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  1. Looks good. Can’t help thinking non-black pack cars like this one, would look better with body coloured mirrors….🤔
  2. Showing as Buy it Now at £109k
  3. They’re being built in a factory that’s capable of building 100k vehicles a year so that’s probably an easier starting point!😉 I’ve stated it many times but gearing up the infrastructure and transforming Hethel is not the work of a moment! We’ll look back on this in a years time and think they’ve done a marvellous job…..but I agree with @TomE above they could have chosen to communicate more to those purchasing, but it will be up there, amongst a million other items on the list of to do’s!👍
  4. That’s why I get personally frustrated when people don’t seem to understand the work involved at Lotus right now - it’s a massive undertaking and if it takes a couple of months longer than planned before cars are available then that’s the way it goes. There’s more to it than people appreciate
  5. There are apparently A LOT of them out there doing that very thing right now all over the World! All very interesting and intriguing. That one is definitely Spain (Mercadona is one of the main Spanish Supermarket chains) so maybe warm weather testing?
  6. Decent amount for a non-original example in many ways…..and not somewhere I’d expect the true potential of any car to be realised.
  7. Will it sell this time though?🤞😎 I’ve personally always thought (in recent times anyway) that if you want to realise the top value of a classic, this is the auction to sell at. That said, I don’t think I’d be happy leaving my pride & joy unattended in an environment where kids are able to run around freely…..😳 A “DO NOT TOUCH” sign, would lead to the exact opposite outcome I reckon!😰😄
  8. I’m sure all the patience will pay off in the end…👍
  9. Another new colour shows it’s face for the first time - Meridian Blue?🌈 It’s almost time folks……😎
  10. John I’d be keen to bring my Turbo Esprit to the Glamis show - what’s the process to get it entered?
  11. That looks cracking!😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍
  12. “Cruise control would be nice,but I think stick would be in the way (i'm pretty tall)” CC is just an extension of the indicator stalk….?🤔
  13. Great to see this one up for auction again, and using Silverstone Auctions should work better than Collecting Cars previously. Looks in stunning condition after its recommission and part restoration. Will be watching this one with a keen eye hoping it realises it’s true potential. I personally think the seller should’ve redone the headlining though……but looks to be beautiful otherwise!😎
  14. Wouldn’t have been sold new by Lotus Glasgow. They only took the franchise on last year. Maybe a Leven Edinburgh car?
  15. I bought my Exige in 2018 and here are the associated delivery & OTR costs. This put the car cost at over £81k. Hope that helps you.
  16. That top one looks Calypso to me not Copper Fire
  17. Wow - what a difference that new Configurator makes to seeing the final result! Always thought it would be Magma Red for me but quite shocked at just how good the lighter colours look! Not a fan of silver wheels on current day Lotus models, but with the Emira they look amazing! Similar to Evora in that respect in fact……lovely! If I was in the market for a GT car I’d be all over one of these……who knows, maybe some time in the future? Can’t help thinking Lotus should’ve had the car they’ve toured the World with (Shadow Grey) in one of these 2 colours……😎
  18. He was taken out in the “Electrical” car - not electric. It confused me too when I first read it……the one used was a car being used for electrical-component testing for the First Edition cars👍
  19. Good shout @TomE👏👏👍
  20. Nice one Ade…..I bet you all had a ball. Hethel is a very special place and the rate of change happening right now is brilliant to witness!😎 Not long now!👍👍👍
  21. Out of interest @TomEdid you 4 approach Lotus or did they approach you? Just interested to know how the invite came about? I think it’s a great idea personally and your findings and reports, should reassure a lot of those concerned. I’ve been to the factory (last October with work and there were cars on the line then) and I for one was very reassured by what I saw at Hethel……but can understand the frustrations of those that are desperate to see examples before finally committing…👍
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