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  2. Loving that last red Turbo Esprit (for obvious reasons😉)…..but never seen that one before. It was taxed all the way up to 2017. Is the Blue S4s not the one the journalists used back at the time… went to Monaco with Matt Bishop if memory serves me right? edit - turns out it was that car
  3. Looks so much better with these wheels…..😎
  4. Great to see the cars……but to be honest this wheel design (for what I assume is the base model), is really bland, and they look terrible in gloss finish. Personal taste, clearly!!😕
  5. Stunning pics indeed!😎 Yip have to agree - the 420 should’ve come standard with Carbon Roof…..I ordered my Fire Red Exige with, it was a no brainer👍
  6. stephenwhyte

    Emira GT4

    Really do hope they do a road version of this or dare I say it one that looks even more aggressive along the lines of all the Cup Exige cars……they’re bound to sell well. Porsche clearly think so….👍😎
  7. Love it - I like to think I somehow influenced this spec….when I was one of the first to go Fire Red back in ‘18😉 Enjoy - they’re truly mental and great fun, and the public you pass by on your way, will love it!!😎
  8. For those that have been waiting and waiting……Verdant Green👍
  9. Looks great in Yellow with those wheels😎
  10. Lotus never made a 410 Cup👍
  11. Absolutely love that 430 Cup!!😍
  12. Ah I see what you mean now - the height of the lip on the door up to the underside of the Emira opened door. Yeah I can what you mean there……maybe this trailer type isn’t designed for low-slung sports cars?
  13. Struggle to see the issue - I’ve used a covered trailer previously and the door height never came into it…..🤔
  14. Lovely - but it really is crying out for a Cup rear wing now!😬😉
  15. That jumped out at me too, during the Eletre launch…..
  16. It’s to be a Macan challenger, same as Eletre is targeting the Cayenne. But significantly Lotus will be ahead of both Porsches’ as they’ve gone electric first with both. 133 is going after Taycan buyers. The strategy is clear - they’re going (together with Emira v Caymen) after Porsche customers head-on!👍 And why not….it’s a model that works, and there’s more than enough custom out there, to share. However the other part to this is Aftersales and customer care……Lotus have work to do here, but it will come!😎
  17. It’s less than £100k👍
  18. Glad to see Mick was ok after his crash - it was a big one! I honestly think this track is too quick for F1 cars……thought it last year and the same this year. I’m all for risk & reward but when there’s no chance when things go wrong for whatever reason, it starts to get dangerous! Hoping F1 doesn’t wait until AFTER someone is seriously hurt……
  19. Great looking car @Paul_D - I take it you know your MOT is due on Sunday? A mate of mine up here in Scotland was down Newmarket way last week and spotted your car and mentioned it. Said it looked lovely on the road, in front👍
  20. Looks good……but jeezus, your slow reveal teasers, are more drawn out than Lotus Cars own new car teasers! Just show us the bloody colour!😜😉
  21. Brilliant Scott!😎👏🏻👏🏻
  22. None other than Mr Giugiaro at Hethel beside his creation😎
  23. Funny you say that as I think the same. I think an Anthracite wheel would work well for Emira👍😎
  24. As I understand it these are still all pre-production Not unless you’ve bought an LHD version!😉
  25. Surprised these haven’t made it on here yet, but they were posted on FB by a guy called Phil Steven’s who got a tour around the factory by Matt Windle. Clearly if Matt says it’s ok to take photos, it’s ok to post!😉😎I’m a massive fan of Magma but how good does the Nimbus Grey (at least that’s what I think it is) look😎👏🏻👏🏻
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