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  1. Fire Red is just a great colour…but just one of many!😉😎
  2. I meant the original one not this new one. I really like both of the new Radford Lotus models😎👍
  3. It’s the show car - the above was last year when it was touring the country. This is at Parks Lotus where I went to see it in person. Stunning when you’re standing next to it!😎
  4. Sounds like Caribbean Blue - a lovely colour they only used for a couple of years strangely? Like this?
  5. Pretty sure that 380 Cup met a fiery end! And I think it was exhaust related from memory…. 🔥😰
  6. Have to say, the Essex looks fantastic now it’s had the work done. Would’ve thought that the headlining would’ve been replaced given the standard achieved everywhere else on the car….but maybe a brave step too far! Lovely!👏🏻👏🏻 Can’t wait to see what it sells for..?🤔
  7. Same car - it’s touring the Globe. Currently in America👍 It’s the dark grey one that was used at the launch….it’s just the camera exposure that makes it look black📸
  8. Crackin car Dave - all the better for the forged wheel change!😎
  9. Well done getting an Esprit Turbo to your liking - not an easy thing to find these days so it looks like you’ve done well! Looks in great condition underneath too. I’m with Sparky - ditch the stickers. They’re only relevant to the previous owner who attended the shows in reality……and more importantly the view out of these is compromised enough so removing them will clear your overall field of vision! Keep the photos coming! You might want to start a new topic in Projects though👍
  10. I personally think the retrim was done at the (SW) Lotus Centre not Hethel……looks to be lost in translation. There’s no way a Sport 300 left Hethel like that!🤢
  11. Somebody clearly got a new sewing machine for their Christmas😳……the quilted alcantara in there is hurrendous!🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. There’s a story to that trampoline - it was the neighbours, wasn’t tethered and flew one night - right over the wall and smashed into the other half’s car! That was the end of a beautiful neighbourly relationship as after promising to sort the car he became a total dick in denial. It was one of the reasons we recently moved!😤 It’s Scotland - there’s a Gritbox every 50 feet…’s difficult to take a photo up here that doesn’t include one! Much needed in these Scottish Summer months!😉
  13. I remember that car @scotty435…….👍 Was part of the club scene myself for over 10 years. Many a show attended and loved the SD1…..had to be red for me though. 725JYA… back on its original reg (with a new owner) C222TMX……also a TP Vitesse😎
  14. You beat me on Lotus fleet numbers so let’s call it a draw!😂😉
  15. Ha - if I’d know this was a dick wagging contest……I’d have brought out the big-gun first!😂😉 I raise your LF1 with the sheer style of the Esprit😜😉
  16. Ha - nice one!😉 My 160 is apparently pushing out 174bhp at 7000 rpm…..the first 50 SVA cars like your car, produced more than the standard 150 bhp quoted in the brochure. Whereas the WVTA 160’s were all around 145bhp. I nearly ended up with one of those but so glad I found this instead - it’s brilliant!👍 The 340R will spank them both…..but I’ve got the Exige for those days……but I really do love the purity of design of the S1!😎
  17. Nice one Justin - a fantastic piece of Elise history right there! Good work!👏🏻👏🏻😎
  18. They’re very special……proper little characters for sure. And lucky enough to find one with only 19,000 miles. And in New Aluminium, it really is a colour that shows off the S1 lines! She’s a keeper😉👍
  19. Long time member on here being an Exige and Esprit owner…..but there was space for another - just!😬😂 An Elise Sport 160 - what a car!😎👏🏻👏🏻
  20. Well done David - not at all surprised as you priced to sell. The new owner has themselves what looks like a very special Esprit!👍👏🏻👏🏻
  21. That is stunning!😎The sunroof is a nice thing to have but I do prefer these personally “look-wise” without a sunroof, especially what will be aftermarket…..but still a beautiful car inside and out with a very period colour-combo. Good luck with the sale👍
  22. Here you go…..
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