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  1. For an S3!! I need to watch that, when shown on TV!😳
  2. Yeah he’s a bit marmite…..ok a lot marmite - but you can’t take away his knowledge retention when explaining specs. The detail he holds in that head of his is always impressive and yet again a lot of praise for Emira. Whether we like it or not, these “influencers” do just that - and thankfully he and Chris Harris (especially!) were extremely positive about the car! I think we’ll be seeing a lot of these on our roads…..and not just at car-meets!👍
  3. Saw that on FB - lovely isn’t it!😎
  4. Mr Walker with his S1 Esprit at Ketteringham Hall……oh and a new Magma Red Emira!😉😎
  5. Looking fantastic Tom! Great to see all the hard work has paid off…’ve got a really beauty there now!👏🏻👏🏻😎
  6. Yeah me neither, especially with the black wheels which I personally think are terrible on this spec of Emira. That from someone with black forged alloys on an Exige, but it’s styling is way more aggressive which is needed to have black wheels……and gloss is a no-no! All subjective I know…… Looking forward to seeing the next batch of colours👍 Would like to see the current JLR Blue type colour used, with black pack top……and diamond-cut wheels!😎
  7. Lotus did supply a Sport Chassis for the Evo test - it’s the tyre choice they got wrong! Like I said…..silly mistake by Lotus😬 Great review by Car👏👏😎
  8. Lotus though made a mistake giving pro-Porsche Evo, a Goodyear shod Emira with the Sport set-up……would likely have been a different story, if it had been on Cup’s! Silly error by someone at Lotus……😬 and……why give LHD cars to people that are used to RHD. One of the development drivers in another video said the footwell is wider on RHD cars and the peddles not so offset…….so surely if you’re Lotus you prioritise the correct orientation, with the right set up and right tyres, if you want to receive the best review!!🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. And Autocar’s review……can’t really say?! - I’d almost lost the will to live by the time he was done!!😴
  10. Harry’s review is simply more favourable as he treats it as the “road car” it’s designed to be. The EVO review to me had no point……they’re obsessed with testing at Anglesey - why? It’s not a track car……yes it can be used on track and will no doubt be good fun, but it’s a road car and according to Harry, “the Lotus I’ve always wanted” - great to hear! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The review I want to watch as well as Harry’s, is Mr Catchpole’s - another sensible knowledgable fair-minded reviewer…..I do think his thoughts will be similar to H.M’s👍
  11. The front boot gap, really does look bigger than it should be on every one I’ve seen so far. I’m hoping they fix this for the final production cars, but can’t help thinking it would’ve been sorted by now if it could be made better…….🤔
  12. That’ll be this one then…..😉😎
  14. Loving that last red Turbo Esprit (for obvious reasons😉)…..but never seen that one before. It was taxed all the way up to 2017. Is the Blue S4s not the one the journalists used back at the time… went to Monaco with Matt Bishop if memory serves me right? edit - turns out it was that car
  15. Looks so much better with these wheels…..😎
  16. Great to see the cars……but to be honest this wheel design (for what I assume is the base model), is really bland, and they look terrible in gloss finish. Personal taste, clearly!!😕
  17. Stunning pics indeed!😎 Yip have to agree - the 420 should’ve come standard with Carbon Roof…..I ordered my Fire Red Exige with, it was a no brainer👍
  18. stephenwhyte

    Emira GT4

    Really do hope they do a road version of this or dare I say it one that looks even more aggressive along the lines of all the Cup Exige cars……they’re bound to sell well. Porsche clearly think so….👍😎
  19. Love it - I like to think I somehow influenced this spec….when I was one of the first to go Fire Red back in ‘18😉 Enjoy - they’re truly mental and great fun, and the public you pass by on your way, will love it!!😎
  20. For those that have been waiting and waiting……Verdant Green👍
  21. Looks great in Yellow with those wheels😎
  22. Lotus never made a 410 Cup👍
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