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  1. Well done David - not at all surprised as you priced to sell. The new owner has themselves what looks like a very special Esprit!👍👏🏻👏🏻
  2. That is stunning!😎The sunroof is a nice thing to have but I do prefer these personally “look-wise” without a sunroof, especially what will be aftermarket…..but still a beautiful car inside and out with a very period colour-combo. Good luck with the sale👍
  3. Here you go…..
  4. Thanks for the link info @Bibs - all sorted now. Feel very privileged being one of only 131😳👍😎
  5. It’s a shame really - it was such a brilliantly well kept secret up to tonight. Oh well the real unveil will still be worth the watch👍
  6. Nowt - is it possible to have it sent to a different email address? I’ve had issues with my Hotmail account recently….🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. No invite received even though I registered? Any ideas @Bibs
  8. Interesting that the A pillars are body coloured and not black, like the Evija and the Evora…..🤔
  9. Another year another MOT passed. Still only just over 18,400 miles……ridiculous really for a 39 year old car. I often wonder whether I should keep or let it go but for now she stays👍😎 pics taken at the local MOT station
  10. Nice work Matt - great to see another Fire Red Exige. I was on my own pretty much for a while there but these Final Editions seem to have brought out the need for more Fire!🔥😎 I remember those initial days of getting mine - a pic of it below with the original Sport spoiler and Sport carbon rear panel still on it - I changed to the Cup alternatives. Kept the Sport ones as might change back one day as I also like the spoiler in particular. And you’re right about Fire Red - it changes massively depending on the light. Moody in the lowlight……sensational in the sunlight Enjoy your lovely Exige…..they’re fantastic👍👏👏
  11. Looks fantastic in white!😎
  12. Oh no no, Lotus have never done that kind of thing - much!🤦🏻‍♂️ Your new here I see. Great to share In your innocence……and I joke but I hope Lotus have learned not to have Special Editions or rebadged cars every 5 mins, and not to kid buyers this will be the last, final never to be seen again most powerful variant, only for it to be superseded the following month - I hope we left all that back when JMG reined!😉 Incidentally your enthusiasm for the new car is fantastic! We just need to find another 5000 like you!👍😎
  13. Exactly that - if they’re out and about they’re clearly happy to have the car seen….simple! And anyway the more publicity they get, the more interest is created which leads to more car sales! Win, Win, Win! 📸😎 Nice enough to chop in the Esprit for?😉
  14. Lovely - you must be over the moon @Mattmahope👏🏻👏🏻😎
  15. We need to see some more photos of the car now it’s finished @Mattmahope .....stick some on your Project topic👍😎
  16. My goodness that’s brave work - but definitely for the best!!👏👏
  17. You’re not the first to say that. Always thorough, is my motto!😂😉
  18. Ref Logo - Didn’t like at first but now prefer......I think they nailed it. Very difficult thing to do but a job well done. It’s almost a mandatory action to have to create a new logo when a company moves into a brand new phase......the traditionalists usually always kick off but change is difficult! Lotus haven’t rushed this whole change, but they’ve made some excellent decisions along the way and I hope that’s the way they continue to progress. But so much lies on the new pressure!😬🤞
  19. You have PM - I’ve managed to get you the details of the the couple who bought the Mini from my mate👍
  20. Hi - I’ve asked my mate who owned the car back then where the new owner lives but he never kept any details. He reckons it was Edinburgh they came from. Sorry I can’t be of any more help. Maybe DVLA is your best bet.....
  21. I think I’m the wrong person to ask - there’s museum pieces seen more action than my Esprit in the last couple of years. A house move, Exige purchase, then Elise purchase means my Turbo is a garage queen......and I couldn’t tell you the last time the boot zip was unzipped. But the boot bag is a good idea but more space available without it.
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