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  1. Car looks exceptional and that advert, with all those photos, really shows everything doesn't it?? Well done I am sure you will be very pleased with it. Looks expensive. Was it???
  2. Probably in the wrong section but ............I spotted someone taking photos of my car last night - it was me!! Hope you like them........
  4. Sorry can't make this weekend but hope to meet up sometime soon. Cheers Stephen
  5. Keith, Is your car in at Alis place in Loanhead getting some work done - if so I saw it the other day and thought it looked lovely!
  6. 1. 2003 V8 (bingoking) 2. 1985 Turbo Esprit (Alan Head) 3. 1986 Turbo Esprit (Stephen Whyte)
  7. Looking good Alan and also glad to see you on here. Im hoping we can all meet up soon as Brian suggests and go for a tour in the cars. Mine is going into a repairer (the Lotus specialist in Edinburgh that used to work for Murray Motor Co.) on Saturday to get a new Stainless exhaust system fitted and a few other bits and bobs done . I'm taking it to Le Mans 24hr race in June so I am trying to get everything sorted out just now. Can't wait to get it in and get it back!!! The tip you gave me at the Club Lotus meeting regarding the petrol fume smell worked.
  8. stephenwhyte

    Le Mans '09

    Im driving down from Scotland to get the ferry from Hull on Tuesday the 9th so should be at the track Wednesday afternoon.
  9. stephenwhyte

    Le Mans '09

    Fingers crossed and nothing breaks - I will be there too with my Esprit!! Camping at the Tettre Rouge site - cant wait!!
  10. I would be up for that (I'm assuming I am the one from Falkirkshire???? never heard it called that before) Brian I think we met briefly at the Boness monthly Club Lotus meet -you're car sounded awesome. I will let you know nearer the time whether I can make that first date of the year. My car is going in for some work around then so it might not be ready but I will let you know in the next couple of weeks. Cheers Stephen
  11. I would be up for a meet but wont be around until about May. I live in Falkirk so Stirling would be good but would be up for an alternative as long as its dry!! Here are a couple of pics of mine - awaiting new number plates!
  12. This seems to be a bit of a can of worms is it not................. I am about to get my leather all re-dyed (spraying it apparently) by Classic Car Restoration in Alyth Scotland who have a fantastic reputation for doing work up here. Question is what product should I be using. The guy thats in charge of interior refurbishment said he would order up the product after I gave him a small sample of the leather which I managed to find a small piece of under the arm rest. Question really to Nick, what product should he be using? I have already used the Gliptone cleaner and conditioner which did a very good job but it is not perfect and I am looking for perfect - pic of leather attached after cleaning. I really want the leather to look as near to brand new as possible - what do I do?
  13. Cheers Bibs I was looking to see if there was any differences with mercmans as the pics on the website make it look as if they fit much tighter than the pic above. I also was wondering if he had got it in black as he mentioned this was a new colour.
  14. Can you post a photo of the cover on the car as I was thinking of getting one too. Many thanks
  15. Please do Robert as I was thinking of doing the same thing especially at the front!! The back on mine is fine but the front feels as if it is too soft and not really absorbing anything firmly which is what I would expect on a car like an Esprit. I notice it most when going over speed bumps. I seem to remember your one feeling the same again when out on the test drive.
  16. Its probably the bulb holder thats fallen out of the lense which makes it look dimmer as its so far away from where it should be. They seem to break really easily ( I had 3 like that on mine when I bought the car) I got a new set of lenses so that fixed the problem.
  17. Thanks Robert I look forward to seeing the progress pics. It sounds as if you plan to get the car as near prefect s possible. A man after my own heart!! As for the removal of the seats, were the nuts ok on yours as I would have thought they would be pretty rusty being under the car - as I said I haven't checked mine so can't comment on their condition. My car gets started up and taken up to the end of the street every couple of weeks but cant wait until June as I am going to the Le Mans 24 hr race weekend so that should be good - the type of run these cars were built for!! It will be getting some mechanical and cosmetic attention before then and a good few runs to determin any issues - roll on the Spring!!
  18. Robert can you put pics on when you've done the job as mine needs the same treatment and have been wondering how Iam going to fix it. I have stitched mine at the top at the moment which makes the gearstick feel less loose but is not inkeeping with the original look - see pic. I also noticed that the gearlever was quite loose on your car when Gordon took me out in the car. Again mine is very similar. Have you managed to do anything with this or are all Esprits like this do you think? Also I notice you mentioned previously about removing the seats and said how easy it was. My car is away for the Winter so can't see how to do this can you add some detail to your reply if you don't mind to get an idea of what to do when the time comes. Iplan to take them out so Ican properly redye the leather for a perfect job. Thanks in advance!!!
  19. Thanks for the replies lads - I will let you know how I get on when the car goes into the garage in April.
  20. I have a very slight amount of play when the steering wheel is centered probably about an in inch of movement. Is this from the rack or the universal joint or is there another answer. Also a speparate issue ,when parking the steering gets very light at a point when on about 1/2 to 3/4 turn - I heard this is just a result of the way it is designed. It doesnt happen when driving.
  21. Nearly bought this car Robert but the timing on my side wasn't right at the time. Went for a run with Gordon though around Cortsophine in Edinburgh and got plenty of attention. I eventually got my car down in Yorkshire - very similar to your car only yours has the Gold centered wheels and a gold pin stripe. The only point of concern I thought about the car was that it looked a bit low at the front and as a result it seemed not to like the speed bumps around near Gordons house! Here are a couple pics of mine attached - get some of yours up!!! Just found a pic of yours that I took the day I went to see the car.
  22. The BBC rally report tune I am sure you are thinking of is "The Jewel" by Propoganda. I loved it too so much I bought the album which is bloody awful apart from that track...............
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