades of personal favourite colour
  5. That’s a pretty S4s - love the Sport 300 front lip
  6. I think it might just be a better colour than Ultra Violet Dan - haven’t seen UV to be fair though but I have seen this in the flesh and it does work well
  7. New colour for Lotus - Crazy Plum pearlescent. Certainly different anyway!
  8. Not mine Dan - I merely have a peasant Sport model
  9. Today’s visit to the car collection was brilliant - thanks for arranging @Ian Corse
  10. Your Evora’e looking stunning Andy - would have liked to have caught up for a catch up this morning but I got chatting to some of the others after arriving late and then hadn’t hadn’t realised you weren’t going to see the private car collection. It was something special! But you’ve got a special one of your own - Fire Red gets so many positive comments but I like how it’s still a rarely chosen colour
  11. Thanks Brian - we had planned to go to Gloagburn Farm as it’s a favourite and close enough to Guildtown. Will see how we go in the morning. I’ll message @Andrew C to let him know in the morning so nobody’s left hanging. Thanks again
  12. This pic of the Senna reminds me a little of my pride and joy........ok a slightly cheaper, slightly lower performance version Still better looking than the Senna though
  13. Am I too late to attend this event on Sunday? I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it due to a new puppy purchase plan...... but that’s been delayed for now & moved to further on in the month. Ironically my better half was keen to attend her first meet too...... We’d be prepared to miss breakfast if that’s the reason for the 30 limit and join up at Guildtown around 12pm? @Ian Corse @Andrew C Any space for a well behaved pair?
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