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  1. What's the mileage on the Essex Christian? The two tone Limited Edition HC Turbo in the same dealer has been there a while now at £35k - seems like they've positioned that at strong asking money. Will be interested to see where they pitch a LHD Essex.....?
  2. What happened Christian?
  3. Now that's what I call a colour choice!!!!! Looks fantastic and the colour works so well against those wheels......lovely!!!!
  4. Looks absolutely fantastic so far - can't wait to see it finished!!!
  5. Looks like a great project! It's funny as when I looked at the first pic the first thing that came into my head was the Deloresn in Back to the Future due to it looking like its hovering!!!! Then what do we find in the last photo - only a bloody Delorean!!! Best of luck with the project!
  6. Nice work Graham - looks fantastic!!!!!!
  7. So what happened here then.......? Has there been a purchase?
  8. Just said the same thing to my better half..........she neither agreed nor disagreed lol. No change there then - it's just a car after all! As if......?!
  9. Buddsy any chance of postng a photo or two of the car with the new tyres on to show the profile, width etc on the car? I'm nettled with the fact you say these new ones look wider than the Pirellis they replaced
  10. Cool - funnily enough I had just put up another post looking for pics lol! Looking forward to seeing the car in more detail!
  11. Good stuff Mike regards your old S2......lovely car! When are we going to see some more photos of your new Esprit?
  12. I think you may be onto something there..... Don't say "yours" yet'll jinx things lol!!!!
  13. Here's another pic Buddsy to draw comparison from - yes it's from the car I keep bumming on about that is supposed to be coming my way soon........but still isn't in my garage. We are getting closer though as I have pics. Won't be posting any others up though until the deal is complete and the car is with me - don't want to jinx things now do I after all this time!! Looks like this backs up the layout.......that looks wrong! Well it wouldn't be Lotus if it was positioned in an orthodox way now would it...... Not quite sure what the black tube is - though it might be a cover for something. This Turbo is very original with VERY low miles so I'd expect what you see is what it was back in 1982.
  14. The strange thing is Jonny I can't find anything about this car on the Internet, no photos no adverts nothing. I've looked before and had the same problem. I'm glad I kept the photos
  15. These are from when the car was for sale at UKSportscars as mentioned above. I assume it's the same one. Here's the link to the list of early Esprit Turbos......
  16. That car was for sale at Uksportscars maybe 5 or so years ago - pretty sure the reg number is MPH**W........would that be right? Always thought the tobacco interior should have been in more Turbo interiors as it looks fab!!!' Great buy - nice work
  17. This one by any chance Christian........?
  18. Great news on yours Mike and I look forward to seeing some photos when you take delivery - a rare beast the HC, especially in Calypso Red. I thought it would have to be special to want to get rid of the Gold S2 - it was a beauty!! As for me........I'm had to be more patient than I've ever had to be for any car purchase but I'm told the waiting will be over in the Spring or thereabouts so unless something goes badly wrong then that's when it will be. And yes it's the same as the one in my Avatar photo which is the picture of the Turbo Esprit featured in Fast Lane Magazine that started it all for me so many years ago. This waiting is driving me mental........
  19. Just spotted your new avatar pic Mike - when's she arriving?
  20. Sounds well thought through - roll on the show season so you can get the car out and about. I had the same Pirellis on my old Turbo - but always wanted a car with the more bulbous Goodyears.........such a shame people are having to depend on using/keeping old ones instead of being able to buy new. The Turbo I'm buying still has its original Goodyears which I have been told should be ok to use........time will tell I like the idea you have of having a set of silver and a set of gold - can't be many in that fortunate position! Enjoy and look after her
  21. The wheels look great and actually look "deeper dish" at the rear than the BBS wheels. So I see it now sits on a set of Pirellis that the way it's staying? I wonder how it drives on those - I'm guessing it will be a harder ride........but I'm also guessing you'll have to wait until March to find out. Are the old Goodyears going onto the Gold set of wheels? Nice work!
  22. Great photo - never thought you could get that amount of cars in that car park.....nevermind exotic Lotus cars of every make and model. Must have been quite a site!! I know the venue well and had planned to come along today to introduce myself as I've been lurking here for a while. I live near Falkirk and often go to Robert & Peters place for a pizza......they're the best around!!! Anyway I had an 86 Esprit Turbo back in 2008 and hoping to have another Esprit, this time an early Turbo Esprit, the same as the one in my avatar picture - deal will hopefully be completed around the Spring time........the car is currently going through a recommission after being off the road since 1993! I've been working on this deal since June 2013 and the work is being completed by someone who has worked with Lotus one way and another for most of his life, but he's a busy man so I'm having to be patient. It certainly looks like you all will have had a great day and had great weather for a drive. I look forward to hopefully catching up with you all at some point in the near future. Cheers Stephen
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