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  1. That’s was excellent - thanks @Bibs👏🏻👏🏻👍
  2. Very nice Neil. Have always thought Titanium was a great colour for the later Esprit’s! Great choice.😎👏🏻👏🏻
  3. Can’t help thinking the new 4 door coupe Lotus Type 133 when it appears, will be styled very similarly to the new Polestar 5…..which I personally think looks very sharp. Tesla (not before time) are about to see some serious competition - their styling is woreful, so should be challenged easily enough!
  4. It’s the large one first….definitely!
  5. Looks like much more recent photo to me….🤔 Recent recreation @Bibs?
  6. Bargain and true investment potential! The wing end plates colour need sorted, same with wing supports and the after,Adecals need to go…..then it will be lovely!😎
  7. Yeah let’s see some photos Neil so we can see which spec it is. There’s 3 V8’s that I know of up here in Scotland and I’ve got the Giugiaro Turbo version👍 Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see you & the car at a meet at some point. Welcome to the world of Lotus👍😎
  8. I personally think the sound is on par with the Evora - a lot of doomsayers saying the Emira V6 exhaust is quieter than Evora 4xx but it sounds pretty damn similar to me👍
  9. It’s Shadow Grey without Black Pack - this is the launch V6 that was at Hethel, Goodwood, Laguna Seca & here in Brooklyn. It just looks darker in the available light here…..
  10. Finished at £86,500 plus £6k commission!👏🏻👏🏻
  11. Looks better here with a a more appropriate steering wheel for one thing…..👍
  12. Go easy Ian and keep it wet!!……said the actress to the Bishop!😳😉
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