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  1. Sounds brilliant and will be well worth all the effort. Good move ref the sunroof as those aftermarket ones are horrible. What’s the mileage of the car now? Would be great to see some more photos of it.....exterior & interior
  2. When are you hoping to have it finished @Lot63? Can’t wait to see this one done - it’s great when old press cars reappear Odd that it never had the thick side stripes along the sides.....but was given a coachline - unusual anyway This is surely the same car......
  3. Congrats won’t miss that parked in the front park!
  4. Welcome - lovely S1 Esprit!
  5. It’s all guesswork - all will be revealed I’m sure, when Lotus are good and ready. In the meantime best to just ignore all the press speculation and guesswork.....
  6. So many red Turbo projects about recently - love it!
  7. Great to see another red Turbo project emerge......look forward to watching progress. @Bodger’ve got someone else to compare notes with
  8. Great to have you onboard Craig Love the fact you found this car purely by chance - I’m looking forward to following your progress
  9. @Wootsmeet where’s that time- machine!?
  10. Not entirely sure Dave - would need to see both to know. More likely the slightly subtle body colour Fire Red or similar will be the way I’ll go. I still like without too so don’t really know at this point. Mine will be a decal anyway so should be easy enough to try before commiting. A job for the Spring
  11. That sounds about right - mine was registered May ‘18 and as I said I had the option in Feb prior to build to have the “cat-scratches” as they were called internally, done then. Sounds to me like yours was specced around the same time and specced with Cup430 cat-scratches which was available to order by this time. Nice when you can tie up all the loose stuff ends with all the little peculiarities that go on at Hethel......they’ve been confusing owners for decades. I have an ‘82 Turbo Esprit and it was going on back then and beyond too
  12. I’ve not seen another 380 Sport with the straight stripes like yours. When they were new in ‘17 there was only Cup stripes as an option, but as the 380 Sport/Cup was fazed out in ‘18 and the 430 Cup fazed in, the straight stripes could be optioned at factory - I know this as I had the option at the time, and this was discussed at length when I went to see it being built at the factory but decided against it (pic attached - mine sitting next to a Fire Red Cup 430) - yours therefore, I can only assume was a late build 380 and the stripes optioned by the first owner?
  13. Dave do you know who did the stripes? It’s the later version of stripes that the 380 never had. Only ask as I’m deliberating whether to do them on the front access panel, and if not factory would be keen to know who did them as they look spot on. This’ll be where you tell me they were put on at factory.....
  14. I’m with you there Andy on the “you call us” nonsense - that’s not how you invite new customers to your business, is it? Really quite poor....and the wait to get up and running is poorer still!
  15. Ordered through Deroure website - that’s where all Lotus parts are ordered. Yes mine is fully PPF’d - shark fins will go on top
  16. Is that black-work at the front of the clam, paint or vinyl? If it’s vinyl it’s the first I’ve seen that looks as Matt as the original paint on the Cup - this is what I’m looking for Lovely - but it’s crying out for a Cup rear wing.....are you planning on getting one fitted?
  17. Some inspiration for you Dave. I know this is a 430 Cup but the vinyl looks the same from the side......Olive Green and vinyl works well
  18. I’ve got the shark-fins but haven’t fitted them yet. Going to get the vinyl between roof and rear panel, and on the front clam, between the air intakes - these areas are painted on the Cup models. All together they make the car much more aggressive looking
  19. It’s brilliant Fabian, but I can’t help noticing each time I see it....that the ride height at the back is a tad high
  20. Yeah it’s nice and I’m a big fan of the colour combo throughout. Just wonder if the paint job isn’t the best? Don’t think AT is the best place to advertise either. Would probably do well at auction.
  21. Best upgrades I’ve made Davey....really happy with the new look. Will be adding some black vinyl decaling in the Spring to finish it off for the full Cup look
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