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  1. Well done David - not at all surprised as you priced to sell. The new owner has themselves what looks like a very special Esprit!👍👏🏻👏🏻
  2. That is stunning!😎The sunroof is a nice thing to have but I do prefer these personally “look-wise” without a sunroof, especially what will be aftermarket…..but still a beautiful car inside and out with a very period colour-combo. Good luck with the sale👍
  3. Here you go…..
  4. Thanks for the link info @Bibs - all sorted now. Feel very privileged being one of only 131😳👍😎
  5. It’s a shame really - it was such a brilliantly well kept secret up to tonight. Oh well the real unveil will still be worth the watch👍
  6. Nowt - is it possible to have it sent to a different email address? I’ve had issues with my Hotmail account recently….🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. No invite received even though I registered? Any ideas @Bibs
  8. Interesting that the A pillars are body coloured and not black, like the Evija and the Evora…..🤔
  9. Another year another MOT passed. Still only just over 18,400 miles……ridiculous really for a 39 year old car. I often wonder whether I should keep or let it go but for now she stays👍😎 pics taken at the local MOT station
  10. Nice work Matt - great to see another Fire Red Exige. I was on my own pretty much for a while there but these Final Editions seem to have brought out the need for more Fire!🔥😎 I remember those initial days of getting mine - a pic of it below with the original Sport spoiler and Sport carbon rear panel still on it - I changed to the Cup alternatives. Kept the Sport ones as might change back one day as I also like the spoiler in particular. And you’re right about Fire Red - it changes massively depending on the light. Moody in the lowlight……sensational in the sunlight Enjoy your lovely Exige…..they’re fantastic👍👏👏
  11. Looks fantastic in white!😎
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