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  1. As I was typing I knew there was a euphemism in there whatever I wrote, so just rolled with it!😉👍
  2. Shmee’s front access panel gap looks even tighter than one on the Nimbus Grey car you’ve pictured above👍
  3. He is a little hard work to listen to at times but his videos of car reviews don’t lack on the facts & knowledge front. The gaps on his car look good - in particular the gap at the bottom of the front access panel, where the rubber is. I wonder if there’s been a change to improve the gapping there? Looks great in Yellow👍😎
  4. Is this not the Evora that Clive Chapman ran for some time after Lotus gave it to him? Pictured here on the left at the 70th Anniversary meet at Hethel👍 and pictured here when he was handed the keys…..
  5. How’re you getting on with the Evora search @Philsport300? Do you ever miss this S4s?
  6. Can’t believe that’s 8 years since you bought your V8 - feels like half that! How time flies😰 Hope life is treating you well Graham👍
  7. For a brief moment……I was wondering how B&C managed to get an Eletre into stock and sold so quickly!!!😳😰😂
  8. Thanks for the physics lesson - but the footage still gave me the impression the steering was light, to the touch👍And I agree (and by most accounts so far) it will be good.
  9. Seems an awful lot of steering input going on, for very little turn/reaction? Might just be the footage….., but it gives the impression the steering is very light?🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. The view through the rear window with privacy glass, still gives a decent view of the engine. More than I thought it would, and the car looks so much better with the privacy glass. It gives the car a more finished look!👍
  11. Fashion change my friend…….Brown was always seen as very 70’s! Looks great though… you know!😉😎
  12. High hands on a steering wheel……..never held Jean Alesi back!😉
  13. Or you’re not part of the Emira Owners Group!?😂 I can see it fine👍
  14. Probably the best place to look for a LHD Cup 430!/used-cars/Exige.html%3Ftri%3Dprix_decroissant
  15. Yes I did wonder about that. I thought lower black pack only, meant chrome tailpipes? I know it’s a Lotus though, so shouldn’t be too surprised about individual spec!😉
  16. That’s a beautifully simple wheel design. I initially thought the Silver was a bit bright but looks good there and really works well with Verdant Green and yellow callipers👍😎
  17. Brilliant - would love to see it brought back to life!! When do you think you’ll have it running again @Stuart Monument?👏👏
  18. He selected Silver wheels……the car in the pic has Diamond Cuts🤓
  19. Brilliant video - fantastic insight! Thanks Harry and thanks to Matt!👏🏻👏🏻 It’s all coming together👍😎 Interesting that Harry managed to get his suspension option changed, from that which he originally ordered!🤫
  20. I was thinking more along the lines of start up sites @Bibs👍
  21. The harsh reality is Dealer Groups are not going to invest money in new showrooms until Lotus start producing cars in some sort of reasonable volume at least. There are plans for additional car showrooms & Aftersales Dept but this is a chicken and egg situation…….. All will become clear over time but patience is required - as long as the new cars sell, new sites will follow imminently. We’ve come this far and Lotus are in a far better place now than previous….. Hang in there chaps!👍
  22. If I were buying, (at last in real life for the first time I’ve seen anyway), this would be the spec I’d have chosen😎…….need to do my best to avoid the demo test-drives when the time comes. Or I could end up in the position I put myself in when testing the Exige for the first time - that ended up a very expensive afternoon!😅 Looks stunning in this spec, just not sure the styling is aggressive enough or the drive raw enough for me at this point though…..GT4 you say?!👍
  23. Good work👏🏻👏🏻😎……it’s crying out for a rear wing though!😉👍
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